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Venus In The 2nd House – Connoisseur Of Beauty

venus in the 2nd house


Venus, the planet of love, harmony, music, art, and all things beautiful finds itself at home in the 2nd house. In astrology, the second house governs finances, movable objects and material possessions. Venus in the 2nd house imparts a heightened sensitivity and appreciation for beauty and quality. It suggests an element of materialism and a special fixation with the look and feel of everything. Because of this, people with Venus in their second house are inclined to be very discriminating judges of what is good and bad; beautiful and ugly. They are astute arbiters of shape and form and overall design and aesthetic value. It is likely that they can make good money utilizing their great eye for design and composition. Careers in fashion, graphic design and other visual Arts are areas where they can find success and prosperity.

Venus in the 2nd house appreciates the finer things. People who have it tend to be keen evaluators and judges of value and will often spare no expense when it comes to getting what they want. It is likely they take an interest in collecting art, music, or perhaps share an avid love of food or fashion. They can be a bit materialistic and self-indulgent with a penchant for buying fancy high-end things where a cheaper alternative would suffice. People who have their Venus in the 2nd house can do well for themselves financially when they utilize their creative and artistic abilities for profit. People admire and appreciate their tasteful sensibilities and their special Midas Touch for putting together visually pleasing compositions. People with this placement can often behave like peacocks who flaunt their wealth and possessions as a sign of status and attractiveness.

This Venus placement engenders prosperity in social connections, marriage, or artistic pursuits. Joint business ventures have lucrative potential and there is a fondness for spending money on clothes, jewels, personal adornment, and pleasures. Men with Venus in the 2nd house tend to spend money on women. Positive traits include generosity, fairness, and honesty in financial dealings, an ability to use beautiful things profitably (fashion, decorating, art gallery, etc.). On the negative side, there is a tendency toward extravagance, love of luxury and expensive possessions, lack of discipline. Fosters benefits of a financial nature and is able to attract benefits and resources without difficulty. They are “Lucky” where money is concerned. Money often comes through inheritance. Venus in house 2 facilitates success in feminine occupations like cosmetology, jewelry, gift shops, art, etc. Though you may not become affluent through love, love enriches you.


With Venus in the 2nd house, there’s likely to be an inclination to collect objects to be displayed proudly. On the negative side, they can become hoarders who hold onto things far longer than they ought to. They can form strong attachments to objects and possibly derive some sort of comfort and validation from the things they own. To this end, they can be materialistic, covetous and prone to envy those who own things they desire for themselves. People with Venus in the 2nd house are also likely to be generous and willing to share their resources with others. They understand that sharing is caring, and they can be substantially charitable with those they actually care about and love. This Venus placement also suggests someone who is likely attracted to people with status and or resources. They are inspired by and have great admiration for people who have acquired great wealth for themselves. Material gain is likely to be the strongest motivator for them beyond anything else.

People with this Venus placement simply love what they like. They can sometimes do so to an obsessive degree to the point that they eventually become sick of it. They can often become obsessed with a certain song or food item and indulge it incessantly or compulsively until they find a new thing to obsess over. They have great taste and make excellent choices in their style of clothing among other things. They have an inherent understanding and feeling for what looks good and works well on an aesthetic and artistic level. They have a preoccupation with money because of what it can do for them. They are fond of luxury and art and it is likely that they possess artistic ability themselves. They’re bound to develop a rich visual vocabulary and cultivate a wealth of knowledge about variations of style found in different cultures, and time periods both past and present.

People with their Venus in the 2nd house are people who like to have nice things. They put considerable time, energy and effort into acquiring the various beautiful and tasteful things that they desire. Because they are highly selective and discriminating, they dislike people giving them things that they didn’t get to choose for themselves. For this reason, it can be very difficult to buy gifts for them. It is always best to just give them money or ask them directly what they want rather than surprise them or assume that they will like whatever you happened to purchase. In the same way they appreciate beautiful things, the Venus in 2nd house man or woman is likely to possess a capacity for creating beautiful things of their own. It is likely that they have some artistic ability or artistic sense that allows them to do well in careers that call for good visual taste and aesthetic sense.

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When Venus transits the second house, it is likely to bestow or stimulate good luck and positive developments especially in the area of finances. Venus in the 2nd house encourages us to take care of the things we own and look after them with great love and attention. This may encompass regular maintenance, and or mending and repairing broken or old objects and restoring them to better condition. Venus in the 2nd house emphasizes what we love and cherish most. It is what we care deeply about and prize to such an extent that we are likely to become connoisseurs and keen aficionados send that domain. When Venus is transiting the second house, we become more motivated to add to our collections and indulge ourselves in our materialistic vices.

Passing through the second house stimulates greater generosity and willingness to share the love and be charitable. Love and affection is often expressed through gift-giving and favors. Now is a good time to make money or spruce up your wardrobe. Good things may come your way in the form of promotions, bonuses, and other blessings. You may find that people are more generous, charitable and willing to make sacrifices on your behalf or do favors for you. You seem better able to get the things that you want at this time thanks to the positive spirit of Goodwill and conciliation in the air. Investments and business deals are likely to turn out favorably and prove profitable. This is also likely to be an opportune time to make romantic purchases such as engagement rings and spontaneous surprise gifts for loved ones.

Venus in the 2nd House in each Zodiac sign

Venus in the 2nd house in Aries:

In Aries, venus in house 2 indicates someone who has a strong idea about what they like and what they want. They go about acquiring these things without much hesitation or equivocation. They can be impulsive spenders but not necessarily so. They have plenty of motivation and drive to work hard and earn the objects of their desire. People with this placement may not be inherently materialistic but can be competitive about their capacity to earn money and flaunt their possessions as a means to impress others.

Venus in the 2nd house in Taurus

In the sign of Taurus, Venus in house 2 renders a healthy appreciation for the simple pleasures in life. These individuals can be true connoisseurs of food, fashion, and trinkets of all sorts. They are likely to possess a knack for assessing the inherent value of things and also managing their money and resources. They like to take their time and enjoy themselves when they can. These individuals are persistent and have the potential to take whatever creative talents they might possess and push until they reap some kind of success for it. They can do especially well if they leverage their fine aesthetic taste and sensibilities.

Venus in the 2nd house in Gemini:

In Gemini, a 2nd house Venus constitutes an individual who loves to talk money and engage in the management and exchange of resources. They have a penchant for developing expertise and technical prowess related to investing and business. People with this placement can be very clever and talented in coming up with ways to make money. Their most favored possessions are likely to be their books and gadgets. They can make for very good sales people and also haggle and negotiate well to get better deals for themselves when making purchases.

Venus in the 2nd house in Cancer:

In Cancer, Venus in house 2 manifests an emphasis on acquiring resources as a source of security. These individuals can be very generous and giving especially towards those within their family or intimate circle. They are often willing to share their resources and help the people around them. They are likely to be big on investing and using their money in smart ways that can generate wealth and prosperity for both them and their posterity.

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Venus in the 2nd house in Leo:

Under the sign of Leo, Venus in the 2nd house produces a benevolent but sometimes prodigal relationship with finances and resources. These individuals have a taste for flashy high quality objects. They may often spend money almost as quickly as they acquire it. Their generosity can easily drain their bank accounts. Moreover, saving money can be difficult for them as there is so much they are eager to use it for. They want to live the good life and use their money and possessions for fun and exciting purposes. This placement also suggests the potential to earn through artistic or creative endeavors.

Venus in the 2nd house in Virgo:

With this configuration there may be a talent for managing money efficiently and maintaining a budget. They may do well in the financial world as a banker or investor of sorts. Despite their fiscal prudence and acumen, these individuals are often charitable and freely give to those who come to them in need. Additionally, for them, health is wealth and so they are likely to invest in their fitness and wellness. They enjoy using their resources to help others and may also find financial success through service related jobs.

Venus in the 2nd house in Libra:

In the sign of Libra, venus in house 2 fosters a great eye for design and quality. These individuals can be very tasteful about their selection process. They understand how to decorate and coordinate different elements in an elegant and cohesive way. Furthermore, they have refined tastes and can even be snobbish hipsters about it. People with this placement have the potential to earn money and acquire resources through sales, social influencing, fashion, and the hospitality industry among others.

Venus in the 2nd house in Scorpio:

In the sign of Scorpio, venus in house 2 indicates a shrewdness with money. These individuals are not likely to flaunt their possessions. They however may nevertheless possess an ability to get what they want thanks in part to obsessive persistence. There is a penchant for being very possessive about what they own and control. Loyalty is a very important value to them and they are very careful about who they trust with their belongings. They are very motivated to get what they deserve or are owed. They in turn can be very diligent about paying their dues and debts to others.

Venus in the 2nd house in Sagittarius:

Moral scruples are very idealistic and open minded here. These individuals are less materialistic and more philosophical in their attitudes toward money and possessions. They do not get overly attached to objects and are inclined to share or give away things. They tend to harbor philanthropic interests and a desire to spend money on trips and adventurous excursions. Additionally, they place high value on knowledge and wisdom and they are likely to seek it out from a wide variety of places. They love collecting trinkets and souvenirs from the places and people they get to experience and make memories with.

Venus in the 2nd house in Capricorn:

Under this placement, there is a penchant for being good with money and managing resources responsibly. These individuals are likely to have values and principles that lean toward conservative. They may be less liberal with their money than others but exercise a strong talent for saving and investing their money smartly. Financial success is high on their list of priorities and they possess the acumen and discipline needed to achieve it.

Venus in the 2nd house in Aquarius:

In the sign of Aquarius, the venus in house 2 position brings about potential to earn money through inventive and innovative means. These individuals may be very plugged into the changing field of technology and various other trends and are able to leverage this knowledge to their financial advantage. They have a knack for foreseeing economic or financially related opportunities that can be capitalized on. These individuals can often earn money through group collaborations and technological upstarts operating in a cutting edge space.

Venus in the 2nd house in Pisces:

With this placement, there is less materialism but sometimes a penchant for emotional spending. These individuals can be very selfless and charitable with what they own. With a house 2 venus in pisces, there is a capacity for earning money through creative visionary means. They however may face difficulty organizing and managing their finances. They are also susceptible to getting scammed by greedy cons who may exploit their naivete about money. Furthermore, they can do fairly well with very little. They can be very ingenious in the way they utilize resources available to them.


Brad Pitt – Born: December 18, 1963

  • In: Shawnee (OK) (United States)
  • Sun: 25°52′ Sagittarius AS: 11°54′ Sagittarius
  • Moon: 22°50′ Capricorn MC: 26°58′ Virgo

Leonardo DiCaprio –  Born: November 11, 1974

  • In: Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
  • Sun: 18°40′ Scorpio AS: 3°07′ Libra
  • Moon: 15°44′ Libra MC: 3°24′ Cancer

Scarlett Johansson – Born: November 22, 1984

  • In: New York (NY) (United States)
  • Sun: 0°22′ Sagittarius AS: 1°08′ Sagittarius
  • Moon: 24°12′ Scorpio MC: 16°35′ Virgo

Elvis Presley – Born: January 8, 1935

  • In: Tupelo (MS) (United States)
  • Sun: 17°14′ Capricorn AS: 12°21′ Sagittarius
  • Moon: 2°01′ Pisces MC: 26°48′ Virgo

Freddie Mercury – Born: September 5, 1946

  • In: Zanzibar (Tanzania)
  • Sun: 11°58′ Virgo AS: 13°18′ Virgo
  • Moon: 28°34′ Sagittarius MC: 16°30′ Gemini

Oprah Winfrey – Born: January 29, 1954

  • In: Kosciusko (MS) (United States)
  • Sun: 9°00′ Aquarius AS: 29°41′ Sagittarius
  • Moon: 4°32′ Sagittarius MC: 17°25′ Libra

Robert Pattinson – Born: May 13, 1986

  • In: London (United Kingdom)
  • Sun: 22°07′ Taurus AS: 14°11′ Taurus
  • Moon: 8°17′ Cancer MC: 18°54′ Capricorn

Paris Hilton – Born: February 17, 1981

  • In: New York (NY) (United States)
  • Sun: 28°33′ Aquarius AS: 15°49′ Sagittarius
  • Moon: 8°58′ Leo MC: 6°12′ Libra

Björk – Born: November 21, 1965

  • In: Reykjavik (Iceland)
  • Sun: 28°50′ Scorpio AS: 15°34′ Scorpio
  • Moon: 6°51′ Scorpio MC: 19°59′ Virgo

Che Guevara – Born: May 14, 1928

  • In: Rosario (Argentina)
  • Sun: 23°14′ Taurus AS: 6°16′ Aries
  • Moon: 11°02′ Pisces MC: 6°46′ Capricorn

Demi Lovato – Born: August 20, 1992

  • In: Albuquerque (NM) (United States)
  • Sun: 27°42′ Leo AS: 20°35′ Leo
  • Moon: 16°43′ Taurus MC: 14°53′ Taurus

David Beckham – Born: May 2, 1975

  • In: Leytonstone, London (United Kingdom)
  • Sun: 11°12′ Taurus AS: 27°25′ Taurus
  • Moon: 29°52′ Capricorn MC: 26°34′ Capricorn

Ellen DeGeneres – Born: January 26, 1958

  • In: Metairie (LA) (United States)
  • Sun: 5°55′ Aquarius AS: 8°25′ Sagittarius
  • Moon: 17°10′ Aries MC: 19°05′ Virgo

Joaquin Phoenix – Born: October 28, 1974

  • In: San Juan (Porto Rico) (United States)
  • Sun: 4°29′ Scorpio AS: 14°44′ Virgo
  • Moon: 1°55′ Aries MC: 15°11′ Gemini

Bradley Cooper – Born: January 5, 1975

  • In: Philadelphia (PA) (United States)
  • Sun: 14°27′ Capricorn AS: 12°47′ Sagittarius
  • Moon: 22°25′ Libra MC: 1°36′ Libra

Emma Stone – Born: November 6, 1988

  • In: Scottsdale (AZ) (United States)
  • Sun: 14°07′ Scorpio AS: 27°27′ Leo
  • Moon: 7°20′ Libra MC: 23°42′ Taurus

Alicia Keys – Born: January 25, 1981

  • In: Manhattan, New York (NY) (United States)
  • Sun: 5°18′ Aquarius AS: 9°31′ Sagittarius
  • Moon: 4°26′ Libra MC: 27°57′ Virgo

Abraham Lincoln – Born: February 12, 1809

  • In: Hodgenville (KY) (United States)
  • Sun: 23°27′ Aquarius AS: 22°06′ Aquarius
  • Moon: 27°00′ Capricorn MC: 7°28′ Sagittarius

Jessica Biel – Born: March 3, 1982

  • In: Ely (MN) (United States)
  • Sun: 12°22′ Pisces AS: 0°49′ Sagittarius
  • Moon: 17°07′ Gemini MC: 22°14′ Virgo

Paul Walker – Born: September 12, 1973

  • In: Glendale (CA) (United States)
  • Sun: 19°37′ Virgo AS: 11°25′ Virgo
  • Moon: 18°27′ Pisces MC: 9°33′ Gemini

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