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Pisces Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign (love and friendship)

Pisces Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

Pisces Compatibility As a Friend and Lover

Dreamy Pisces is the chameleon of the zodiac. They can get along well with just about anyone, at least in the beginning. They give others the benefit of the doubt, sometimes mistaking sympathy for love. Read on to find out if Pisces is your BBF or dream lover, or just a dream:

Pisces with Aries:

Aries is a doer while Pisces is dreamer. Aries is much less sensitive than Pisces, who is not likely to confront Aries, and will lick its wounds in silence. As Friends they’re good as members of the same larger circle or as drinking buddies so long as a third person is the designated driver. As Lovers this fling fizzles out quickly unless these two learn how to communicate and listen to each other.

Pisces with Taurus:

Taurus is focused on enjoying the here and now and the beauty of the material world while Pisces is focused on sacrifice, helping, and seeing inner beauty in people. As Friends they both like to take it easy and take things as they come, but Pisces is too anxious for Taurus, who is too pragmatic for Pisces. As Lovers this is a good long-term match if they’re older and have mellowed out. They appreciate the other’s point-of-view and inspire each other to explore their artistic natures.

Pisces with Gemini:

Gemini and Pisces are two people lost in their thoughts, but whereas Pisces keeps thoughts to themselves or transforms them into art, Gemini shares what’s on its mind directly. As Friends Gemini thrives on communication and Pisces thrives on silence. They could learn from each other if they’re not trying to fix or the cure the other one of their innate personality traits. As Lovers opposites attract, and Pisces may be flattered to get Gemini’s attention, but unless Gemini learns to stop and listen, and Pisces learns to speak up, this one won’t work.

Pisces with Cancer:

Dreamy and imaginative Pisces meets its match with Cancer, who also offers the nurturing and protection Pisces craves. They help each other endure cold, harsh reality through faith. As Friends Cancer and Pisces are best friends who develop their own language and little world together. They may not let many others in their little world, but that doesn’t bother them. As Lovers there are few other couples so romantic and so focused on everlasting love as these two. They idealize each other and focus on building a life together.

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Pisces with Leo:

Leo is all about self-expression and Pisces can appear to be many different people. Leo is much more outgoing and fun-focused, and Pisces more thoughtful of others. As friends this kind of friendship is fundamentally unequal, as Pisces tends to be ignored in favor of Leo, who doesn’t want to stop and wonder what’s Pisces problem now. As lovers, Pisces definitely wants to bask in Leo’s sunshine, but needs more downtime than Leo can stomach. Leo feels abandoned when Pisces needs time alone.

Pisces with Virgo:

These opposite signs can make any relationship work…eventually. Virgo focus on details while Pisces takes everything in at once. They complement each other, and it can work since they both readily compromise. As friends, Pisces needs gentle words and Virgo’s matter-of-fact tone may burst Pisces’s bubbles too quickly for Pisces. Likewise, Virgo wonders if Pisces is even paying attention. As lovers there’s fascination, and if they’re both mature and less sure they’re right all the time, they can show each other new ways of approaching the world and how to appreciate different points of view.

Pisces with Libra:

With Pisces and Libra, these two romantics love beauty, but Libra needs to see the bright side of things while Pisces needs things to have spiritual meaning. Libra can’t always figure out how to get Pisces out of their funks. As Friends, they’re gentle with each other, but hanging out is difficult. Libra needs more people and social interaction, while Pisces wants less people and more intimacy. As lovers, Pisces may idealize Libra who is flattered. However, a relationship between these two die-hard romantics may not actually get off the ground as one desperately wants the other to make the first move.

Pisces with Scorpio:

Pisces and Scorpio may be instantly attracted to each other, believing their meeting to be fate. It’s the two of them against the world, holding on to each other for dear life. As friends, Pisces and Scorpio innately understand each other’s intuitive impressions and gentle feelings. They may even have a psychic bond; they love that the other often thinks of them first. As lovers perhaps one of the sexiest pairings in the zodiac, Scorpio and Pisces are islands in the stream wrapped up in each other for all time, ’til death do they part, loving the drama of it all.

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Pisces with Sagittarius:

While they both have their heads in the clouds, Sagittarius explores the outer world and the world of ideas, while Pisces is focused on the inner world, the mystical, and the unseen. As friends though less gregarious, Pisces has more refined graces. These two dreamers may be drawn to each other initially, but Sagittarius can’t be the constant, understanding presence Pisces needs in a friend. As lovers, Pisces and Sagittarius secretly want to be each other, and they’ll covertly try to mold the other into the image they want. Manipulation, on-again/off-again dating is likely without first being friends.

Pisces with Capricorn:

Capricorn feels like a port in a storm to Pisces, and Pisces feels like the invitation Capricorn needs to explore its spiritual side. This depends on whether they’ll let outer differences get in the way. As friends, Capricorn appears to be all that Pisces is not: staid, responsible, and self-assured. Pisces has to be careful not to be disappointed when it discovers that Capricorn can be as sensitive and full of self-doubt as Pisces. As lovers, these two can learn a lot from each other, particularly about showing love and devotion if they take the time to read each other’s love languages and do what the other wants, not what they think is correct.

Pisces with Aquarius:

Aquarius and Pisces are both focused on the world that could be rather than the one that one that exists now, but while Pisces is absolutely subjective, Aquarius is absolutely objective. As friends, Pisces and Aquarius probably make better co-workers than friends, as a shared goal or aspiration helps Pisces not take things personally and for Aquarius to learn to appreciate Pisces’s intuitive thought process. As lovers, Aquarius doesn’t want a Hollywood romance, but that’s exactly what Pisces wants. Pisces wants commitment, but it may reluctantly go along with things Aquarius wants simply to keep Aquarius happy, who is never the wiser.

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Pisces with Pisces:

Two Pisces meeting is like a kitten seeing itself in the mirror for the first time. “Does it have all the bad traits I see in myself? I hope it knows what to do, because I sure don’t.” As friends, two Pisces can become instant best friends forever or instant frenemies, depending on what traits of their own they see in the other and how healthy their own self-esteem is. As lovers, if they don’t wander away from each other disappointed, they’ll spend a lifetime insisting that the other is a god, a fool, or a lost soul that needs to be saved.

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