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Venus in the 3rd House – Charismatic Communication

venus in the 3rd house


Venus in the 3rd house fosters harmonizing effects in the area of communication and interpersonal dynamics. In astrology, the planet Venus represents love, romance, art, and beauty among other things. When Venus graces the third house, the result is a harmonious way with words and eloquence. The 3rd house, which governs relations with siblings, communication, short trips, and education, is enhanced by the charming influence of Venus. The planetary energy of Venus serves to promote ease of communication and an ability to get along well with others and express oneself with clarity and charisma. There is an artfulness and grace of expression that engenders positive responses from others.

Those who have Venus in the 3rd house within their natal chart, are charismatic communicators who love to talk and share their thoughts and feelings. Loquacious and tactful, these individuals are naturally persuasive and able to relate and connect with others in a meaningful and beautiful way. This promotes artful expression and a tactful approach. Diplomatically, they make their case and prefer to use the power of suggestion rather than coercion. With Venus in House 3, there is a knack for communication that allows for positive interaction and understanding between people. Smoothing things over is their specialty and they can patch up damaged relationships and build bridges despite their differences with others. This is a placement that is well suited for work in sales, marketing, and promotion.

Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, luxury and beauty brings wonderful gifts to the 3rd house in astrology. Venus in the 3rd house fosters positive relationships with family members, a love of learning, a lovely sense of wonder about the world and delightful use of language. With Venus in the 3rd house, it is likely that communication skills will be enhanced and accentuated by poetic expression and eloquence. Additionally, this Venus placement suggests a capacity for diplomatic speech and the ability to talk one’s way out of contentious situations. Compliments, flattery, positive and harmonious exchanges abound. It eases negotiation skills and promotes good understandings between other people allowing for the common ground to be found on which people can agree and compromise. Venus encourages friendly and convivial interactions and also bestows good luck and positive outcomes revolving around short trips and daily routines.


People who have their Venus in house 3, are gifted communicators blessed with a special way with words. Loquacious, charming and poetic, they are silver-tongued wordsmiths who know to use language in colorful and artful ways. These individuals can do well as writers, poets, and journalists. They can paint a beautiful picture with their words and expressions and communicate ideas with vivid detail. They also have special powers of persuasion and can often talk themselves out of sticky and contentious situations. Perceptive and empathetic, people with their Venus in the 3rd House read people intuitively and can literally “feel” what they are saying. They are personable and engaging and exercise tact and diplomacy in all their interactions. With their adept use of language, they seem to always know just what to say to cheer people up or put a smile on their face. You could make Hallmark cards from their utterances as they are the kings and queens of sentimental witticisms.

Additionally, people with their Venus in the third house are likely to enjoy positive and healthy relationships with siblings and neighbors. In the house of communication, Venus highlights an artful use of language and verbal sophistication. Under this placement, there is a pronounced ability to manipulate others with their words and use the right language to achieve the effect they desire. Talkative, positive, and verbally fluid, these individuals are also able to captivate and charm. They are good at deescalating, redirecting and deflecting away from pernicious and inflammatory topics. With Venus in the 3rd house, there is a heightened ability to allay the grievances and frustrations of others. Overall interpersonal skills are strengthened under this placement and engenders better relations and goodwill toward others. People with this Venus placement are likely to enjoy positive relationships with siblings and good rapport with neighbors and associates.

Venus in the 3rd house engenders good people skills that allow them to get along harmoniously with just about everyone. Kind and generous with their words, people with this placement are inclined to be very flattering and complimentary of others. When it comes to language, these individuals can paint a beautiful picture with their words. They have a special ability to articulate their ideas and visions very clearly and with vivid detail. When people misunderstand them, they are patient and willing to explain or reword themselves as needed rather than get upset or indignant. With their words, they’re able to enchant and inspire; encourage and uplift. Their verbal prowess allows them to motivate and also excel as a writer and speaker. With their colorful imagination, they may be inclined to go into the literary arts as a writer of fiction, satire, journalism.

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Those with their Venus in House 3, are well-versed in the realm of etiquette, manners and the rules of social engagement. Verbal expression is a strong channel for their creativity and wonderful range of linguistic talents. They know how to capture and convey the various shades of feelings and artistic energy through the power of words. They are prone to gentle teasing and friendly joshing toward those close to them. Amicable and approachable, the Venus in house 3 man or woman has little reservation about mixing it up with all types of people. They could carry a conversation with a stone wall or any other inanimate object. People with this placement are often amusing enough to enthrall and captivate other people’s attention at extended length. As a positive and sanguine mien, they tend not to be very judgmental or critical of others. They’re optimists and tend to see the good in others rather than focus on their faults.


When Venus transits your third house, you are likely to experience an improvement in your ability to communicate as well as an increase in the creativity with which you express yourself. During this time, you display patience and compassion with others as well as a very fair and balanced frame of mind. Interactions with people are likely to go more smoothly and cordially. Spontaneous trips and joy rides are likely, as well as an increase in social engagement. You may fall in love with a new topic of interest or piece of information you’ve recently discovered. There’s a lot of positive affectation at this time and with your words, you can navigate almost any contentious situation with charm and style.

You’re getting along well with others at this time and enjoy healthy and productive interactions. You enjoy sharing your thoughts, feelings, and ideas and do so with great enthusiasm and charisma. People take pleasure in your company and let you talk at length because they love your vibe and style of your delivery. This could be an auspicious time to give speeches or perform written work that can reach people in an impactful and effective way. People are receptive to your ideas at this time and you are able to persuade and win people over to your perspective without much effort. You don’t have time for drama or negative people. You’re able to diffuse and de escalate conflicts like a natural negotiator and diplomat.

Venus in the 3rd House in each Zodiac sign:

Venus in the 3rd house in Aries:

Having this configuration in the chart signifies a charismatic fun loving and energetic communicator. Someone who is both brazen yet charming. These individuals are friendly and can easily attract new acquaintances and admirers as they curiously explore their environment. Socially courageous, they will often initiate contact or offer to step in and help out. They enjoy showing off and entertaining their friends. Among their siblings they are likely to be playfully competitive but never mean spirited. Their childhood is likely to have been full of interesting adventures.

Venus in the 3rd house in Taurus:

Individuals with this placement are peacemakers who communicate with class. They love to discuss and share with others the things they care about. Additionally, they are very attentive listeners and will remember a lot of details about people that would make them feel seen and heard. Socially, they are very casual and friendly and people are often drawn to their gentle caring aura. Other aspects in their chart notwithstanding, they are likely to have been good kids who managed to stay out of trouble for the most part. Their sensory memory is very strong and they have a penchant for getting lost in nostalgic reverie.

Venus in the 3rd house in Gemini:

In the sign of Gemini, venus in the 3rd house represents a loveable sprite who can talk their way into most people’s hearts. They love to share their thoughts and may especially enjoy gossip. They enjoy people in general and find it relatively easy to relate and get along with others. People who have this placement typically do not have to go very far to find love. Romantic opportunities tend to pop up in places that are a part of their daily routine. In addition to that they have a penchant for charming the socks off of others whenever they want with their silver tongued magic.

Venus in the 3rd house in Cancer:

When placed in the sign of cancer, a third house Venus manifests as someone who is relatively shy yet sentimental. They tend to romanticize the past, especially their earliest memories. They are likely to try and hold onto anything meaningful from their upbringing. These individuals are truly their “brothers keeper” and are apt to look after the people they care about as if they were family. They tend to foster good relations with people in their neighborhood in part because they want to feel at home and secure with people around them.

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Venus in the 3rd house in Leo:

In the sign of Leo, venus in house 3 signifies a visual learner and someone who likes to learn by doing rather than watching or reading. Moreover, they enjoy communicating through artistic means and can be very creative in finding ways to convey ideas and concepts to others. Within their local stomping grounds they can become something of a small celebrity, attracting people who want to converse and Interact with them. By that token, they can be very influential as well and cultivate a following of admirers.

Venus in the 3rd house in Virgo:

This placement renders a desire to help and be of service to others. These individuals are conscientious about their surroundings and they tend to treat the people around them with a degree of care and compassion. They appreciate the simple pleasures of strolling around their neighborhood either with their dog, friend or romantic partner. They like to talk about health and nutrition and are inclined to often give advice to others. The latest news in health and fitness are likely to be a favorite topic of discussion for them.

Venus in the 3rd house in Libra:

Placed in the sign of Libra, venus on the 3rd house fosters an interest in people and learning about them. They enjoy meeting new people and naturally leave a positive impression on almost everyone they encounter. They are polite, socially intelligent and adept at dealing with all kinds of people. Their insight about people makes them influential and persuasive which can be useful in sales and marketing. They may often get called upon to diffuse tension and conflict between others. They are effective communicators who know how to read the room and use the right words to get through to people.

Venus in the 3rd house in Scorpio:

People with this configuration are likely to have a love of secrets and poking their nose into other people’s business. Solving puzzles and reading about mysteries are among their personal pleasures. They like to read in between the lines and extract more information than what is being explicitly shared. As for them, they are good at keeping secrets and protecting privileged info that they are entrusted with. People appreciate them for their helpful insider knowledge and analysis.

Venus in the 3rd house in Sagittarius:

Under this placement, an individual has an inherently open mind and open heart that can earn them popularity and good luck within their everyday life. They can be very influential on the people around them and help them to see perspectives beyond their normal conventions. In addition to that they are super friendly and find it relatively easy to get along with and relate to all kinds of people from different walks of life. In response to life’s everyday stressors, these individuals tend to maintain an optimistic and positive outlook and choose to see the best in people.

Venus in the 3rd house in Capricorn:

Under this placement, an individual is bound to have a refined and precise way with words. People appreciate them for their mature charm and way of relating to others. These individuals’ words tend to be trusted and viewed as credible and reliable. They look out for others by keeping them informed and offering insightful advice and counsel out genuine concern and care. They love to learn and develop expertise that can bolster their worth and value to the people around them.

Venus in the 3rd house in Aquarius:

People with this placement tend to favor unusual and unique methods, styles of communication and areas of study. They are likely to take up interests that are off the beaten path and consequently may cultivate an unconventional range of skills and knowledge. They are friendly and may gravitate to social circles composed of smart, idealistic and perhaps quirky minded Individuals like themselves. They tend to be very open minded and willing to embrace all kinds of people especially those with a unique perspective and way of life.

Venus in the 3rd house in Pisces:

In the sign of Pisces, venus in house 3 indicates intuitive and sensitive way of communication and expression. The overall style of communication is less ostentatious and more thoughtful and reserved. These individuals understand the language of emotions and visual expression. They can communicate their thoughts and ideas to others through more abstract mediums such as music and poetry. They may have a philosophical bend and seek to live their daily life in a way that promotes some kind meaningful ideal. They are likely to have a variety of interests and are typically interested in learning things that offer spiritual value and enlightenment about pathways to a more meaningful and fulfilling existence.

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Nicolas Sarkozy – Born: January 28, 1955
In: Paris 17e (France)
Sun: 8°11′ Aquarius AS: 26°06′ Virgo
Moon: 7°52′ Aries MC: 25°05′ Gemini

Julia Roberts – Born: October 28, 1967
In: Atlanta (GA) (United States)
Sun: 4°03′ Scorpio AS: 27°32′ Cancer
Moon: 24°47′ Leo MC: 15°41′ Aries

Drake (entertainer) – Born: October 24, 1986
In: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Sun: 0°33′ Scorpio AS: 29°51′ Leo
Moon: 12°18′ Cancer MC: 23°08′ Taurus

Cristiano Ronaldo – Born: February 5, 1985
In: Funchal, Madeira (Portugal)
Sun: 16°22′ Aquarius AS: 3°15′ Capricorn
Moon: 10°51′ Leo MC: 21°16′ Libra

14th Dalai Lama – Born: July 6, 1935
In: Tengster Village, Tibet (China)
Sun: 12°56′ Cancer AS: 9°56′ Cancer
Moon: 9°45′ Virgo MC: 21°44′ Pisces

Jay-Z – Born: December 4, 1969
In: Brooklyn (Kings County), New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 11°53′ Sagittarius AS: 19°13′ Virgo
Moon: 5°12′ Libra MC: 17°30′ Gemini

Sophie Marceau – Born: November 17, 1966
In: Paris 15e (France)
Sun: 24°15′ Scorpio AS: 23°03′ Virgo
Moon: 20°43′ Capricorn MC: 21°15′ Gemini

Jim Carrey – Born: January 17, 1962
In: Newmarket, Ontario (Canada)
Sun: 26°43′ Capricorn AS: 15°12′ Scorpio
Moon: 17°12′ Gemini MC: 27°04′ Leo

Lindsay Lohan – Born: July 2, 1986
In: New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 10°11′ Cancer AS: 28°10′ Gemini
Moon: 17°16′ Taurus MC: 4°13′ Pisces

Pablo Picasso – Born: October 25, 1881
In: Malaga (Spain)
Sun: 2°43′ Scorpio AS: 5°38′ Leo
Moon: 8°13′ Sagittarius MC: 25°05′ Aries

Robert De Niro – Born: August 17, 1943
In: Brooklyn (Kings County) (NY) (United States)
Sun: 23°30′ Leo AS: 15°25′ Cancer
Moon: 14°20′ Pisces MC: 25°29′ Pisces

Nikola Tesla – Born: July 10, 1856
In: Smiljan (Croatia)
Sun: 17°49′ Cancer AS: 2°59′ Taurus
Moon: 14°01′ Libra MC: 16°43′ Capricorn

Ryan Reynolds – Born: October 23, 1976
In: Vancouver (BC) (Canada)
Sun: 0°11′ Scorpio AS: 23°46′ Virgo
Moon: 3°57′ Scorpio MC: 22°06′ Gemini

Bono (U2) – Born: May 10, 1960
In: Dublin (Ireland)
Sun: 19°23′ Taurus AS: 22°47′ Capricorn
Moon: 2°57′ Scorpio MC: 28°49′ Scorpio

Frank Sinatra – Born: December 12, 1915
In: Hoboken (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 19°13′ Sagittarius AS: 28°22′ Libra
Moon: 5°07′ Pisces MC: 3°35′ Leo

Ludwig van Beethoven – Born: December 16, 1770
In: Bonn (Germany)
Sun: 24°18′ Sagittarius AS: 5°20′ Scorpio
Moon: 13°01′ Sagittarius MC: 17°25′ Leo

Kris Jenner – Born: November 5, 1955
In: San Diego (CA) (United States)
Sun: 12°15′ Scorpio AS: 28°43′ Virgo
Moon: 23°12′ Cancer MC: 28°37′ Gemini

Stephen King – Born: September 21, 1947
In: Portland (ME) (United States)
Sun: 27°24′ Virgo AS: 29°51′ Cancer
Moon: 16°15′ Sagittarius MC: 12°30′ Aries

Winston Churchill – Born: November 30, 1874
In: Woodstock (United Kingdom)
Sun: 7°43′ Sagittarius AS: 29°56′ Virgo
Moon: 29°37′ Leo MC: 29°55′ Gemini

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Born: February 21, 1979
In: Waco (TX) (United States)
Sun: 2°58′ Pisces AS: 1°05′ Scorpio
Moon: 0°28′ Capricorn MC: 4°02′ Leo

Nick Jonas – Born: September 16, 1992
In: Dallas (TX) (United States)
Sun: 23°44′ Virgo AS: 8°18′ Leo
Moon: 11°55′ Taurus MC: 0°37′ Taurus

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