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How INFJs Show Love – 7 Signs An INFJ Likes You

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INFJs are sociable introverts with a capacity to develop a wide variety of friendships with many types of people. What they truly desire however are deep, meaningful connections with people and these types of relationships are few and far between. INFJs are very selective in who they open themselves up to and when they’ve chosen to do so, it is because they’ve found someone truly special to them.

We all express love in our own special way but there is a idea that there are 5 types of love expression:

  1. quality time
  2. words of affirmation
  3. acts of service
  4. physical touch
  5. receiving gifts

In a survey posted on Thought Catalog, “quality time” was cited as the most popular ‘love language’ voted by INFJs followed by “words of affirmation” and “physical touch”. Here is rundown of the ways in which INFJ show affection and signs that they like or are in love with you.

1. They’re A Space Invader

INFJs are normally reserved around most people but become more “handsy” with people they like. When they like someone they will look for ways to make physical contact in playful ways such as poking or casually smushing themselves uncomfortably close to them. They will want to invade the personal space of the person they like to feel closer to them. They tend to have trouble initiating though, and will likely test the waters first before they feel comfortable enough to do this. For them, hugs, cuddling and hand holding are very important expressions of INFJ physical affection and when they fancy someone they will try to get very cozy.

2. They Want To Hang Out

INFJs while fairly social, still are very selective about how they spend their time and who they spend it with. If you find an INFJ voluntarily spending a considerable amount of time with you that could’ve otherwise been spent elsewhere, (particularly by themselves) it is a good sign that they probably dig you. INFJs show love by spending quality time as an important part of their relationships and they will use that time to get to know everything about a special someone including all their interests and dreams. If they clear their schedules to hang out with you then chances are they really like ya.

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3. They’re Interested in Everything You Say

When an INFJ has decided they like someone, it’s as though that person can do or say no wrong (almost). Any joke no matter how corny or lame will be rewarded with amusement from the INFJ. They listen intently and give their undivided attention. This benevolence INFJs show for people they like extends to their tendency to believe the best in their partner even when it is against their better judgment. They are the least likely personality type to give up on relationships and will try to salvage them for much longer than is advisable. When they like someone, the power of their love compels them to act in ways that defy reason.

4. They Want To Do Nice Things For You

INFJs like to help people in general but for someone special, they will go an extra step. When they like someone they will take it upon themselves to do thoughtful things like bake desserts, clean, and help with errands. If they like you, they want to take care of you.

5. They Respond To Your Texts Promptly

When they receive a text from their VIP, INFJs will be eager to reply and will apologize for any delay in doing so. They don’t want that person to think they were ignoring their message or blowing them off in any way. Furthermore, the INFJ will be inspired to write lengthy texts and maybe wax poetic. They will have much more to say than normal and will likely be self-aware over the implications of their long-winded texts. They only do this when they are thrilled to communicate with someone and they will be flowing with feelings they want to express.

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6. They’re Protective of You

Another example how INFJs show love is by being protective. At the slightest provocation, INFJs rally to the defense of someone they care for. They will fight for them or seek vengeance on their behalf in the name of justice. They can be self-sacrificing and hyper-vigilant, valiantly guarding against random mishaps and predatory romantic rivals.

7. They Share Their Inner World With You

When an INFJ likes you, you will gain special access to the private world only they and few others get to see. You will know they like you if they share their art, music and personal writings. Doing so shows their willingness to subject themselves to your appraisal and the potential of rejection or disapproval which they don’t take lightly. The latter of course would be devastating for them but should they receive the acknowledgement that they hope for, they will feel deeply accepted and a sense of connection with that person.

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