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    4. kinkysleepwalker

      I’m a Gemini INTP/a, a Ravenclaw, etc. I love taking personality tests and reflecting on things, decisions… I don’t see myself as a “true” Gemini, but I do see myself as a Ravenclaw and a INTP type.

    5. Gianna

      I’m a Libra/ INFJ. I disagree with some of my Libra traits, but not all of them, but I feel most connected to INFJ. I’m also a Hufflepuff, which I strongly align with

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    7. Charlotte

      The problem with online polls are that it is not random. The sign most likely to use social media for self expression are INFJs. I’m one. It’s no surprise that we screwed the results. Notice that extroverts are not participating. They’re off with friends somewhere.

    8. Charlotte

      A friend knowledgeable in astrology explained cusp. It only means that the range where a sign falls changes depending on the year. You are never both signs. Go online where you use your DOB to determine your sign. It will tell you the sign you’re born under that year. is a great source of information.

    9. Danyelle

      ENFP Cancer! Tho I’m wondering if more posts will be made about all of the other MBTI zodiac correlation like ENTJ and ESFJ? Unless there are already posts and I can’t find them.

    10. llaney

      Infp Aquarius. I know 3 entp Aquarius males. Maybe 4. One female. One isfp Taurus. One enfj Leo. One enfj Aries. One capricorn isfp. One cancer isfp. One capricorn intj. One virgo/libra enfp. One gemini/cancer intp (my mom). One istj cancer. One istj leo. One entj Sag. Those are the people i can remember off the top of my head both their mbti and their signs.

    11. Marie

      Actually ENFP Cancer(by Sun, Scorpio by Moon and Sagittarius as Rising sign) isn’t that widely spread type, lol
      Wish u to find something new about yourself every day and apply it to become the best version of yourself ❀️

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