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5 Reasons Aquarius and Taurus Can Make It Work (Maybe)

taurus and aquarius compatibility

Aquarius and Taurus compatibility

The 11th and 2nd zodiac signs, Aquarius and Taurus respectively, both carry the fixed principle but of different elements. Aquarius being an air sign is focused on ideas and causes whereas Taurus’ earthy sensibilities are focused on pragmatism and comfort. The Taurus and Aquarius personality do not share a lot of astrological chemistry and by all indications may be prone to arguments and even hate on each other.

Despite their differences, the Taurus Aquarius love match can make it work if there are enough synergistically favorable aspects in their charts. It might seem an unlikely pairing but there are a number of aspects that could contribute to a Taurus Aquarius attraction. Whether it is a Taurus man and Aquarius woman or Aquarius man and Taurus woman or anything in between, here is a look at Aquarius Taurus compatibility in both friendship and romance.

1. Aquarius Can Help Taurus Further Their Causes

Taurus and Aquarius both possess passion but with Aquarius, the passion is directed towards ideas whereas Taurus is passionate about stimulation of the senses. Taurus people however often have an interest in nature and are inclined towards being conscientious about their place in their environment. Taurus is a sign most likely to be a treehugger or proponent of an eco-friendly lifestyle and organic diet. This may even extend to veganism and animal rights activism.

These are all noble and admirable causes and something that aquarius may likely get turned on to under Taurus’ influence. Aquarius is a sign that is inclined toward taking up subversive and rebellious causes that challenge the status quo in the name of self expression and human interests. If their Taurus partner or friend happens to have any personal missions that are near and dear to the heart, it is likely that Aquarius will pitch in and take an active role in promoting it. Aquarius has a rebellious spirit that motivates them to step out in forefront to lead a movement be it small or large scale.

2. Taurus Is Able To Provide Affection and Understanding That Aquarius Desires

Taurus dating Aquarius is something of an odd couple. Aquarius is not a sign that is known for being sappy or particularly affectionate. On the surface they can appear stalwart and impassive. Inside however resides a heartfelt well of love and compassion that comes through in their ability to champion humanistic causes. Although they can be distant and cold at times, it is often a self defense mechanism against a fear of rejection. Aquarius people tend not to allow themselves to fall head over heels at first sight of someone they find attractive.

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They may develop crushes and all but when they get to know people they are initially friendly but emotionally detached. They do not want to be made fools of and so they need to test out the trustworthiness and loyalty of the person before they allow themselves to bear their soul. Taurus being a more sensual and hands on sign may be able to penetrate Aquarius’ defenses and demonstrate early on whether they are loyal and committed to the relationship. Taurus can help defuse some of Aquarius’ trust issues and get them to open and be more emotive which deep down, Aquarius would like to do more of.

3. Taurus Is Better Able At Managing the Day-To-Day Concerns That Aquarius Overlooks

As an air sign, Aquarius is often preoccupied with lofty ideas that occur to them. It is likely the case that they are more often interested in books and doing intellectual or creative tasks than mundane responsibilities and errands such as managing finances, paying bills on time, cleaning, etc. Granted, while many aquarians are not particularly interested in managing money they are interested in making it. Many Aquarians are very inventive people with an entrepreneurial spirit and they can become engrossed with some ambitious if not quixotic business ideas.

This preoccupation with pursuing their dreams of riches can come at the expense to the upkeep of their current lack luster obligations. Taurus being a more down to earth sign is better able at keeping a grounded outlook even in the face of life changing opportunities. They are less likely to get caught up in unrealistic pipe dreams at the expense of their responsibilities. For this reason, Taurus can make for a great partner who compensates for some of Aquarius’ impractical qualities. They can also provide a realistic perspective that may keep Aquarius from making ill advised and overzealous decisions.

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4. Aquarius Can Introduce Taurus To New and Exciting Ideas

On the other hand Aquarius’ bright and forward thinking mind can have a beneficial impact on Taurus through the unusual and fascinating experiences Aquarius may expose them to. Aquarius is prone to entertaining offbeat ideas that other people would find ridiculous or unfeasible. Even so, Aquarius is usually willing to give it a shot anyway and the result can often be memorable if nothing else! Aquarius is sort of like Aladdin to Taurus’ Jasmine, they can show them a whole new world that Taurus never knew. It might not always be glamorous or as beautiful as Taurus would like but it can broaden Taurus’ horizons and enrich their lives. Aquarius in general may be motivated to improve their own lives and that of the people they care about.

This is why they can be so enterprising because they want to feel connected to something bigger than themselves, reaching for something that helps others unites them with people in a meaningful way. This can stand in stark contrast to the more local and relatively smaller scale of focus that characterizes the Taurus perspective. They want the good life too but tend to go about it in a more conventional way.

5. Taurus and Aquarius Can Be Possessive of One Another

Aquarius while being a generally friendly and amiable character, can become fierce in the defense of their loved ones. They for the most part display a temperament that is charming and sociable yet slightly detached. They can also be cool and aloof but their rebellious fighting spirit may be aroused when the people or values important to them are under attack or threatened in some way. To this end, they can be rather protective. Taurus by comparison can sometimes treat their significant other as another object in their possession, but a precious object they cherish and love.

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Taurus is generally calm, reasonable and down to earth but they can on occasion become jealous and insecure. Taurus is slow to anger but when under stress can display an explosive temper. This same temper can emerge when someone (say a romantic rival) threatens to take what’s theirs. Taurus’ will fight tooth and nail to protect their happiness and fight for the people they deem worth fighting for. Those who are loyal and true to them will have in Taurus a strong and steadfast ally who has their back unconditionally.

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