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12 Shades of INFJ | Zodiac Signs and the MBTI


INFJ and the Zodiac

Everyone has a zodiac sign and you likely knew what yours was long before you ever discovered the Myers Briggs. Some people don’t completely identify with their star sign personality traits but everybody is generally on board with the descriptions about their MBTI type. You can check out this poll surveying people’s zodiac signs and MBTI types. This is understandable since your zodiac sign is determined by your date of birth (something you had no control over) whereas your Myers Briggs type is determined by your self-determined preferences.

There is little to no science supporting a cosmic influence on one’s personality except for a few studies showing that people with certain mental disorders such as schizophrenia tend to be born in winter months (especially February). Personally, I don’t take astrology seriously but I do take an interest in it. I’ve noticed that there are many MBTI snobs who are staunchly against it and there are some “astrology people” who similarly view the MBTI as bogus and flawed. I imagine that most people fall somewhere in the middle with an interest in one and a mild indifference for the other. For the INFJ types out there, here are interpretations of 12 different versions of the INFJ personality based on the 12 zodiac star signs.


The INFJ personality has little in common with the Aries archetype. For one, Aries is viewed as a very extraverted and masculine sign with a forceful, competitive and magnetic presence. Oftentimes they are considered arrogant as well. INFJs are empathetic introverts with a rational and socially conscious frame of mind. They have more in common with Pisces or even Virgo. It would be difficult  to reconcile how an Aries person could identify as an INFJ since they are so very different.

An astrologer would attempt to look at such a person’s natal chart to extract more details about their planetary placements. Many people do not know much about astrology beyond their sun sign, but astrology aficionados know there is much more to it than that. It is reasonable to suspect that an INFJ with an Aries sun sign might have Pisces or Cancer as their rising sign or moon sign. Or it may be that Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries, is in it’s detriment (occupying the sign of Libra). If you are an INFJ Aries, you can check out your natal chart to see what else is in there.


The sign of Taurus is roughly similar to the INFJ archetype. They are both security conscious and loving. Taureans tend to have beautiful, distinctive voices and smooth clear skin. A Taurus INFJ is likely to exude sensitivity and warmth and their physical appearance may include a full face and figure with beautiful features. An INFJ Taurus is probably very reliable and responsible. They work hard but also like to relax and enjoy themselves too. They have exquisite taste and they enjoy eating and cooking and may be drawn towards the culinary arts.

Taurus INFJ may be very compassionate and generous with a proclivity for charitable acts of service to others. They may be good with money and likely value it more as an empowering tool with which they can help more people and do more good in the world. They are extremely loyal and sincere, and make for diligent employees and thoughtful friends and lovers. An INFJ Taurus likely possesses emotional strength with an ability to persevere in the face of turmoil. They may be more stubborn and stronger willed than other INFJs and will go to great lengths to succeed in fulfilling their visionary ideals.


A Gemini INFJ might resemble more of an ENFJ with regard to extraverted feeling being more visible with extra communicativeness and desire to interact with people. This type of INFJ may possess a lot of nervous energy and are compelled to talk about what they are feeling or thinking. Gemini INFJs may be better conversationalists than other INFJs and often very amusing. They may seem to have multiple personalities sometimes the way their mood shifts from quiet and cagey to buoyant and cheerful.

Calm and rational to emotional and frenetic. These INFJs may be more breezy and fun to be around than other INFJs. They may be somewhat naive and susceptible to being wooed by the promises and words of others. They likely have a tendency to see things through the rose-tinted lens of their idealism and may often overlook some of the inconvenient realities that undermine their quixotic fantasies. They may also be more flighty and take longer to make up their mind about commitments.

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The sign of Cancer is a natural fit for the INFJ. They share much in common including their interest in community, and family and they are both stereotyped as homebodies. The INFJ Cancer person is likely to be a protector and defender of the home. They possess a big heart and profound emotional depth. They want to uplift and support the people they care about and can be extremely selfless and self-sacrificing in the extent to which they give. For all the strength of character they display, Cancer INFJ people are highly sensitive and their feelings are prone to being bruised easily.

Like most INFJs, these types soak up the emotional energy of those around them. INFJ Cancers who’ve gone through some dark times, may be especially prone to internalizing a lot of negative feelings and emotional baggage that may propel them down a bad path. INFJs and Cancers are both described as intuitive and “psychic”. They are both creative and have the ability to channel their depth of feeling into beautiful expressions of art, music and writing. INFJ Cancers may have vivid dreams and premonitions about people and events that turn out uncannily accurate! They are also likely to be patriotic and very loyal to their responsibilities and commitments.


A leonine INFJ is liable to have a sunny temperament and radiate lots of warmth and charm. They may display a happy face to the world and a calm congenial friendliness that attracts others to them. They likely pay special attention to their image and take interest in cultivating an active public/social life. An INFJ Leo is likely to be very creative, dramatic and emotional and even temperamental at times. They may be more susceptible to jealousy and insecurity when they don’t get the attention, appreciation or admiration they expect.

Even though they are introverts, they probably desire more attention than the typical INFJ and may extravert themselves for longer periods before they need to withdraw and recharge their batteries again. An INFJ Leo might be especially noble and altruistic. They give of themselves freely but they know when to draw the line and do not allow themselves be used or exploited by manipulators or greedy people. They are very generous with their time and very compassionate and loving. This type of INFJ may exude a bit more confidence and sometimes come across as being pompous or self-righteous.


This INFJ is an especially modest and self-deprecating one. The INFJ Virgo may be rather judgmental especially towards themselves and they may struggle with perfectionistic tendencies. They can be very hard on themselves and they constantly self-analyze, fixating on their perceived flaws and shortcomings. The Virgoan INFJ takes pleasure in being of service to others as a source of sage advice and heartfelt counsel.

These INFJs have high personal standards which they strive to live up to but this relentless desire for self improvement can become a frequent source of stress. An INFJ Virgo will likely have a strange attraction to people with flaws and handicaps. They often look at such people with compassionate pity and view them as fixer-upper projects they can work on. These INFJs though normally reserved and shy, can nonetheless get very fussy and upset over trivial things and may need to learn not to take themselves too seriously.


The Libran INFJ is likely to be very likeable. They exude a friendly charisma that people can’t help but be drawn to. Their calm demeanor and sensitivity encourages others to confide and take counsel in them. The Libra INFJ will go to great lengths to maintain harmony and balance in their life and relationships and they often juggle many responsibilities while doing this. They are very conflict averse and will employ tact and diplomacy before they even consider going head to head with an adversary.

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These INFJs are probably especially romantic and idealistic with a special appreciation for art and beauty. They tend to believe the best in people and may be somewhat naive. In conflict with others, a Libra INFJ can sometimes seem like a pushover and they may end up harboring grudges and resentments over offenses they failed to address. They however may be more vocal and assertive when it comes to injustices inflicted upon others. They hate violence and cruelty and will rally to the defense of the vulnerable and bullied.


The Scorpio INFJ is a little more forceful and intense compared to other INFJs. They are very loyal to their loved ones and they expect nothing less in return. These INFJs are passionate lovers with a great desire for deep emotional and physical union with their partners. They have powerful intuition and imagination that give them the aura of a mystic. An INFJ Scorpio is likely a very tough nut to crack and they only allow people to know what they want them to know about them.

They may benefit from an air of mystery that helps add to their magnetic appeal. The INFJ Scorpio most likely possesses abundant will-power that fuels their inspired endeavors and exploits. They are fiercely independent but desire romantic partnership to feel emotionally complete. They are prone to jealousy and are capable of becoming vengeful and vindictive when they experience humiliation or personal offense. They tend to be upfront with people but may be somewhat untrusting as well. They are likely very shrewd judges of character and can detect lies and deceptive motives like a sixth sense.


A sagittarian INFJ is liable to be curious with a philosophical bend. They may be especially bright and fond of learning and are likely to pursue higher education. An INFJ sagittarius would possess a rather upbeat, positive temperament with a humorous wit. They love freedom and travelling and connecting with people from different walks of life. They have an open mind and mouth that is sometimes a little too blunt.

This INFJ is very imaginative and will enjoy interpreting the subliminal meanings behind the symbols and imagery propagated in mainstream culture. They have a desire to uncover secrets and connect hidden dots that form the bigger picture that most people cannot see. They seek to illuminate and share their insights with others through teaching taking on an instructive role such as a guru or counselor. Even if they don’t get out much, a sagittarius INFJ likely satisfies their thirst for adventure by immersing themselves in books and movies.


An INFJ Capricorn is bound to carry more gravitas than other INFJs. They may be very into their work to the point of being workaholics. They are very responsible and diligent not unlike any other INFJ. They are however likely to be more ambitious and strong willed. An INFJ Capricorn may put in long hours and sacrifice much in order to get ahead in their professional lives. They are very professional and mature and they try to have their shit together at all times so that they are above reproach and criticism.

INFJ Capricorns may be a bit neurotic at times, envisioning all sorts of negative outcomes and potentiations. While they prefer to focus on the future and fresh possibilities, they also have an appreciation for vintage things and certain traditions. They are liable to acquire successful careers and If they become financially successful, they are not likely to flaunt their wealth but prefer to understate it so as not to attract unwanted attention. An INFJ Capricorn will probably earn a lot of respect for their self control and discipline but others may view them as being a little too uptight. They might sometimes be condescending and cynical and have a tendency to develop a perspective that compels them to prepare for the worst.


An Aquarius INFJ may be very progressive and prone towards taking up causes for which they can fight. This type of INFJ is even more social-minded with a pronounced interest in solving world problems and problems in their local communities. They may be something of a rebel and a martyr who will be the mouthpiece for those who can’t or won’t speak up. The Aquarius INFJ however, will likely make most of their impact behind the scenes away from the spotlight by helping and inspiring others with their vision.

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They want to change things for the better and they know where to make improvements and what needs to be done. The sign of Aquarius is revolutionary and humanitarian yet cold and unemotional. The INFJ of course is anything but unemotional although maybe an Aquarius INFJ may be more guarded about their feelings. They could also be very inventive and possess a talent for bringing people together under a common cause. When complications and setbacks occur, these INFJs seem to have an uncanny sense for the best direction to take and finding a way forward.


An INFJ who is Pisces probably spends a lot of time immersed in the sea of their imagination. The INFJ intuitive qualities will likely be more pronounced and the dreams they experience are vivid and full of symbolism and metaphor. This person is probably highly creative and sensitive with a tendency to take things very personally. The INFJ Pisces is deeply compassionate and they possess a sage-like wisdom and spiritual insight that is valuable to others. Their naive and impressionable natures make them more susceptible to falling prey to the guiles of dishonest folks.

They may have difficulty observing things objectively and get blinded by their idealistic vision of what they hope to be. INFJ Pisces is very tolerant and accepting but they may not be great judges of character. They may be particularly subject to mood swing and bouts of depression. They can fall victim to self-defeating and self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior. They may need the influence of a more dominant personality to keep them in check and nurture them with positivity and love. The INFJ Pisces is hard to pin down and can be like chameleons taking on the qualities of the people around them. They tend to absorb other’s energy both negative and positive and so it is especially important for them to stay away from toxic people.

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49 thoughts on “12 Shades of INFJ | Zodiac Signs and the MBTI

  1. INFJ Aries here…upon checking my natal chart, I have a Cancer ascendant (Mars in Cancer, too) with a Libra moon. Basically, I’m a walking contradiction. I’m ambitious but cautious. I have lots to say but keep to myself. I mostly act based on intuition more so than instinct. I rather stay home than go on an adventure, although the idea seems nice. I’m highly creative, especially with music and writing. I feel everything, and I’m so hard on myself because of high expectations of myself. I often worry about making others happy rather than myself. Im often misunderstood in more ways than one. I’m such a perfectionist…In social settings, I prefer one-on-one rather than a group. I hate small talk. I don’t like to be rushed. I only get mad when provoked (a rare sighting of an Aries that can control their temper)…yeah, I would like to think I’m a rare gem considering my type and sign combination.

    I’m a little hurt there’s not much information regarding this combination because it is so conflicting. Take what you will with my comment. I doubt anyone will respond…

    1. I am an Aries INFJ with a Taurus Moon and Cancer Rising. Taurus baring some similarity to Libra as they both share Venus as a planetary ruler. I definitely feel like a contradiction of a person due to the diversity in my chart. The lazy perfectionism of Aries and stubbornly loving traits of a Taurus, and the emotional and ambitious Cancer. It’s a lot t handle in one personality sometimes.

  2. Cat, I’m also an INFJ Aries with a Libra moon. I can relate to most of your comment. I believe that my experiences as a child have guided me to the personality type of INFJ. Aries+INFJ? just another INFJ paradox! 🙂

  3. Very interesting article! I am an infj who is a Sagi sun with Virgo moon and Taurus rising with a stellium in Scorpio.

  4. I am an INFJ/Aries and I have to agree with Cat Rehbock – That is exactly how i am, as well !!

  5. I’m an INFJ Pisces, Moon in Aries and Rising in Scorpio. So i kinda think my signs are built to be an infj, i swear that if i wasn’t Aries moon i’d be less extraverted and be a full introvert instead of an ambivert.

  6. This article is pretty interesting…i m an INFJ with sagittarius sun and Scorpio moon…and it was so true about the scorpio infj…?

  7. INFJ/Scorpio. Everything that was said was spot on and i’m really glad i’m not the only one out here in this mysterious galaxy. 🙂

  8. I’m an INFJ/Scorpio. After reading this article, i finally feel understood. It feels good to be not so alone in this very alone galaxy we live in.

  9. I’m an INFJ with a Scorpio sun, Libra moon, and Cancer rising…lol could someone explain what all this means??

  10. Im a Cancer sun sign with Pisces Moon sign. Both are water signs and Pisces ruled by neptune. I have a personal planet venus aspecting neptune the planet of spirituality and sensitivity. I am an INFJ. Reading my natal chart is about the same as reading the description of an INFJ. Highly sensitive people can be seen in Astrology. I believe we are born our personality type.

  11. I am a INFJ Sagittarius, and I feel that most of what was said was true. The only thing that isn’t that true about me is the optimism. I usually am fairly negative and expect the worse naturally, and I hope that I’m not he only one who feels this way. Sometimes I feel like I’m half Sagittarius and half Cancer, because I feel very deeply and am a pretty sensitive person.

  12. We are twinsies Girl! I have the exact same as you! Cancer ASC, Aries Sun, Libra moon. Very rare from what I’ve read. I’m INFJ too!

  13. This is for Cat – I too am a walking contradiction
    Aries sun sign with a Libra rising sign and a cancer moon sign….. I have wishy washy thoughts and feelings alot !!

  14. Wow, I’m a INFJ Sagittarius. I never met another INFJ. I understand you completely. Its very cool knowing someone else is experiencing the same thing. I,also, feel everything, so much so it’s overwhelming. It’s like I know people better than they know themselves, especially my family.

  15. I’m a INFJ Aries. I have never related to Aries, but I do have Aquarius rising and I relate to my rising so much more! I have felt different my whole life and does not like trends, but I do not dress weird or anything.

  16. I am an Aries INFJ with a Cancer moon and Cancer ascendant.

    Yep, my family, work, and many friends think of me as an extravert and are quite surprised when I tell them I am a definite introvert. Haha. I have been told I can be forceful or arrogant. Though as I reached my twenties, I mellowed and became more balanced with my softer sides. I’m now in my early 30’s. I am not the most empathetic INFJ, though I can be quite empathetic. I can be somewhat impulsive, and prone to working mostly in energy bursts. I can be dramatic (lol) and insist my emotions be acknowledged or validated, and can be pretty simple that way. I like awards, prizes, and recognition, but also don’t want the limelight and often feel burdened with responsibilities. I struggle with having ambitions, but then lacking motivation to do them. I’m learning to integrate the contradicting facets of my personality.

  17. I’m an Aquarius INFJ &have to admit it is pretty spot on . I also have a obsession nearly with MBTI &a mild interest in Astrology as I find it intriguing &accurate to a point ,I also take it with a grain of salt.

  18. I am a INFJ (Cancer♋/Dog in Chinese Zodiac) I am 80% Introverted 20% a social butterfly. If I am not exasperated. As such, I love my alone time. Faith, Family & Finances are pivitol to me. I am witty, observant, and very opinionated. I am a creature of habit with hint of random. My love language in sequential dominance order are as followed; 1.Gifts, 2.Acts of Service, 3.Quality Time, 4. Physical Touch & 5.Affirmation.I do not believe in astrology however, I do utilize it as a tool to understand people/sterotype them. I am a compartimentalist….hmmm? lmbo? I think I just made up my own word. In other words, I categorize absolutely everything including people.I love order, logic and analyze everything. I can conquer being a INFJ is by far isolating. I frequently feel misunderstood.Although I attract the rejected,the lost sheep, the misfit, weirdos, or the outcasts I love the mystery of getting to know them.Adds a little excitement to my life. ?I am magnetic in nature.People are always drawn to me because of my energy, ora, joy or the God in me.#Annointing People always tell me your so easy to talk too! ?Meanwhile, in my head I had 50 other conversations with this person ALL by myself. I love stability but Im spontaneous enough to take a drastic risk.My motto is live and let live, whats the worse that can happen? Someone else always has it worse. I am very resilient. I am very complicated to understand hence why I am single have yet to find my ENFP ?. I am a nerd/hippie at ❤. ??/?? Female.(Florida)

  19. Hey Kitty, I’m also INFJ/Aquarius, and I also have a mild obsession with MBTI lol. Feels pretty contradictory that INFJs are very emotional when Aquarius are pretty unemotional, kinda confusing.

    1. I agree. I’m an Aquarius moon and sun and got INFJ-A on my online test multiple times. I noticed that it said that INFJs tend to not think about themself to much except to better themself this I would say stays in the more introverted signs. I also have seen things that have said that INFJs tend to hide and/or suppress there emotions which can make them appear aloof which is a trait of an Aquarius. Suppressing emotions is not a thing that a cancer can do (that I have seen anyway). I do however see how a cancer might be an INFJ do to being very caring. Another thing I saw was that INFJs tend to have a smaller friend group which does match with an Aquarius and Scorpio. But all of these things are kinda mixed in with peoples opinions cause I guess people like to say they are this or that to make themselves feel special and INFJ is supposedly a rare sign. And all this kinda blurs the line for those who are actually trying to find out if it matches them. All I’m saying is that it is possible to match with most signs and use as many sources to come up with your own conclusion. My conclusion for now, is that it is possible for me to be an Aquarius INFJ.

      I do want to say that if you aren’t an INFJ it does not mean you’re not unique. And have fun with who you are don’t be restricted to these specific personalities.

  20. I’m an INFJ – Cancer with a Leo Rising and Sag. Moon. If there were ever a perfect storm of an INFJ predicted outcome then I think this would be it; astrologically speaking.

    I do not say this with pride. And I’d ask for a degree of humility in saying what I just said, because the path and journey have been (and still is) incredibly odious. I have cursed my own life far more than I have seen any value in it (personally). And that said, I love humanity in that, for all joy and sorrow we all face together, I can say “I and you are all human. Therefore, have courage in compassion through grit and a daring to keep moving…keep living…don’t stop…don’t stop…don’t stop seeking the loving way.” In this, I will not overtly define what “Love” is. How can I? To me, It’s what helps us “Live Together” without destroying. Are we alive? Do we struggle to live in partnership with one another? Is this demonstrated even in are greatest oppositions? Yes!

    Love as I know it is this…or at least may be a degree of love in as much as I will allow myself to define such a noble human power.

    God Bless you all.

    And Peace to you…

    In love.

  21. I am an INFJ with a Pisces Stellium (including Sun, Moon, North Node.) male ruled by Dragons. Any ideas on how to constructively exit this joy ride? Haha. However, this has been a awesome whet stone.

  22. I finally reached a point where I view my labels as a whet stone…something to help shape me and is not me and is me at the same time. Hermetic axiom…all apparent opposites can be reconciled. For me the difference between “heaven and hell” (I do not believe in either…but the concept works here) is my attitude. .

  23. Ok, I thought I was commenting here before but clicked under another one. INFJ Capricorn, on the Aquarius cusp. After reading the INFJ Aquarius description, I definitely am the behind the scenes person for a cause I hold dear. I am a mixture of the Capricorn INFJ and Aquarius INFJ for sure, not 100% of both. I do think INFJ can be hard to peg though and we are DEFINITELY misunderstood by others (that don’t know much about Myers Briggs especially) Another combo had a comment about HSP. My SIL believes I am an HSP like she and her daughter are, although she says there could be some overlap because of my PTSD. (And of course INFJ, we do not fit in so there’s that too.. =/) I also believe although some of who we are is definitely unchanging over our lifetime I also believe nurture can alter it. (Not to mention just basic maturity from what we learn as we age) I am not who I was 5 years ago, 10 years, etc. I am newly 32 and have also gone back to a bit of how I was before my PTSD, although having an adult onset of anaphylactic food allergies has added a whole new slew of PTSD triggers. Ha, anyone else struggling with overwhelming other introverts (and some extroverts- my mom mostly) and extroverts thinking you’re wishy washy? Husband is ambivert and ENTJ.. life is interesting. Parents won’t take Myers Briggs, but I am finding a couple more things in common with them now that I’m an adult. Dad is definitely introverted but a professional, sales personality that isn’t afraid of public speaking. Mom is mostly extroverted with moments of vulnerability and can be embarrassed. She cares when other people think negatively about her. Dad does not. Mom is Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp and Dad is Aquarius-Pisces cusp. (Which we JUST determined a few months ago, those descriptions of them are spot on, especially dad’s -“seemingly selfish to those not in inner circle but caring to people within” I’ve recently decided to be ‘within’ as I needed a relationship with my dad.) That sort of explains how I am similar yet different – some zodiac overlapping traits but some very different. Also, they are divorced because their differences were (understandably)difficult to be happy with. Ok, talkative introvert needs to shut up now!

  24. Wow I am also an INFJ/Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon! I suggest looking more into the INFJ side of things since MTBI is more reliable than astrology IMO. I have a learned a tremendous amount about myself through the Myers Briggs test and it definitely explains a lot about my struggles in life. Look up the “SE Grip,” basically it is how INFJ’s deal with stress, we overindulge in the sensory world more often than not in a negative way. Pretty interesting stuff.

  25. I’m an aquarius infj okay sounds kinda weird but the similarities are amazing I know aquarius is unemotional and aloof but infj’ aren’t known for smiling needlessly either neither likes idle chit chat both want to solve big world issues both are kind hearted loving individuals both can see through your soul and determine if you are good or bad in a micro second both have few people in there close circle of friends both are miss understand by the majority both almost have an uncanny perception of future events that they themselves can’t get there own heads around both love solitude both feel isolation especially in crowds both are highly intelligent both yearning for that special loved one (AKA who isn’t lol) both have quirky sense of humor both can appear childish because they question everything in life as would a young child and finally both are always right in what they say and believe in
    Did I miss anything out?

  26. INFJ Gemini here( but not really sure about it ). The mood swing is real. Still trying to understand my personality. I guess I will never fit in any type because I’m like a chameleon.

  27. Help!! I am an INFJ with Aries sun and mercury, gemini moon and mars, leo rising. I am so confused all the time about what i should be how to control my emotional state but it feels like it changes every minute. I am very in tune with my INFJ/Empath traits and am trying to learn how to control that. But i am also very similar to my zodiac readings… i dont know where I stand

  28. I’m an INFJ Aries (with an Aries stellium, actually) + a Virgo Moon and Taurus Rising. My chart ruler is my Pisces Venus and my strongest placement according to the natal chart lines is my Jupiter in Pisces. This article’s explanation makes a lot of sense, since Pisces and Virgo are the two signs most associated with INFJ. I often feel conflicted with what sign I relate to most since sun signs are given such dominant attention, but emotionally tend towards Virgo and on a deeper level, the spirituality of Pisces. This was really interesting to read! Especially since there are a lot of Aries here…

  29. I’am an INFJ with Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon and Cancer Rising, still standing even I’am too sensitive and emotional.

  30. I‘m an INFJ with sun, moon and rising Aries. I‘m an aries/pisces cusp tho. I feel like I feel 100% INFJ and I also feel like a perfect aries/pisces mix. I can be an extrovert for a day but it tires me sooo much that I usually need a couple of days to recover hahahaha

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