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2nd House: The House of Possessions

second house

2nd House: The House of Possessions

Mode: Succedent (Fixed) Earth
Planetary Dignity: Venus/Taurus

The second house pertains to your money, personal property and overall security. It concerns personal possessions and objects that are movable like furniture and jewelry as opposed to fixed property such as real estate. The second house corresponds to Taurus and is ruled by Venus. Planetary aspects and positions that take place in this house will indicate something about the status and health of your finances and material resources. 

While the first house highlights inner or self worth, the 2nd house focuses on the value of objects outside of the self. Especially objects that enhance one’s sense of self worth or serve as evidence of it to others. Having a nice car, nice clothes and nice home are things that can provide a sense of security above and beyond the basic and essential needs for survival. The 2nd house can indicate how relatively abundant or indigent your situation is or will be. 

Financial ups and downs are often reflected in this house. Periods of long sustained prosperity or scarcity may be signified by a Jupiter or Saturn placement. Because of these planets’ long transitory periods, their effects tend to have a wide generational  influence that can impact the stock market and economy as a whole. On a personal level, Jupiter in the 2nd house of a birth chart can signify an individual for whom everything they need tends to come with relatively little effort. They may enjoy a lot of perks and privileges that they didn’t necessarily earn or have to work hard for. If Jupiter is afflicted, it can indicate a problem with extravagance, profligation, addiction and a penchant for taking things for granted or overestimating the value of things. 

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By contrast, when there is Saturn in the 2nd house, it can signal scarcity or periods where the needs and wants of an individual do not come easily. In this house, Saturn can engender a very meticulous and responsible attitude about finances and a true appreciation and understanding of an object’s value. Saturn can make this person very mindful and careful about their spending budget. They are always going to try and save money when possible. If Saturn is afflicted, it can engender a tendency toward miserliness and hoarding. Wealth and success can be amassed over time through persistence and hard work  but also a lot of struggle and sacrifice. 

Furthermore, the 2nd house represents what an individual wants and needs to feel secure in themselves. It encompasses all the material things we need to survive and feel comfortable, safe and happy. This includes the essential things like water, food and shelter but also the luxuries of fine dining, a fancy car, and fashionable attire. The quality and abundance of resources available to us are indicated by the 2nd house. Short and long term investments are covered here as well as business in general. Your income and net worth are the focus of this house and transits can reflect the vicissitudes of your bank account. 

Your material needs as opposed to your emotional or spiritual needs are what’s relevant here. This house indicates what you value, your perception of value, how well you handle money and resources and the type of lifestyle you prefer to lead. Sagittarius in the 2nd house for example can suggest a very generous attitude about spending and a penchant for splurging on travel and sports-related expenditures or putting a lot of money toward education. 

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Gemini in the 2nd house may indicate a stronger interest in books and amassing a collection of reading material but also “nerdy” collectibles of items related to their favorite fandoms like Harry Potter or Star Wars. Gemini is also associated with commerce and various exchanges which can also lend itself to a capacity for earning a good living via sales, marketing and promotion occupations. 

The 2nd house also entails what you hope to gain in life which can change and evolve over time. It says something about what you are motivated by —be it money, romance or fame. Moreover, the 2nd house along with the planet Jupiter can also indicate in what way we are best able to attract money and acquire resources especially with regards to business. When Mars is in the 2nd house, money tends to come and go and is spent often on impulse and to satisfy spontaneous, exciting and impassioned desires. 

The 2nd can reveal how superficial or ascetic an individual is. Neptune in the 2nd house for example, can suggest someone who places less importance on material wealth and vanity possessions. Neptune would elicit a stronger appreciation for spiritual wealth and wealth of wisdom. They would be more interested in accumulating karma credits than dollars and cents. For this person, peace of mind is achieved from giving more and taking less and aligning themselves with what they feel is meaningful and in harmony with the universe.

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