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Angel Number 555: What It Means

angel number 555

Angel numbers are numbers believed to hold divine significance wherever they appear. They convey or signify the presence of celestial intervention or can be interpreted as communication from your guiding angels. They often manifest as a series of recurring numbers found coincidentally at different places like the timestamp on a clock or the total cost of groceries at checkout. Seeing these numbers is one of the most common ways for angels to let you know they are present, because numbers are a universal language. Here is a look at the significance of angelic number 555.

The number 5:

Number 5 is the number of life, particularly the joy of living, creation, and creating, and the joie de vivre. Whereas three is creativity, five is the spark and the fire. Three is the mother, father, and baby, and four in the nurturing that lets the baby live and grow, but 5 is the exploration of life that is both educational and enjoyable. Five thus resonates with Leo and Sagittarius, and to a lesser extent, Aquarius in Western Astrology. Learning and play are the same thing before we’re forced into compulsory schooling, and for many of us, the things we learn to do and the talents we develop later in life come from the joy we take in learning and in participating in life.

The number 5 manifests in the natural world in simple but profound ways. Consider the pentagram, the unity of the four elements and the spirit, comprising all of creation. Consider the star; consider your own body, with your head, arms, and legs. Consider the inside of an apple and the five seeds inside, the shape of leaves and flowers – these are things that give joy and please the senses. Humans have 5 fingers and 5 toes and 5 senses, all things we use to explore and enjoy our experience on Earth as humans.

Three fives:

3-digit numbers are divine, and 5 is the number of joie de vivre. 5x5x5 is fifteen, which simplifies to six, the number of service done in love but also in honoring nature and the natural order. Three fives is a higher octave of five and six, the purest and most joyful form of loving life simply because it’s wonderful. 5 is the number of using what can be found in nature and in life to find joy and to learn, so three 5’s is the divine desire to open arms and take in the whole world, to lap it up thirstily like a bowl of milk.

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5 is a number that embraces change because it’s always ready to see what’s out there, and that even bad experiences could be good as long as one still lives through it and the sun comes out again. Thus, 555 is the divine blessing, the handing of the keys to all the doors of possibility and being allowed to walk through the ones that are the most interesting.

When 555 shows up in your life:

When 555 shows up in your life, there’s a good chance you’ve already been quite an adventurer, or that you’ve been dreaming of getting out of your rut and seeing what else is out there. 555 is a sign that this is good, and that you’re too big for the roles you’re in now, that your soul has done all it can do in the place you’re in now, and that you’re called to pack up your suitcase and figure our the next adventure.

For example, 555 may show up in the life of someone stuck in a dead-end job and isn’t using their natural talents or abilities, getting no satisfaction from what they do. They’re bored as hell, and they long for something more. They don’t want just shallow excitement; a drunken Mardi Gras or a night at the clubs is not going to quench a soul thirst.

555 shows up when it’s time to really consciously experience something. It can actually show up when someone needs to get over their prejudices by actually getting to know the people they fear. It can show up when it’s time to stop studying and time to start applying the knowledge. It can also show up when it’s time to rebel and start seeing things for one’s self with one’s own eyes.

555 is an indication that you’re special in a way that others are not. You may be more talented, but moreover, you may be blessed in an extraordinary way. You may be psychic, prophetic, or able to stop or quell evil by bringing light.

Of course, you may also stick out like a sore thumb; St. Francis of Assisi is the embodiment of 555, a saint who walked with god but someone that everyone thought was batshit insane most of the time. Never mind that he could speak to animals and love life despite greatly depriving himself of pleasures. Like the higher octave of six, his joy was in giving and making things that brought joy. Like St. Francis, 555 is also a sign that you shouldn’t give a damn what anyone thinks of you, because you’re on a mission from god.

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555 as an angelic number:

555 is a blessing of the purest kind. 555 is a sign of favor from the divine and the company of angels who will help you along in your adventures. It’s in a way, a divine blank check or being given the divine corporate credit card. You’re trusted, and you in turn should trust. Moreover, your motivation is love, and the more you love, the more love you will feel. Wherever you go, you will bring joy and you will get joy back.

You won’t be smug about it; you know that by sharing the blessing, the blessing grows. You may actually be literally called to go to new places, new social strata, new careers, or to enter into things that give you entirely new experiences and help you get to know (and bring joy to) entirely new people.

555 can also indicate that some talent you have must be brought to the world at large in order to bring them real joy.

What about the time 5:55?

If you wake up at 5:55 in the morning (or at night!), it may be your wake-up call to remember that you’ve got love to give and a world that needs to be explored. You may even wake up with a sense of emptiness or a sense of deep longing for a place you’ve never been but feel strongly for – the Germans call it fernweh – and feel you’re leaving part of your heart. Often, you wake up naturally from a good dream where you’re indulging all your senses (and sensuality) or you’re making a dream come true or using a superpower.

Seeing 5:55 is being told that it’s time to pack up and move on from wherever you are, whatever you’re doing that’s just not your thing anymore. Whatever you dream about holds clues. (The very act of clock watching is the antithesis of 555 energy).

555 and angelic intercession:

555 is angelic intercession, but less as a direct intervention and more as a invitation to hang out with them. You are, in a way, one of them, because you understand the need to preserve and love all the things that make human life the experience it is, and to make yourself and others grow to eventually become god-like.

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However, 555 can also be a sign of deus ex machina, of a miracle that only happens through the power of your own positive thinking and for being at peace without whatever happens so long as you get to experience it.

What to do when you encounter 555:

555 is a sign to be positive and to live life with joy. Even though you have to take the good with the bad, 555 tells you that no matter what, find that kernel of curiosity that makes you wonder how it will all turn out when it’s over, and what could be there for you on the other side. Chances are you have the abilities and the openness to learning from experience to make something of it and to share what you’ve learned to make the world a better place.

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