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12 Shades of INFP: MBTI & the Zodiac

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12 Types of INFP: Astrology and the Myers Briggs

Before the Myers Briggs gained traction in the world, astrology was king. Perhaps it still is, but it looks as though the MBTI may be in a position to dethrone the ancient pseudoscience in the near future. The Myers Briggs has been growing more mainstream in recent times while interest in astrology appears to be gradually declining. Just compare these two charts from google trends showing the search volume from 2004 to 2016 for keywords “Myers Briggs” and “astrology”.

astrology google trends
astrology google trends

Nevertheless, while few can deny that the MBTI provides a more credible and psychologically sound system for understanding what makes people tick, it does not account for everything there is to the human psyche. It assesses cognitive preferences but where did those preferences come from?

The 12 zodiac sign archetypes are a bit like caricatures but they tell a different story than what the 16 Myers Briggs types portray. Is it possible that one informs the other? It seems that most people know about the description of their zodiac sign and so it is possible that either through cosmic forces, or cognitive biases, the traits of our astrology sign may become intertwined with our self image to the extent that we subconsciously become more like our sign whether or not we are predisposed to being that way innately (as astrology would suggest).

Within each Myers Briggs type tribe there is a significant amount of variation due to the fact that everything is evaluated on a spectrum. Many people can be borderline; just barely qualifying as one type or another. Could astrology account for some of the variation within types? Maybe an INFP Aries is more combative than an INFP Pisces?

For the sake of speculation, here is an interpretation of how the INFP Myers Briggs personality might vary across each of the 12 zodiac signs.


An Aries INFP is likely to exude an inner strength and presence that makes them appear more confident than other INFPs. They may be compassionate like the typical INFP but their ego and sense of self might be more accentuated. The sign of Aries is associated with independence and carving out a path of one’s own design and these traits are naturally in line with the INFP’s set of traits. This INFP will likely be a bit more tenacious and risk-taking with a willingness to stick their neck out to reap the glory. These folks may be very passionate individuals who want to pursue what they feel strongly about. They may be a bit stubborn and impatient though and inclined to making ill-advised decisions while ignoring the counsel of others. An INFP Aries may possess more courage and drive to actualize their dreams than other INFP types who are known to often procrastinate.

Vincent Van Gogh (INFP born March 30)


A Taurus INFP person likely has a casual way about them that puts others at ease. They are strong individuals though and their kindness and sensitivity should not be mistaken for weakness. They are down to earth and authentic and probably place high import on virtue and ethical values. The INFP Taurus may struggle between their desire for security and stability and their need to explore and grow. Sometimes they may become complacent and stagnate when they become too comfortable. They are lovers of beauty and they possess fine taste and an eye for quality. These folks appreciate uniqueness and novelty in both objects and people and so they may take interest in things that other people find weird. The INFP Taurus is likely very creative and may possess talent for art and writing and possibly a pleasant singing voice.

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Soren Kierkegaard (INFP born May 5)


The INFP Gemini may possess a lot of nervous energy and an inner restlessness that compels them to dabble in many things. They may be very friendly and engaging among people they have warmed up to and they are likely good with words and might display an aureate vocabulary. Even though they are introverted, they enjoy the company of mentally stimulating people and they themselves can get really talkative when discussing what they are passionate about. They have a fanciful imagination and a quirky sense of humor that not everybody may appreciate. They are not conformists; they march to their own drummer promoting their individuality and may even come across as narcissistic. Their moods can shift abruptly from cheerful to choleric to depressive. They want to be true to what they believe is right and they will become more outspoken when they feel their personal values are being compromised.

Johnny Depp (INFP born June 9)


The INFP Cancer may be especially sensitive although they may not put this aspect of themselves on display. The Cancer INFP feels deeply and is likely very protective of their loved ones. They take it personally when the people they care about experience rejection or ridicule as if it were directed at themselves. The Cancer INFP person wants to create security for themselves and they may become skilled at parlaying their creative abilities into profitable endeavors. They can be moody but they probably have a sense of humor that is nutty and spontaneous. These types of INFPs can be very both bubbly and despondent. They need private time to recharge and reflect on how they feel in order to keep themselves rooted and emotionally healthy. Loyalty and trust is very important to them and INFP Cancer people may have a higher appreciation for history and legacy.

George Orwell (INFP born June 25)


The INFP Leo is probably very proud and full of integrity. They will likely be especially creative and a bit dramatic. They may have some histrionic traits and a penchant for turning on the charm when they get positive attention from others. This type of INFP may actually appear more like an ENFP because they may exhibit a higher capacity for extraversion. They are probably warm and congenial and are highly sensitive to other’s feelings. These folks are likely very generous with their time and may give too much of themselves, sometimes at the expense to their own needs. The INFP Leo is bound to have a positive outlook and an optimistic attitude about life and the future.

J.K. Rowling (INFP born July 31)


The INFP Virgo is likely to be something of a perfectionist with their craft. They may be very analytical about understanding what they feel and why they feel it. They are probably very self aware and will have developed an intensive understanding of themselves and their flaws. These INFPs may be especially sensitive to criticism and judgment by others yet at the same time may be very opinionated. They are liable to exhibit a more modest demeanor and self deprecating humor. They have high ideals and standards and it is probable that they take an interest in self-development and improving themselves in many areas of life. It is likely that these types of INFPs complain alot and can be very fussy and argumentative.

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George R.R. Martin (INFP born September 20)


INFP Librans are likely to be attractive and charismatic in a subtle kind of way. They are probably very tactful and exercise diplomacy in their dealings with others. Although they are not especially social, they have the ability to be very engaging and sociable when they want or need to. They desire harmony and possess an idealist outlook that wants to create the reality of the dreams. They are passionate and loving and they crave deep and meaningful connections with people. They appreciate others and tend to see the best in people. They are optimistic but bitter disappointments can leave them temporarily crestfallen and demoralized. They care a great deal about their image and they put alot of time into cultivating their own individual style.

John Lennon (INFP born October 9)


The Scorpio INFP may appear psychic at times due to their ability to pick up on what people are feeling without their saying it. This type of INFP may be a bit more cagey and private and are probably careful to keep people at a distance and out of their personal business. Their solitude is their sanctuary where they can retreat to their inner world of fantasy and wonder. They are full of creative ideas and they likely possess an abundance of passion and zeal that they may channel into art and writing. They could be intense emotionally and at times have trouble keeping their feelings under control. A Scorpio INFP may be more guarded than other INFPs and it might take more time to earn their trust. They themselves are probably very loyal and devoted to their friends and loved ones.

Albert Camus (INFP born November 7)


The Sagittarian INFP is likely to be especially interested in existential questions and searches for meaning. They may be shy and introspective not unlike other INFPs but the Sagittarius INFP may have more of a philosophical and spiritual bend to them. This type of INFP might be very broad minded and curious. Travelling and learning all they can about the world may be of particular interest to them and higher education may satisfy some of their intellectual appetite. They may be rather jocular and cheerful as compared with other INFPs. They are optimists and tend to see the silver linings in the dark clouds.

C.S. Lewis (INFP born November 29)


A Capricorn INFP may take themselves more seriously than other INFPs especially in respect to their careers. They may possess a strong work ethic and may even be workaholics. This INFP is bound to be career conscious and may have a greater capacity to work their way up the ladder either from within an organization or through their own independent enterprise. They likely have an abundance of creativity and may have a number of passion projects on which they work. They may be excellent employees with an ability to engender the trust of others and get along with them. The INFP Capricorn might appear especially stoic and reserved but they possess great warmth and sensitivity as well.

J.R.R. Tolkien (INFP born January 3)


The INFP Aquarius is probably something of a rebel. The INFP is individual-minded anyway but an Aquarius INFP likely takes this to another level. It’s them against the establishment, fighting for the good of humanity. They have noble ideals and values and they are motivated by meaningful causes to which they can devote their passion. The Aquarian INFP wants to help others and they likely have an interest in humanitarianism and philanthropy. They use their creative minds to devise clever unorthodox ideas that challenge the status quo. They are very inspired and enchanted individuals who have the capacity to light a fire in the hearts of others.

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Edgar Allan Poe (INFP born January 19)


The INFP personality is almost indistinguishable from the sign of Pisces. They are both described as dreamers and idealists with a deep and vivid inner world. The INFP and Pisces are highly imaginative and their creativity is fueled by a fascination with abstract ideas and impressions they form about the world. They are unique and off-beat, but very compassionate and kind. They have difficulty being objective and keeping their emotions from impacting their judgement. They are prone to emotional ups and downs and depression can pose a problem. Their sensitive natures may compel them to frequently withdraw from the world and it’s harsh realities. Escapism and creative outlets provide a refuge through which they can recharge their batteries and restore emotional balance.

Kurt Cobain (INFP born February 20)

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  1. Why do you suppose all of the INFP examples here are male? Just wondering–I didn’t look at any of the other MBTI types.

  2. I never knew someone went through the effort of doing this…

    I’m an INFP & Gemini, and have oddly found myself very relatable to the specifics traits only really explained in both the type & sign. It’s wierd as hell… I don’t know what to beleive, but I don’t doubt it either.

  3. hazelwest Just be yourself. Sure, it’s fun to read about all that. In the end it’s YOU who defines who YOU truly are. Who knows? Some people change. It’s not always a bad thing. It can be positive. Hope this helps. (Personally, I find MBTI more trustful than Astrology. Sure, both aren’t definite. What I like about MBTI, tho, is that it’s OK if your type/category changes as time passes by, as we humans are capable of changing as time passes by.)

  4. Infp (always have gotten same answer for 15 yrs.)
    Sagittarius sun on Capricorn cusp, Sagittarius moon. (Born the day before Capricorn sun.)

  5. INFP Aries, we will show this world what good leaders and how stubborn and confident infps can be 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 we eill ruin these stupid stereotypes 😈

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