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Venus in the 5th House – Forever Young At Heart

venus in the 5th house


Venus in the 5th house foster’s a playful nature and a special love for the Arts, entertainment and frivolous activities. In astrology, the planet Venus corresponds to love, beauty, pleasure, and harmony. When Venus inhabits the fifth house, the result is a special emphasis and fondness for fun and games. The fifth house, which is ruled by Leo and governs entertainment, pleasure-seeking, and casual sex, is greatly promoted by the sensual and sumptuous energy of Venus. Here, the planetary energy of Venus serves to promote a heightened interest in the pursuit of fun and stimulating experiences. Whichever zodiac sign happens to occupy this house, Venus will soften and bestow some harmonizing and benefic effects on how it is expressed. Here is a breakdown of Venus in the 5th house in both the natal chart and as a Transit.


Those who have Venus in their 5th house are fun loving and fond of games and frivolous distractions. Whatever their attitude happens to be towards work and whatever amount of self-discipline they possess, they are nonetheless proponents of balancing work with a generous amount of play and recreation. They can be hedonistic and inclined to indulge in sudden flights of fancy and spoil themselves with things that make them happy and bring them pleasure and joy. They are avid consumers of entertainment and anything that stimulates their romantic and imaginative minds. They know how to have a good time and they enjoy including other people in their merriment and revelries. They are good sports with a playfully competitive spirit. They tend not to take life too seriously and actively seek to try and make almost everything they do fun and enjoyable for them and others.

A Love of Children and Youthful Spirit

Idealistic and sometimes naive, the Venus in 5th house man or woman is inclined to focus on the potential rewards and gratifications they can look forward to. They have a youthful spirit and are likely to never lose touch with their inner child and sense of wonder. With Venus in house 5, there is likely to be a talent for putting together beautiful celebrations like birthdays, holidays, weddings and other celebratory occasions. They have a flair for designing fun and engaging experiences and can likely do well as an event organizer or video game designer. They enjoy parties and appreciate those that are well put together with good music, food, and great ambiance. People with Venus in the 5th house are classy party animals and they also enjoy hobnobbing and soaking up the atmosphere and all the sights smells and flavors they can experience at a given venue.

Even in adulthood, they are like big kids and when they have children of their own, they are likely to be very affectionate and un-strict in their style of parenting. They tend to use persuasion tactics and with their kids and incentivize them rewards in order to get them to do their chores or duties. These parents are often compelled to encourage their kids to follow their inspiration and will be more tolerant or lenient on them about their mistakes and bad decisions. They are likely to exhibit a more liberal attitude on many things that promote their children’s ability to live and learn without fear of excessive punishment. Those with Venus in the 5th house are more lax and forgiving because to them, life is too short and they would rather mitigate the suffering and difficulty in the world rather than contribute to it or make it worse.

Flirtacious Love Games

Venus in the 5th highlights a very romantic and flirtatious disposition. Those who have this placement are likely to have no shortage of casual romances with a various people. They strike up connections like a match and enjoy the flames of passions while they last. Many of their dalliances and romantic friendships are formed without strings attached or with serious long term expectations. They do what they can to make things work with their romantic partners, but even when things don’t work out, they are likely to remain good friends. They are quite good at smoothing out conflicts and getting themselves back in the good graces of their love interests. It is likely they will at times get themselves in trouble when they try to juggle multiple partners at once without committing to any single one. These individuals are inclined to be very flirty and can trigger jealousy in others who desire them exclusively.

Creative and Pleasure-Seeking

People with Venus in the 5th house of their chart may also have an interest in gambling and playing games with their money. Because of their fondness for pleasure and reward, they can easily become addicted to the endorphin rush of winning associated with gambling and lottery. They don’t mind pushing their luck because oftentimes they have good fortune. Things often play out in their favor as though they powers that be have smiled upon them. This addiction to pleasure and reward may not go too far so long as they keep their priorities in check. Venus in the 5th house people are likely to possess considerable creative abilities and may also have a number of hobbies and special pastimes that they love to indulge. They soak up inspiration from movies and interactions with others that they will often channel into their craft or art. They love to create and express their inner vision for all the world to see.


Venus in the 5th house confers a fun-loving and affectionate nature as well as a youthful love for light-hearted revelry and escapism. In astrology, the planet Venus embodies the essence of love, beauty, charisma and a spirit of goodwill. When Venus grace’s the fifth house, it emphasizes an interest in fun and games and a charmingly playful nature. The fifth house is ruled by the sign of Leo and governs the Arts, entertainment, recreation, and frivolous love affairs.

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The 5th house is positively influenced by the gracious presence of Venus. Here, the planetary energy of Venus serves to enhance the tastefulness and refinement of the affairs and activities associated with the fifth house. Additionally, whichever zodiac sign happens to occupy this house, Venus will soften and infuse with an element of charm and pleasantness in how it is expressed.

When Venus transits your 5th house, all of a sudden there is a desire to indulge and let loose. During this time, you will be in the mood to let your hair down and live a little. You are in the mood to savor the joy of living and seek out fun and exciting experiences. You are feeling inspired to express yourself artistically and creatively and may discover a new hobby or interest through which to channel it. This could be an auspicious time for creative projects and risk-taking. Gambling and lottery-playing can prove fruitful and you may experience good fortune at whatever you participate in.

Venus in the 5th House in each Zodiac sign:

Venus in the 5th house in Aries:

In the 5th house, Venus in Aries constitutes a taste for romantic adventure and bold artistic expressions. These individuals can be very charming and attractive thanks to their confidence and fun energy. They are likely to be very creative and original and good at improvisation. They are attracted to risky rewards and display a courage to pursue romantic interests that may be perhaps out of their league. They really know how to make the most of what they are given, attracting good luck with their willingness to seize opportunities and have fun in the process. People appreciate their youthful spirit along with their spontaneity and positive energy.

Venus in the 5th house in Taurus:

In the sign of Taurus, Venus in house 5 brings about an affinity for casual romantic fun. People with this placement are very attractive, easygoing romantics who enjoy sensually stimulating activities and excursions. They really appreciate relaxing activities like reading, watching movies, cooking and eating together. Shopping is among their peak pleasures and they can be quite indulgent. Shelling out extra cash in exchange for quality and better value is usually worth it for them. They want to savor their experiences and enjoy themselves however they can. They may need to take care not to overdo it as they may be prone to addictions of all kinds. They can get very attached to the dopamine rush of sensory delights to the point it becomes detrimental to their health or financial stability.

Venus in the 5th house in Gemini:

In the sign of Gemini, Venus in house 5 signifies a charming pneumatic sprite of a person who harbors diverse interests. They can be very suggestable, flexible and collaborative when it comes to how they spend their leisure time. Romantically, they enjoy stimulating discourse and amusing conversation. They are likely to be amusing commentators that are fun to be around because they always know how to fill an awkward silence. They are very observant and in the moment, but sometimes distractible. They can be very good at juggling between a lot of different interests and this can also extend to their romantic habits. It is not unusual for them to get into multiple romantic entanglements at any given time. They are such casual flirts that they can potentially strike up a number of romantic prospects wherever they go.

Venus in the 5th house in Cancer:

Within the sign of Cancer, a 5th house Venus represents an artistic sensitivity and a penchant for sentimental affection. They can be shy and very selective about what they do for fun. When it comes to romance, they are careful about how much they reveal about themselves. It can take some time before they warm up to someone enough to lower their defenses and inhibitions. They have an inner child that can be very funny and silly. Additionally people with this placement like to feel cared for by their romantic interests. They appreciate someone who is protective and perhaps a little more assertive than they when it comes to initiating contact and opportunities to have fun together.

Venus in the 5th house in Leo:

These individuals can be the life of the party and the center of attention. Lively and charming, they attract admirers of all sorts. They love to show off and make an impression on their romantic interests often through bombast and generosity. In addition to their ostentatious tendencies, they are super creative and have a knack for coming up with thoughtful ways to surprise and spoil their loved ones. A 5th house Venus in Leo also signifies someone who is good with children. They are kind and often prone to showering them with attention and playful affection. At the same, these individuals like to attract attention with their antics and creativity. They can be very dramatic but loving.

Venus in the 5th house in Virgo:

In Virgo, a house 5 Venus suggests someone who is cautious and discriminating in love. They are very particular about what they like and want and may sometimes set their standards too high. Upon first meeting them, they tend to be coy and reserved. On dates, they may often opt to focus a lot of their attention on the other person. As they open up, they may enjoy sharing stories and opinions about a variety of topics. In romance, they are not very bold and may be drawn to someone who can put them at ease. They enjoy bonding with others through mentally stimulating activity. People who are overly vain or fake can be a major turn off for them. They are typically attracted to people with substance, natural beauty and perhaps a little status or accomplishment as well.

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Venus in the 5th house in Libra:

In Libra, a 5th house Venus fosters a playful, charming and polite individual. They know how to show others a good time and to make them feel special. They may favor team sports as a form of recreation. For them, almost everything is more enjoyable when done with others. They enjoy keeping others company and tagging along on frivolous escapades. Furthermore, they like to keep it classy and will often seek to use their good taste and creative sensibilities to amuse themselves. They are fond of classic romantic gestures like heartfelt poems, surprise gifts and intimate roleplay. In fact they often feel as though they were playing a starring part in a romantic comedy of sorts.

Venus in the 5th house in Scorpio:

In Scorpio, Venus in house 5 renders an intensity and passion with regards to romance and recreation. These individuals can be super motivated to woo or win the object of their desires. They very likely dislike blind dates being that they prefer to know what they are getting themselves into. To that end, they are not super risk taking in their pursuits nor reckless in their adventures. They have fun taking measured risks they feel are worthwhile. In romance, they like to gather a lot of Intel and insight about the person they are with. They can seem nosey at times and engage in gossipy rumor-mongering. They can be intoxicating to others who are attracted to those with an element of mystery and danger to them.

Venus in the 5th house in Sagittarius:

Having Venus and Sagittarius in the 5th house produces a romanticization of the unknown and exotic. These individuals are often drawn to people who have something to teach them. They have a love of learning and intellectual exploration that they may indulge for their own amusement. Furthermore, in romance they love trying new things and may orchestrate romantic dates that go beyond the typical movie and fancy dinner. Moreover, they are likely to display a great sense of humor that probably accentuates their attractiveness. Fun, stimulating discourse is what they offer along with a cheerful attractive energy that others enjoy being around.

Venus in the 5th house in Capricorn:

In the sign of Capricorn, Venus in house 5 represents an individual whose idea of fun may be comparatively mild or tame. They are judicious about how they spend their free time and are not apt to engage in frivolous thrill seeking. They may exhibit creativity through writing which they may do either professionally or as a pastime. They are bound to be very responsible with children and may take pleasure in the task of rearing and instructing them. In romance, they are typically looking for “the one” and so they are less likely to entertain frivolous hookups with people who offer no long term potential. They tend to pursue pleasure in moderation and generally choose to be responsible in how they go about it.

Venus in the 5th house in Aquarius:

in the sign of Aquarius, Venus in house 5 engenders an affinity for romantic quirks and unconventionality. They appreciate individuals who are unique and possess an interesting perspective. In romance, they can be very hard to pin down, but they are also low maintenance and highly independent. Because they’re true to who they are and what they like, they require others to accept them for who they are, quirks and all. For them the lines between romance and friendship are often blurred and they cannot really fall in love with someone that they are not good friends with first. When it comes to their children, they are likely to encourage them to embrace what makes them different and unique and follow their authentic interests and forms of expression. They display creativity of perspective and are able to stand out for their novelty and unique attributes.

Venus in the 5th house in Pisces:

Fantasy is the key word when it comes to romance and recreation here. Under this placement, there is a penchant for romantic idealism that can sometimes be delusional and detached from reality. In the sign of pisces, Venus in the 5th house manifests a very mutable and impressionable nature. They’re susceptible to heartbreak and unmet expectations. At their best they are someone who is very pleasant to be around and fits in with almost any other group of people. They are easy going and willing to go with the flow and follow along with the suggestions and adventures that others recruit them for. They dream of romance and seek to bring to life their ideations and deepest desires. When it comes to dating, they can be somewhat fickle and coquettish. Their feelings and sentiments can often change overnight leaving others to wonder what happened.


Barack Obama – Born: August 4, 1961
In: Honolulu (HI) (United States)
Sun: 12°33′ Leo AS: 18°04′ Aquarius
Moon: 3°21′ Gemini MC: 28°54′ Scorpio
Venus in House 5 Cancer

Diana, Princess of Wales – Born: July 1, 1961
In: Sandringham (United Kingdom)
Sun: 9°40′ Cancer AS: 18°24′ Sagittarius
Moon: 25°02′ Aquarius MC: 23°03′ Libra
Venus in House 5 Taurus

Bill Gates – Born: October 28, 1955
In: Seattle (WA) (United States)
Sun: 5°02′ Scorpio AS: 26°58′ Cancer
Moon: 8°15′ Aries MC: 4°52′ Aries
Venus in House 5 Scorpio

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Megan Fox – Born: May 16, 1986
In: Oak Ridge (TN) (United States)
Sun: 25°02′ Taurus AS: 19°22′ Capricorn
Moon: 15°06′ Leo MC: 10°30′ Scorpio
Venus in House 5 – 23°31′ Gemini

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
Born: June 21, 1982
In: Paddington, London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 0°06′ Cancer AS: 27°29′ Sagittarius
Moon: 4°58′ Cancer MC: 2°28′ Scorpio
Venus in House 5 Taurus

Bruce Willis – Born: March 19, 1955
In: Idar-Oberstein (Germany)
Sun: 28°20′ Pisces AS: 27°42′ Virgo
Moon: 2°31′ Aquarius MC: 27°04′ Gemini
Venus in House 5 Aquarius

Jared Leto – Born: December 26, 1971
In: Bossier City (LA) (United States)
Sun: 3°48′ Capricorn AS: 0°18′ Libra
Moon: 19°24′ Aries MC: 0°19′ Cancer
Venus in House 5 Aquarius

Mick Jagger – Born: July 26, 1943
In: Dartford (United Kingdom)
Sun: 2°10′ Leo AS: 13°06′ Gemini
Moon: 23°58′ Taurus MC: 8°09′ Aquarius
Venus in House 5 Virgo

Robbie Williams – Born: February 13, 1974
In: Stoke-on-Trent (United Kingdom)
Sun: 24°39′ Aquarius AS: 29°49′ Leo
Moon: 21°37′ Scorpio MC: 18°40′ Taurus
Venus in House 5 Capricorn

Khloe Kardashian – Born: June 27, 1984
In: Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital (CA) (United States)
Sun: 6°43′ Cancer AS: 25°40′ Aquarius
Moon: 25°19′ Gemini MC: 8°37′ Sagittarius
Venus in House 5 Cancer

Tina Turner – Born: November 26, 1939
In: Nutbush (TN) (United States)
Sun: 4°01′ Sagittarius AS: 17°25′ Leo
Moon: 7°14′ Gemini MC: 10°42′ Taurus
Venus in House 5 Sagittarius

Milla Jovovich – Born: December 17, 1975
In: Kiev (Ukraine)
Sun: 25°01′ Sagittarius AS: 1°23′ Cancer
Moon: 12°47′ Gemini MC: 27°40′ Aquarius
Venus in House 5 Scorpio

Naomi Campbell – Born: May 22, 1970
In: Westminster (United Kingdom)
Sun: 0°30′ Gemini AS: 29°49′ Capricorn
Moon: 11°32′ Sagittarius MC: 1°11′ Sagittarius
Venus in House 5 Gemini

George Harrison – Born: February 25, 1943
In: Liverpool (United Kingdom)
Sun: 5°28′ Pisces AS: 3°14′ Scorpio
Moon: 0°25′ Scorpio MC: 16°05′ Leo
Venus in House 5 Pisces

Colin Farrell – Born: May 31, 1976
In: Dublin (Ireland)
Sun: 10°35′ Gemini AS: 8°43′ Capricorn
Moon: 13°50′ Cancer MC: 17°01′ Scorpio
Venus in House 5 Gemini

Matthew McConaughey – Born: November 4, 1969
In: Uvalde (TX) (United States)
Sun: 12°28′ Scorpio AS: 12°33′ Gemini
Moon: 13°01′ Virgo MC: 25°34′ Aquarius
Venus in House 5 Libra

Steven Spielberg – Born: December 18, 1946
In: Cincinnati (OH) (United States)
Sun: 26°27′ Sagittarius AS: 10°48′ Cancer
Moon: 6°51′ Scorpio MC: 20°46′ Pisces
Venus in House 5 Scorpio

Henry Cavill – Born: May 5, 1983
In: Jersey (United Kingdom)
Sun: 14°01′ Taurus AS: 11°38′ Aquarius
Moon: 13°05′ Aquarius MC: 7°05′ Sagittarius
Venus in House 5 Gemini

Eva Longoria – Born: March 15, 1975
In: Corpus Christi (TX) (United States)
Sun: 23°59′ Pisces AS: 22°10′ Scorpio
Moon: 18°24′ Aries MC: 27°36′ Leo
Venus in House 5 Aries

Ewan McGregor – Born: March 31, 1971
In: Perth (United Kingdom)
Sun: 10°25′ Aries AS: 14°51′ Libra
Moon: 18°03′ Gemini MC: 20°50′ Cancer
Venus in House 5 Pisces

Shia Labeouf – Born: June 11, 1986
In: Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 20°05′ Gemini AS: 29°27′ Aquarius
Moon: 1°02′ Leo MC: 11°09′ Sagittarius
Venus in House 5  Cancer

Yoko Ono – Born: February 18, 1933
In: Tokyo (Japan)
Sun: 29°23′ Aquarius AS: 8°30′ Libra
Moon: 11°08′ Sagittarius MC: 9°25′ Cancer
Venus in House 5 Aquarius

Jiddu Krishnamurti – Born: May 12, 1895
In: Madanapalle (India)
Sun: 20°48′ Taurus AS: 20°50′ Aquarius
Moon: 25°22′ Sagittarius MC: 29°02′ Scorpio
Venus in House 5 Gemini

Walt Disney – Born: December 5, 1901
In: Chicago (United States)
Sun: 12°27′ Sagittarius AS: 25°35′ Virgo
Moon: 9°10′ Libra MC: 24°50′ Gemini
Venus in House 5 Capricorn

Janet Jackson – Born: May 16, 1966
In: Gary (IN) (United States)
Sun: 25°39′ Taurus AS: 14°27′ Scorpio
Moon: 15°35′ Aries MC: 24°37′ Leo
Venus in House 5  Aries

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