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How Each Myers-Briggs Type Dresses

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Fashion. Some people put a lot of thought into the clothes they wear while others could hardly care. Here is a look at the style of dress and fashion sense each of the 16 MBTI personality types is likely to display.


INFJsir?source=bk&t=astroligion 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=514262825fe047d3bd60fe27fee71b74& cb=1517155132560 like to convey something about themselves through their clothing. They may adopt an edgy artistic aesthetic or a buttoned up and professional one. Whatever look they go for, it will likely be alluring and well put together in a subtle and low-effort kind of way. INFJs do not seek to call attention to themselves with their clothing but rather blend in by wearing what seems appropriate for the situation yet doesn’t vitiate their individualism.


INFPs like to accentuate their good qualities and uniqueness without being ostentatious or attention grabbing. They probably dislike uniforms and restrictive dress codes. INFPs would likely adopt a fashion sense that probably echoes the unique image they hold of themselves and conveys their individuality. They may be a bit hipsterish and inclined to experiment with unusual combinations and put a twist on conventional styles.


INTJs know how to dress themselves well when they want to. They are more socially conscious and aware than perhaps the INTP, and this puts them at an advantage stylistically. INTJs are neat and in terms of clothing, they go for simplicity and functionality. They may prefer darker colors and incorporate a lot of black in their wardrobe. They may have a style that looks striking , smart and mature. INTJs may also take great care in regards to their grooming and hygiene as part of their vanity and their desire to be taken seriously, respected and desirable.


It may take INTPs a long while before they develop a fashion sense that makes any sense. Early on they may pay little attention to how they dress and opt instead to wear what’s comfortable to them. Over time they may discover a good fashion sense that works for them and looks smart, simple and quasi-hipster. INTPs are apt to find a pattern or style of clothing they really like and wear that or variations of it everyday. Once they find something they like they will stick with it for a while before they find a new style to go overboard with.


ENFJs like to appear wholesome yet attractive. They may dress in a way that is very well put together with a good cut and fit but may also try to express their lighter side with an eccentric fashion twist. ENFJs often have a fine sense of humor and are not afraid to look a bit silly if they know it will make people smile. For the most part, however, ENFJs will wear what they think will engender the most acceptance among their peers.

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ENFPsir?source=bk&t=astroligion 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=95e2f53d7b748eb4665ce99aecad6f0b& cb=1517155089975 like to wear what makes them feel attractive and desirable. Their wardrobe may include a lot of bright colors and clothing that showcases their sophisticated style sense. At the same time, they like to keep it fun and will exercise a lot of variety with their wardrobe and experiment with many different looks. ENFPs are creative and they are likely to put together some interesting ensembles that would make Dolce and Gabbana proud.


Whether they dress up or dress down, ENTJs always look like somebody who knows what they’re doing. Their style of attire is likely to be unpretentious but clean and orderly. If they wear a black tee, they will likely make sure that it is crisp and doesn’t have any lint on it. They are probably not a fan of overly formal dress codes and they prefer to express some of their personality through their clothes. They are creative and may put interesting twists on otherwise traditional outfits.


ENTPs can be incredibly hipsterish and stylish or incredibly slouchy in the way they dress. ENTPs have the capacity to put a lot of effort into their look especially if they are vain and socially active. An ENTP can formulate an interesting aesthetic that is all their own and weird yet somehow works. They can be very dapper in an unconventional way and have the capacity to set trends that others admire and would want to emulate.


ISTJs are likely to be neat and orderly in their appearance. They are less likely to be fashionistas or aficionados of style and more likely to opt instead for what is practical, sensible and functional. ISTJs like clothing that is simple and has a nice cut and nothing too garish or colorful. They would rather be comfortable and respectable looking than look edgy or sexy.


ISFJs are likely to be more conventional in their style of dress and may not be interested in putting too much time into their look beyond what is necessary. They are probably less vain than other types and may conform their appearance to whatever is suitable to their environment. ISFJs are more likely to adopt more traditional styles of clothing based on what they’ve observed around them and they generally do not try to stand out or make a statement with their clothing.

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ESTJ dresses to impress. They have respectable sensibilities and they likely take their style tips from the successful people they want to emulate or look up to. ESTJs want to look distinguished and important and so they may dress in conservative attire and may acquire an impressive knowledge of how to put together a classy ensemble that will allow them to make a strong impression wherever they go.


ESFJs know what’s hip and they dress accordingly. They wear what is acceptable, stylish and trendy or what is popular within the social circles they operate within. ESFJs often carry a fair amount of vanity as they understand the role of appearances in respect to their social status and acceptance. They use their fashion style as but another tool for commanding the social validation, in-group status, and appreciation they so desire.


Many ISTPs may prefer to dress in a casually stylish and comfy way. They may dress in a a lot of sporty apparel like jerseys and caps, and adidas track jackets. They may enjoy wearing novel tees that showcase their particular fandoms such as Star Wars or Harry Potter. Baggy pants, cargo pants and ripped or jeans with a rugged or faded look may be examples of things they might wear. They like to dress in a slightly working class style rather than wear crisp professional or pretentious attire.


ISFPs like to wear things that are a bit unusual and quirky according to their personal aesthetic preferences as opposed to what is socially standard. They may be a bit unorthodox yet modest although they do like to look swanky. They want to look attractive and oftentimes have a very classy style sensibility that is different and intriguing. Because many of them have an artistic bend, ISFPs may have a hipster streak and incorporate ironic juxtapositions into their wardrobe.


ESTPs are often very active and athletic and so many of them are bound to show that off with fashionable form-fitting clothing and athletic wear. Their personal style is likely to be a bit dressed-down and casual but sporty and respectable. They may enjoy dressing to the nines for formal occasions and showing the world how well they can clean up when they want to.

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ESFPs are likely to really go for it when it comes to making a statement with their clothes. They are not afraid to wear something bold or provocative if they are so inclined because generally speaking, they enjoy the attention. They have a unique self image and they want to showoff their individuality and beauty in a way that is authentic to them. ESFPs are probably more likely than other types to show a lot of skin and accentuate their physical assets with their clothing.

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