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6 Best Paying Jobs For ISFJs

isfj careers

ISFJs are introverted sensors who enjoy being helpful and of service to others. In a national sample, people of this type reported a preference for careers that offer clear structure, security/loyalty, independence and variety. They are willing to do things by the book and try to keep things simple and organized.

This MBTI type tends to be found in education professions, Health care and religious institutions. They are drawn to occupations where they can use their experience to help people from behind the scenes. ISFJ comprise roughly 13.8% of the total population. At 19.4% of the female population, it is the most common personality type among females. They constitute 8.1% of the male population. Here is a list of 6 of the highest earning professions recommended for the ISFJ personality.

isfj dental hygienist

6. Dental Hygienists

Median salary: $74.700.

Dental hygienists provide primary care for oral health—it’s their duty to examine the oral cavity and evaluate the wellbeing of teeth, gums, and tongue. Subsequently, they educate patients on oral health, advice on prevention mechanisms, provide proper cleaning, and record all potential findings.

These professionals require an associate’s degree in dental hygiene, as well as a license to work within each particular state. They usually work alongside dentists, as the duties between both are complimentary.

According to multiple research studies, most dental hygienists tend to be ISFJs. It is not a surprise that so many of them prefer this career, as it appeals to their core interests—it requires technical knowledge, relies on procedural activities, requires attentiveness and precision, and—most importantly—provides a service to people and enhances their wellbeing.

isfj financial manager

5. Personal Financial Advisors

Median salary: $90,640.

Financial advisors are experts dedicated to providing information and advice regarding an individual or a family’s finances—mortgages, college funds, retiring, investments and other typical microfinance duties.

Typically, a financial advisor will meet with clients and analyze their particular circumstances, listen to their worries, and put their expertise to their service through help before making important financial decisions. On occasions, they invest a client’s money under their instructions and give regular reports about the results.

While often enough financial advisors provide a plethora of services, sometimes they focus on a particular area. Regardless of their preferred specialization, personal financial advisors receive a median salary of over $90,640, though it can go much higher than that.

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ISFJs enjoy being at the service of others—perhaps the most natural supporter out of all the types. Subsequently, they enjoy positions where they can interact with people and have a personal impact on their lives. Likewise, their meticulous and caring nature makes them dedicated financial advisors—they will pay extra attention to every detail in a clients’ profile, and do their best to provide the perfect service.

isfj nurse administrators

4. Nurse administrators

Median salary: $98,300.

Nurse administrators are professionals that merge nursing with managing, assuming executive tasks associated with regular nurse duties. As such, they supervise nursing within the institution they work in, look after the staff, control schedules, manage the budget, regulate the supplies, solve conflicts, and a plethora of other assorted duties.

As such, nursing administrators have the mission of overseeing everything works the way it is supposed to be, to guarantee high-quality care towards patients that might approach the medical center. To achieve this goal, they can assume different roles—nurse leader, nurse manager, head nurse, amongst others.

ISFJs widely prefer to work directly with people on a private basis, as they enjoy seeing the consequences of their positive actions. However, despite the relative distance from regular patients, ISFJs would enjoy a position as nursing administrators, not to mention they’d be highly talented at it. Fulfilling such a role would help them have a direct impact on the quality of the service offered at the institution, not to mention their practicality and empathy allows them to understand the plights and conflicts that may arise in the workplace.

isfj physician assistants

3. Physician Assistants

Median salary: $104,860.

As healthcare professionals, physician assistants work in teams with physicians to guarantee the wellbeing of patients through diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, injuries, and other afflictions.

Physician assistants typically require a master’s degree and a state license to work. Likewise, they also need experience in working with patients before becoming physician assistants. Once in the position, the duties to assume include studying patients’ medical history, examine them, provide treatment alongside physicians, and prescribe medication, amongst other typical medical services.

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Healthcare jobs are tailor-made for ISFJs, as they thrive in positions where they can protect and aid those in need. Likewise, they have a sharp memory and attention to details, making them well-suited for public service and assistance jobs. The best part is that they enjoy their duties—their emotional intelligence makes them likable to patients, and they understand the supportive and caring aspect of their job.

isfj compensation manager

2. Compensation and Benefits Managers

Median salary: $119,120.

In every organization or company, employees invest time and effort with the expectation of a reward for their duty—usually in the form of monetary payments and multiple benefits. As such, the one responsible for the assignment and control of these elements is the compensation and benefits manager.

Compensation and Benefits managers face miscellaneous duties—they must supervise the work of the staff within the company, oversee and establish the corresponding payments and rewards according to internal and external conditions, listen to complaints, and guarantee payments are according to the country’s regulations and norms.

It’s known that ISFJs don’t enjoy managerial jobs as much as other types do, but a position as compensation managers might be an exception—they work directly with the employees, and oversee their rewards and benefits, giving them the possibility to make a direct, positive impact in their lives. ISFJs also possess sound judgment and respect order and tradition, meaning they will always keep the company’s best interests in mind.

isfj obstetrician

1. Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Median salary: Over $208,000.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists, often grouped with the term OB/GYN, are medical specialists and healthcare professionals focused on the health and well-being of women. It has two different subspecialties—obstetrics, the field that looks after pregnancy and the process before, during, and after childbirth, and gynecology, dedicated to the health of the entire female reproductive system.

OB/GYN medical experts often engage in activities like family planning, pregnancy monitoring, evaluation of reproductive health, control of menopausal gynecology, the performance of gynecological surgery, and care for the mother, fetus, and newborn.

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Physician careers require extensive experience and academic formation. As such, their highly specialized expertise enjoys a high reward regardless of field. OB/GYNS, particularly, consistently rank amongst the highest-paid professions—quantified to be way over $208,000, on average.

ISFJs prefer medical specialties—it is their calling, so it’s no wonder they make fantastic OB/GYN professionals. Their goal-oriented nature and caring personality make them gentle specialists, something important in a field that handles women during delicate life stages. Likewise, their meticulous approach and practical mindset is an invaluable asset in the medical field.

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