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Taurus Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

Taurus Compatibility with each Zodiac Sign

Just as it’s planetary ruler Venus would indicate, Taurus is a zodiac sign that loves to be in love. Taurus has the capacity to make it work with just about any astrology sign but some signs mesh better than others. Romantic compatibility between the 12 signs is generally based on the planets that govern them and the element and principle they carry. Here is a breakdown of the Taurus zodiac sign compatibility with each sign of the zodiac.


The Taurus and Aries relationship is one that is likely to take some work. These two zodiac signs are on different wavelengths and move at different speeds. They may have trouble seeing eye to eye on many matters because of their disparate perspectives. Taurus values stability and Aries’ propensity for risk-taking can distress them in a relationship.

Taurus however, admires Aries’ strength and courage as well as their sense of authenticity. Aries is an honest and direct sign although this is not to say they are not capable of subterfuge. When it comes to a goal or object of desire, Aries is liable to resort to whatever means necessary to satisfy their passionate libido. This can land them in boiling hot water with Taurus who does not take betrayal lightly. They themselves are highly loyal and devoted and they expect no less from their partners.

On the other hand, Taurus has the capacity to forgive (but not forget) and show clemency to those who’ve hurt them. They may have the patience and resilience necessary to put up with some of Aries’ most difficult traits including their blunt words and sometimes violent tempers. Aries is a passionate sign and Taurus likes the intensity of feeling but would prefer Aries to be a bit more gentle and tender too. The physical attraction is likely to be strong and the sexual part of the relationship may be the real glue that keeps this couple together.

As a team, these two may benefit each other is significant ways. Aries, the sign of the ram, for all their cardinal energy and capacity to get things started, sometimes abandons things that don’t progress fast enough. They bore easily and as a result will start a lot of things that will be left unfinished. Taurus doesn’t have this problem, being a zodiac sign that possesses more tenacity and follow-through to see things through to completion. This is an area where Taurus can help Aries reap the rewards and benefits of their efforts and persevere in long term plans long enough to see the results.


A Taurus matched with another Taurus sounds pretty solid on paper, but even with all the positive aspects of this relationship, there are nonetheless some complications bound to arise. These two share an affinity for living the good life and collecting beautiful things. They will likely both adore physical acts of affection like cuddling and sensual massage. They may come into the relationship with similar expectations and looking for similar things such as long term commitment  and possibly marriage. They both do not want a partner who is going to play games or wax hot and cold with them. They desire stability and security and in each other they will likely have found that.

Two Taureans in love is a beautiful thing. They are on the same page and move at the same pace in life. This pair may have little trouble in managing their lives financially since Taurus is a sign that is often naturally good with money. This is good since it has been noted that money issues are the biggest reason marriages fall apart. Taurus is a sign that is good at long term planning and patiently following a steady path that rewards them with abundance over time. These two are hard working but they also like to enjoy themselves and their sumptuous lifestyle may often be justified by this.

These two will likely enjoy nights out on the town soaking up experiences and eating good food. Taurus people are likely to be foodies who enjoy both cooking and consuming well crafted meals. This couple may be aficionados of fine dining and delight in pampering one another with their culinary skills. At other times they may spend their time cozied up watching netflix and chilling out. The romantic nature of Taurus (as indicated by their ruling planet Venus) suggests that they may also enjoy watching romantic films together like “The Notebook” for instance.

Problems in the relationship could arise from the stubborn qualities Taurus possesses and when faced against another Taurus this could result in a stalemate. Taurus is a fixed sign and they may get stuck in certain perspectives or behaviors that could be detrimental to their relationships. Each Taurus in the couple must be willing to listen to the other and possibly change things about themselves that may be causing strife.


The Taurus and Gemini relationship can be a fatal attraction. Gemini has the capacity to put a spell on Taurus with their impish charm and fun personality. They can get the Taurus wrapped around their little finger to the point of getting away with unbelievable things like infidelity and disrespect. Geminis can be charming and inviting one minute and verbally/psychologically abusive the next. Such is the nature of the sometimes duplicitous sign of the twins. Taurus would normally not tolerate this but Gemini has a way of disarming them and making Taurus want to trust them and ignore the writing on the wall that they should be heeding.

Taurus can have trouble leaving unhealthy relationships due to their fixed nature. Once they’ve formed a connection or belief about someone, it is difficult for them to accept or recognize that their perception of them might be wrong. Even when the evidence is right in front of them Taurus may suffer from denial. Gemini appreciates that Taurus is loyal and they can sometimes feel like they can do no wrong with the sign of the bull. Taurus however may eventually tire of Gemini’s flaky tendencies but it may take a while before they reach that point.

This is not to say that all Geminis are shady bastards but they are known to be very promiscuous. Unless their partners can keep them engaged, it can be a struggle for a Gemini not to take advantage of other potential romantic prospects that come their way. Communication between the Taurus and Gemini may be good and Taurus likely enjoys letting their partner talk because Geminis almost always have amusing things to say. Gemini can help liven up Taurus’ life and shake them out of their routines. The Gemini may draw the Taurus into their social life which is likely populated with a large number of people. Taurus may also be startled by the number of friends Gemini tends to associate with of the opposite sex. Gemini just loves having lots of people to talk to but this can arouse some jealousy in Taurus.

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Taurus and Cancer go very well together. Cancer’s planetary ruler is the moon which is in it’s exaltation in the sign of Taurus. Both Cancer and Taurus value security, family and home life as of prime importance. They want to build financial stability to support this end and both signs tend to be very good at making money. Taurus loves the sensitivity and humor Cancer possesses – sometimes hidden beneath a stalwart and aloof exterior. These signs are willing to go to bat for their loved ones and both Taurus and Cancer will be very nurturing and protective of one another.

A relationship between Taurus and Cancer will be built on trust and loyalty. These zodiac signs don’t give their hearts away easily because heartbreak can be especially tough on them. They have deep emotions and they yearn to one day find someone with whom they can share their purest selves in love without fear of rejection or judgement. Taurus and Cancer respect each other’s feelings and they provide support and encouraging words to assuage the despair and distress they may experience in life.

The ebb and flow of Cancer’s moods can create an interesting dynamic on their relationship with Taurus. Taurus has a more stable temperament and they may find Cancer’s emotionality as endearing and attractive. Because of Cancer’s shy nature, the Taurus person is likely to initiate the relationship or express interest even though Cancer is one of the 4 cardinal signs (signs which are known to get things started). However, once that barrier is crossed, the Taurus will begin to discover little by little the playful and loony side of Cancer’s personality. Their energies play well off each other and Cancer may often be the catalyst for new developments in the relationship like moving in together or moving to another location or having children.

Both signs share similar goals and so they will likely have few disputes between them. Taurus may on occasion have some control issues and may tend to be obstinate and unwilling to compromise or go along with any changes to their plans that the Cancer partner might suggest.


When Taurus and Leo get together in a relationship, the result can be pretty nice. Taurus is attracted to Leo’s confidence and warmth as well as their generosity and noble character. Taurus values security and Leo’s passion and ability to go out and seize the day makes Taurus feel secure in their ability to provide. Both of these fixed signs will work to stabilize the relationship whenever difficulties arise and their values and life goals are likely to be in parallel. Marriage, children, financial security and traditions of various kinds are all things Leo and Taurus are liable to agree or see eye to eye on.

Because Leo and Taurus are square with one another, this relationship will likely require a lot of work and effort to succeed. Despite the incompatible principles between them, these two zodiac signs can still make beautiful music together if they really love one another. The animal magnetism is likely what draws them together initially, but as they get to really know one another, some incongruous personality traits they possess are liable to pose a challenge.

Taurus appreciates art and music and Leo is known to be highly creative especially in the dramatic arts. Leo brings light and love into Taurus’ world with the abundance of affection and attention they lavish on their partner. Leo is generally a very loyal and trustworthy sign with noble principles. They are very generous and devoted to their loved ones and this is something Taurus is bound to truly resonate with. This zodiac relationship has the makings of a very solid team that can work through many complications that may threaten their union.

The physical attraction is likely to be a major factor in this relationship. Leo people tend to be very attractive and Taurus is a sucker for aesthetics. Leo, whether male or female, is also likely to take command in the relationship although this may not necessarily be cosigned by Taurus. Because both the Taurus and Leo are very strong minded and strong-willed, they may clash when their interests are in opposition. Negotiation and compromise may be delayed by initial attempts to strong-arm the other and bend them to their will. This can lead to spectacular arguments and fights but afterwards, the two may be able to come together to reach resolution.


The Taurus and Virgo relationship is likely to have very good prospects. As earth signs, they will both possess a similarly down-to-earth and pragmatic perspective. Their values ought to be in sync and so they will probably rarely have arguments or bitter disputes. Taurus and Virgo both appreciate the value of hard work and steady progress over time. They tend to be very considerate of one another and will often express their love through romantic gestures and gift giving.

Taurus, even if they do not wear the pants in the relationship, will likely exercise a strong presence in the relationship. They will probably make a lot of decisions and try to flex a lot of control over the direction of the partnership. Virgo is generally accommodating and willing to go with the flow but can on occasion be very fussy and argumentative. Taurus is not as yielding and may require much cajoling and persuasion before they start to see things from their partner’s point of view.

Taurus is nonetheless very kind and gentle with Virgo which is something Virgo appreciates. Virgo is very modest and may be very low maintenance in the relationship. However, Virgo likes to treat their partners like pet projects where they attempt to gradually shape or improve them to their liking over time. Virgos tend to be health conscious and may want to look after Taurus’ well-being. They try to promote a healthier lifestyle and will likely take an active role in influencing what Taurus eats. Taurus may appreciate Virgo’s intentions but if they are not on board with Virgo’s objectives, no amount of coaxing will convert them. Virgo often means well but may have to learn to ease off and let Taurus be Taurus.

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Virgo can be a bit self-righteous and preachy though. When things are not to their liking they can become whiny and naggy which is one of their most annoying traits. At the same time, they can often be very indecisive and non-committal in the relationship which may also irritate Taurus who has the capacity to make up their minds and stick to it.


Taurus is likely to form a great relationship with Libra. These two zodiac signs are mutually ruled by the planet Venus. This means that they both desire harmony and crave love and romantic connection with others. Both Libra and Taurus have excellent taste in clothing and dining and they might appear materialistic to other people. They simply value quality and possess an eye for details that make the difference. To this end, they may be birds of a similar feather with values that sync up well. These two signs will enjoy sweeping their partner off their feet or making them feel like they are the only one in the world to them.

Taurus is attracted to Libra’s charming and engaging personality. Libra admires Taurus’ sensual beauty and attributes. The superficial aspect of Libra’s personality often compels them to notice and point out flaws (typically physical ones) about their partner. This can trigger Taurus’ insecurities and make them feel lousy. Libra is also very flirty and they enjoy maintaining an active social life because they tend to be social butterflies. Taurus may feel uneasy about Libra’s popularity with the opposite sex and jealousy and suspicion could threaten to tear them apart.

Taurus likes to be comfortable and they may have a preference for quiet and serene environments like the wilderness whereas Libra likes to be where the buzz is. Libra’s need for attention and to keep up with appearances may leave Taurus wondering where Libra’s priorities lie. Taurus can be very possessive and obsessive in relationships and attempt to keep as much of their partner to themselves as possible. They want exclusive access and are reluctant to share their lovers with the world. Taurus likes to live it up too though and for the most part they enjoy mixing it up with good people and good food to have good times with their significant other. One of the biggest obstacles between these two signs may be timing and having agreement on when to take their relationship to the next stage. Taurus may be become ready to settle down way before Libra is and this may taken as a sign of undevotion.


Taurus and Scorpio in love can be emotionally deep and physically passionate. The attraction between these two is palpable and they can’t keep their hands off one another. Over time however, their fixed natures may create a source of conflict and strain on the relationship that could drive them apart. Taurus and Scorpio both demand loyalty and devotion from their partners and once committed they are usually in it for the long haul. They want to own their lovers mind body and soul and they give of themselves in like manner. This may be a strong foundation upon which a fruitful and beautiful relationship may blossom.

These two signs are deeply sensitive although Scorpio’s sensitivity is often guarded behind layers of barbed wire. Scorpio encloak themselves with a shroud of mystery so as to keep most people from penetrating their emotional vulnerability. Taurus is less guarded but still cautious in how and with whom they share their heart. In Scorpio, Taurus generally has someone in who they can trust being that Scorpio is the guardian of secrets and privacy. Scorpios love with an intensity that is almost spiritual and sex for them is like a conduit to a higher power. They are one of the best zodiac signs with whom Taurus can really let their freak flag fly.

Scorpio has the capacity to read into what their partner is feeling without them saying it. They are often psychologically astute observers and their intuitions can often be uncannily accurate. For this reason is never a good idea for a lover to lie to a Scorpio because it could come back to bite them when they least expect. Fortunately, Taurus is generally an honest sign and both the bull and scorpion will generally refrain from playing deceptive games with one another.

These two may experience disagreements and when they do, it can be like too beasts locking horns. They are both fixed-minded and so will be less inclined to back down on certain matters over which they’ve made up their minds. Their shouting matches can be intense and heated. Scorpio however can be extremely vindictive and resentful following a conflict and may brood and simmer over it for a while until they either get over it or suddenly explode in anger.


A Taurus relationship with Sagittarius is likely to be challenging due in part to Taurus’ need for security and Sagittarius’ need to explore and branch out. Taurus likely finds Sagittarius to be intelligent, funny and upbeat. On the other hand, they may feel that Sagittarius almost always seems to have one foot out the door, and could leave them on a moment’s notice. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign and their expansive mindset runs counter to Taurus’ conservative instincts. The Taurus person is more interested in building roots and establishing a firm foundation upon which to build a life. Sagittarius is on a quest to learn and assimilate as much experience and information as possible and because of this, Sagittarians are like rolling stones.

Philosophical and thoughtful, Sagittarius often makes for an insightful companion with original perspectives. Taurus may enjoy conversing with them and listening to some of their impassioned ideas and views especially political ones. Taurus for their part tend to be less focused on philosophy and more interested on practical matters. They are likely more tradition-based and conservative than the Sagittarius and this may be a point of contention in the relationship.

Although Sagittarius is known to be a bit shy, they are very outspoken and blunt in how they communicate which can sometimes offend the sensitive Taurus. Taurus is patient however and may be able to absorb a lot of hits without losing their cool. It is likely that Sagittarius may appreciate taurus’ level-headed and responsible nature. The stabilizing influence of Taurus can be beneficial to the nomadic Sagittarius’. Taurus can help them create a better sense of security with their finances and planning for the future.

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Sagittarius may worry Taurus with the possibility of leaving them for better prospects. Sagittarius is more open to making radical changes such as relocation and moving across the country to follow their dreams. However Sagittarius can help Taurus broaden their horizons and grow by venturing outside of their comfort zones and learning more about the world.


Taurus and Capricorn can build a strong relationship held together by their earthy sensibilities. They both value tradition and hard work and they operate well as a team. Although Capricorn is not known to be emotionally expressive, Taurus’ is able to help coax it out of them with their more sentimental form of pragmatism. Taurus is often emotionally composed but beneath the surface is a river of passion they want to unleash in a romantic setting.

The Capricorn sexuality is typically more physical and less emotional. Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn and so this may point to the forceful and aggressive nature that underlies their approach to intimacy. Taurus is more feeling and Capricorn’s animalistic or mechanical form of lovemaking may unsettle them. Capricorn will be efficient and dutiful to their partner but also sometimes directorial. They like to take charge because Capricorn is a naturally leader that carries paternal energy. Ruled by the planet of restriction, Saturn, Capricorn likes to portray an image of restraint and dignity and this affects their relationships as well. Taurus will likely appreciate the level of taste and sophistication that Capricorn’s display. They can be a little intimidating and sometimes dark and mysterious but that may make them even sexier to Taurus.


The Taurus and Aquarius relationship is likely to face all kinds of obstacles and trouble spots. They are not highly compatible by most measures especially in romance. They have very different perspectives and values. Because they are both fixed signs, their differences may develop into irreconcilable differences. Taurus’ sensual focused interests are not shared by the visionary and inventive Aquarius. Aquarius tends to be aloof and unemotional and Taurus will have a hard time getting them to soften up to their liking.

The astrological chemistry is not great between these two but if they really love each other anything’s possible. Aquarius’ may be unwilling to accommodate some of the high maintenance desires of Taurus especially surrounding their affinity for materialistic comforts and luxury. Aquarius more cerebral and broad minded and views much of what the Taurus values as frivolous and stupid. These two speak different languages and they have a hard time identifying with each other’s perspective.

If they can work together, Taurus and Aquarius can learn much from one another. Aquarius can help Taurus broaden their focus to understand the larger issues at play beyond the microcosm of their personal lives and what directly affects them. Taurus on the other hand can help Aquarius by softening their hard edge and providing emotional support to help them deal with their unaddressed feelings more effectively.

Aquarius is a very independent and freedom-loving sign and getting them to commit can be a herculean task for Taurus.


Taurus and Pisces both enjoy escapism and to indulge themselves in sensual pleasures. They both share a taste for art and music and possess fine taste and aesthetic preferences. Taurus’ management with money can help keep Pisces, the sign of the fish, in check with their finances. These two zodiac share similar values but where Pisces is prone to fantasy and idealism, Taurus is grounded in  reality and pragmatism. They have different focuses but together they make a symbiotic and formidable team.

Taurus’ planetary ruler Venus is in it’s exaltation in the sign of Pisces which means that Pisces people are very receptive and attracted to the ideals of beauty, poetry and love that Taurus represents. Pisces are sensitive and peaceful by nature but their emotional side is easily influenced by the energies other’s give off both good and bad. This is why Pisces can sometimes be very moody and suddenly withdraw from people. But this sensitivity is also why Pisces is so creative and imaginative. They can inspire Taurus with their kindness and transcendent hopes and visions. Pisces are spiritually “woke” and can be like gurus who are in touch with timeless wisdom most people are ignorant of.

The rapport between Pisces and Taurus is underscored by tenderness and understanding. They are comfortable confiding in each other and they are more liable to talk things out out rather than engage in fights or disputes. Sometimes, they may avoid addressing uncomfortable topics and cover things up or the sake of harmony. Pisces can turn to Taurus for the rock of support and practical advice they need to deal with real life problems.

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