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6 Great Paying Jobs For ISFPs

ISFP careers

ISFPs are introverted sensors who prize their individuality and personal values. In a national sample, ISFPs reported that clear structure, loyalty/security, and independence and achievement as being the most important characteristics of their work environment. They prefer occupations where they can use their gentle service-related attentiveness to detail such as the Health Care industry, Business, and law enforcement. Here are 6 of the best-paying careers recommended for the ISFP personality type.

isfp industrial designer

6. Industrial Designers
Median salary: $65,970.

Industrial designers are in charge of devising manufactured products designed for everyday use—household goods, entertainment devices, vehicles, and so on. More often than not, the designers will work alongside other professionals, such as engineers and manufacturers, to bring their ideas to life. As such, skillful conversation abilities are considered a plus.

To become an industrial designer, it is usually required to have a bachelor’s degree in an associated field, as well as an available portfolio with relevant designs.

In a few words, those specialized in industrial design must be able to mix both creativity and technical knowledge to be able to come up with goods that will stand the test of time.

ISFPs want to explore the limits of their creativity. They don’t want to be restricted by the world’s structure—they want to change it. As a consequence, they seek careers where their ingenuity and creativity are free to overflow without restrictions.

As industrial designers, ISFPs create, explore, and change. Their talents as trendsetters are well-received, and they will never feel bored.

isfp fashion designer

5. Fashion Designers.
Median salary: $67,420.

Sharp-eyed and always up-to-date with the latest trends, fashion designers craft and develop original garments—be it clothes, footwear, or accessories. Similarly, they can design their collections, or work for those who hire them.

Fashion designers must also have a sharp mind to visualize what the future trends may come, what kind of clientele to attract, the perfect fabric for a particular design, amongst many other concerns. They must not be afraid of unpredictability—order and structure have no place in an industry that changes and adapts itself often, and they need to be ready to face erratic circumstances.

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Fashion design is a career choice that mostly relies on the rich inner world of the designer—while it appreciates practical skills, it mostly comes down to their creativity. While this profession requires a degree a commitment that ISFPs might not agree with, they are willing to settle down for the sake of seeing their ideas come to fruition.

isfp artists

4. Multimedia Artists and Animators.
Median salary: $70,530.

Movies, cartoons, series, videogames, ads—these are some of the media where multimedia artists and animators express their creativity for public enjoyment. They are content creators that design 2D and 3D models that simulate real movement, mostly for entertainment’s sake.

There are no limits for this career—animation comes in many forms and shapes. Digital means, hand-drawn content, stop-motion, rotoscope, and plenty of other techniques allow for an endless display of creativity.

Multimedia artists and animators often express their creativity by individual means, but it’s far from a solo job—a collaboration between animators is common, as well as designers, producers, and even customers.

A highly active, dynamic, and creative environment is stimulating for the adventurous ISFP. The endless opportunities for improvisation and experimenting are bound to motivate their senses, keeping them committed to the cause. If ISFPs have the vocation to become multimedia artists, they will invest their senses into creating something unique—as long as they can keep up with the deadlines.


isfp genetic counselors

3. Genetic Counselors
Median salary: $77,480.

Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals in charge of guiding and counseling individual patients or family groups through inherited conditions—whether there is a diagnosis or just a risk for their inheritance.

The specialties for genetic counselors are varied—cancer genetics, neurogenetics, pediatric genetics, personalized medicine genetics, prenatal genetics, amongst many others.

Genetic counselors work by studying patients’ medical history, alongside DNA tests. After the proper studies are complete, genetic counselors analyze the results and discuss them with the patients, outlining the possibilities and the proper course of action depending on individual circumstances. This information, then, could be shared with physicians for further studies and analysis.

While ISFPs usually feel trapped in traditional job positions, genetic counseling could be an exciting alternative for them. Even if the career involves procedural approaches to issues, it allows them to exercise their creative thinking skills to diagnose genetic problems through their applied knowledge. It enables them to create, even if not in a conventional sense—and that alone is enough to keep them satisfied if they happen to have an interest in this field.

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isfp art director

2. Art Directors.
Median salary: $92,500.

Art directors work with visual concepts for any media and are in charge of designing them and overseeing other designers’ outputs. Their skills are valuable in fields as diverse as product packaging, printed media, visual productions, and so on.

Academic requirements usually boil down to a bachelor’s degree in art or design, and experience in the field is a must. However, there are a few essential qualities to consider—particularly creativity and resourcefulness. Likewise, as a directing position, it also requires communication skills and leadership abilities, to guarantee the harmony and coordination within the team.

While ISFPs might be reckless or unpredictable, that also makes them a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creative projects. Their spontaneous and fun nature also makes them harmonious to work with, not to mention that, as art directors, they’d be able to stimulate the individuality of each person working under them, while still keeping the group cohesive under their unique perspective.

isfp emergency room

1. Emergency Room Physician
Median salary: $280,901.

An ER Physician is a professional that works in the emergency area of a medical center. Subsequently, they are prepared to deal with the urgent care of patients—be it traumatic injuries, illnesses, infections, or any other type of affliction.

Like all medical professionals, ER physicians must have a bachelor’s degree in medicine, over four years of experience in residency, and a valid medical license. Moreover, due to the nature of their job, ER physicians must be ready to work under pressure at any given moment—they must also be well-versed to provide cardiac support, resuscitation, trauma care, and other common urgent injuries.

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ISFPs dislike committing to long-term careers, including medicine. However, if they focus and manage to conclude the extensive studying process, they would make truly ideal ER physicians—they thrive in active and unpredictable environments where they can put their hands to work and enjoy the spontaneity of the workplace. Likewise, they are immersive professionals that would focus every part of their being into completing the task at hand—in this case, saving lives.

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