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ENTJ Explained: What It Means to be the ENTJ Personality Type

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The ENTJ is a personality regarded as a natural leader. Strong-willed, decisive, goal-oriented and hard-working, the ENTJ is a force to be reckoned with, capable of achieving a great deal with their life. At roughly 2% of the general population, ENTJ is among the least prevalent personality types and is more common among men than women. As a type dubbed as “the commander” and “the strategic field marshall”, it should come as no surprise that ENTJs statistically top the list of highest earning personality types. 

ENTJs are super industrious planners and strategists who make it their business to attain and exercise control over their external world. Even from an early age, ENTJs show a lot of initiative and self-confidence. They have the mind of a coordinator and enjoy the responsibility of taking charge. ENTJs are skilled at communicating and explaining processes and procedures. Their style tends to be blunt and straight to the point. ENTJs love to share their views and insights and are typically very candid about what they think. Moreover, they are compelling and insightful. 

The ENTJ’s internal world by contrast is a realm that poses greater difficulty for them. Because they feel less in control and even inconvenienced by their inner world, ENTJs prefer to focus more on controlling the world outside of them. ENTJs have to apply more effort to develop their inner judging function, introverted feeling. ENTJs are type A personalities who are driven to get things done. In their push to do so, they are prone to ignoring what they feel. This means they may have a tendency to overlook or compartmentalize actions that might serve their objectives while being uncompassionate and ruthless. They have a lot of confidence in their judgement and can often come across as arrogant and even aggressive to others. ENTJs don’t necessarily see themselves this way and may not even realize how pushy they can seem. 

Additionally, ENTJs are cited as being the most argumentative personality type. This can make it very intimating for conflict-averse people to confront or challenge them. However, anyone with the courage to stand up to them and make a good point or argument, is bound to win ENTJ’s respect, if nothing else. At their best, ENTJs are firm, direct and compelling. Developing their inferior introverted feeling will allow them to incorporate better moral wisdom, and manage their emotions better. Emotional awareness is a blind spot for them and can also contribute to stressed-induced burnout

ENTJs can get really deep in their work and forget to enjoy the journey or savor the moment. Once they’ve achieved some success in the world, ENTJs may start to take interest in more altruistic and humane goals. They may begin to take inventory of what is truly meaningful to them and follow their heart, so to speak. These individuals are not the type to  wax poetic but can be quite profound and inspirational. ENTJs would entreat others to work hard and take responsibility for their own success and dreams.

Although ENTJs don’t have the social instincts that allow Fe dominant types like ENFJ and ESFJ to engender goodwill from others and win popularity points, they instead are able to ingratiate themselves with others through their humor, showmanship and storytelling ability. ENTJs are less concerned about other people’s approval anyway and actually take pleasure in being a bit edgy and provocative. This can contribute to their tendency to sometimes cause offense and run roughshod over the sensitivities of others, either out of anger or through their sense of humor. 

Although they have a funny side to them, the ENTJs approach to life is no joke. They aim to win and will utilize all resources available to them to achieve that end. ENTJs have a natural understanding and awareness for what is needed to achieve a given outcome. They have strong opinions and a strong sense of how to go about setting plans into action, breaking down complex tasks and determining what needs priority. Juggling multiple moving parts in their mind, ENTJs can envision the most efficient path forward and do so in relatively short time.

ENTJs don’t suffer from procrastination, at least not to the degree that many other types do. This is in part due to the fact that ENTJs are motivated by tangibles and results. They’re not inclined to sit on their laurels theorizing and analyzing for too long without taking any significant action or steps forward. ENTJs are rational operators who are disposed towards scheduling tasks and directing programs. 

They’re hungry for achievement and knowledge, and are highly driven to become major players in the fields of Science and Technology. Logistics and tactics are their forte, which is why many famous military leaders share this MBTI type. What they bring to the table is order, efficiency and ingenuity. The scope of their perspective is long ranging and many of their decisions will be based on gut instincts about what the future holds and can be uncannily accurate.

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