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Pluto Trine Mercury Planetary Aspect

mercury trine pluto aspect

An individual with Pluto Trine Mercury in their natal chart is bound to have a knack for uncovering secrets. Fooling or deceiving these people may prove a difficult task because their sharp powers of perception and intuition allows them to read between the lines and pick up on subtle details that feed their remarkable insight. As a result, Pluto Trine people may develop a wealth of obscure knowledge gleaned through their direct observations of people and situations.

The Pluto trine Mercury aspect may bestow a knack for detective work or investigative research. These individuals may be well suited for careers in the FBI or other law enforcement professions. They may also excel as a lawyer, judge or psychologist. This aspect carries with it a psychic-like ability for sniffing out the truth and seeing through the false fronts and charades that fool most people. Even if they are not that intellectual or formally educated, their uncanny insight makes them appear highly knowledgeable. They are able to connect the dots in such an intuitive way that they do not even realize it. It is an ability that comes so easily to them that they tend to take it for granted or fail to recognize as anything noteworthy.

Mercury Trine Pluto Natal

People with this aspect may have a fondness for secrets and hidden knowledge. The occult and metaphysics may hold an interest to them at least in part because of their verboten qualities and rich historical background. The lesser known something is, the more fascinating and appealing it becomes to Pluto trine Mercury. Their curiosity is insatiable and they are always observing, analyzing and forming abstract connections both consciously and subconsciously. Their dreams are likely to be full of symbolism and may even seem to be predictive of events to come. They have strong instincts and powers of reason that allow them to make effective decisions with a focus on the larger picture. They have vision and passion and when they are inspired they inspire others with their contagious enthusiasm which catches on like wildfire.

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Under the Pluto trine Mercury aspect, individuals may possess a healthy awareness of their dark side that they utilize to understand the more taboo aspects of the human psyche. They may cultivate an insightful understanding as to the various motivations and drives behind human behavior and they can channel this into professions in psychoanalysis. They can be obsessive and relentless about solving or resolving problems that baffle them almost as if it were an affront to them or a challenge in which they refuse to lose.

Knowledge is power and no one understands this better than Mercury trine Pluto people. These individuals may also possess powerful oratory ability combining the silver-tongued verbal prowess of mercury with the striking and provocative magnetism of Pluto. Their style of communication is likely to be very forthright and confronting. They do not like superficiality and glibness because they want authenticity and truth. Mercury trine Pluto also imputes an ability to manipulate people with words which may used for both good or bad purposes.

Mercury Trine Pluto Transit

During this transitory aspect, focus and mental acuity will be enhanced making this an opportune time for conducting research and learning. Intellectual appetite will be increased surrounding personal areas of interest and major headway can be gained towards the completion or resolution of goals and objectives.

Mercury and Pluto under trine aspect promotes a very positive and accepting attitude between these two planetary energies. They are are in concert with one another lending their strengths to the benefit of a common goal. Mercury, the planet of intellect, learning and communication is intensified by Pluto’s powers of focus, intuition and mysticism. Things hidden will come to light and effective solutions can be ascertained and utilized.

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Under this transit period, there may occur a radical shift or departure from old ways of thinking and an emerging desire to change, grow or reinvent oneself. It could be from an epiphany or revelation that shakes the very foundation of one’s core and inspires them to aspire to be something more and acquire deeper spiritual fulfillment. Academic interests and intellectual curiosity will likely be elevated and there may be a ravenous appetite for consuming as much information about topics of interest as possible. They dig deep until they get to the bottom of matters and only then are their relentless compulsions satisfied.

Mercury Trine Pluto Synastry

In a relationship where one person’s Pluto is in trine aspect to the other person’s Mercury, there is likely to be little that can be hidden from one another. Subterfuge and chicanery will be but a thinly veiled guise beneath which all true intentions and motives will show through. Whether or not each person tries to withhold from each other or be deceptive, the true nature and reality of who they are will ultimately be surfaced either through circumstance or cunning perspicuity on each person’s part.

It is more likely however, that this trine aspect will bestow more openness and clarity of communication and understanding between one another. With Mercury trine Pluto, many of the communication issues and misunderstandings that ail problematic relationships may be of no concern here. This duo of friends, pair of lovers, or whatever association they are, may experience an enjoyable rapport characterized by a psychic consanguinity of sorts. They understand each other effortlessly even when what is said is somewhat vague.

With Pluto in trine with Mercury, relations between these two people will be full of passion and intensity. They will be intrigued to learn everything about each other in order to feel close to or even “possess” their partner. They feed each other’s curiosity and compensate for one another’s blind spots. This union may be considered controversial or taboo by others and the attraction may be hard for others to understand.

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