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6 Signs An INTP Likes You | How INTPs show love

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How INTPs Show Affection

How INTPs flirt and show love may differ from that of the norm. As introverts, INTPs are a socially awkward bunch. Social skills pose a steeper learning curve for them, as their inferior Fe would suggest. Because they love spending so much time in their heads where they are most comfortable, social skills are bound to become underdeveloped. INTPs are not completely devoid of a need for social interaction, but they simply aren’t motivated to go out of their way to obtain it.

They have social inhibitions and are often suspicious of others who show too much interest in them. They prefer a compliment for their creativity and intellect rather than their appearance which makes them uneasy. If you want to attract or know how to befriend INTP you should understand that they are not interested in superficiality – they value substance. INTPs fall in love with the people they are fascinated by. According to a Thought Catalog survey, the most popular love languages among INTPs are ‘Quality Time’ and ‘Words of Affirmation’.

Despite what their aloof and phlegmatic temperament might suggest, INTPs are actually quite sensitive and as romantic partners can be quite gallant and polite. They can experience very strong emotions such as anger, and deeply profound love, but since these intense feelings threaten to undermine their rational judgement, INTPs prefer to keep them on a tight leash so as to avoid humiliating themselves. Nevertheless, sometimes the INTP cannot help but make a fool of themselves such as when falling in love. When the INTP is smitten with someone, they can behave very uncharacteristically but a lot of this is basically attributed to how INTPs flirt.

If you are wondering if an INTP you know might be interested or trying to flirt with you, here are a list of signs an INTP guy or girl likes you. If you are in a relationship with someone whose type you do not know, these may also serve as signs you’re dating an INTP.

1. INTP Pun-Seduction

One of the signs an INTP likes you may be in the humor they use. Although they may have a taste for dark humor, INTPs are not typically given towards crass or gratuitously rude jokes. They love clever puns though and they are known to crack a few, perhaps to the chagrin of their audience. When they want to drop some subtle hints to someone they fancy, they might try to woo them with some cringey innuendos which will probably have the opposite of their intended effect. Their attempt at cheeky humor may be motivated by a desire to flirt.

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2. INTP Wants To Impress You

Another one of the signs an INTP is interested may be their desperate attempts at showing off their intellectual depth or any number of odd or unusual talents/skills they’ve developed. Examples of this could be juggling spoons, explaining the flaws of String Theory, or solving a Rubik’s cube while wearing a blindfold. INTPs normally do not go out of their way to prove anything to anyone or share the numerous awesome things about themselves that others would probably find amazing. They do it all for their own gratification and rarely showcase this due to bashfulness and modesty. If an INTP seems to be showing off, it might be a sign that they actually care what you think of them and want to win your affection.

3. INTP Is Asking A lot Of Questions

Invasive questions are among the possible INTP signs of attraction. INTPs are not great at small talk because, that is basically conversation for the sake of conversation. An INTP would rather imagine ways of creating an atmosphere for the moon. But when they are infatuated with someone, they may actively look for ways to engage with them and often the best way they know how is to just ask questions. They may however, have to curb their tendency to steer the conversation into topics that only they are interested in. People’s eyes glaze over when INTPs launch into their soliloquies about the wonders of the mandelbrot set or examples of Nietzsche philosophy hidden in popular movies. An INTP may ask questions that seem like probing, but more likely, this is just a sign that they are genuinely interested and innocently curious. The questions will most likely center around philosophical ideas and values, or whatever shared interests they can identify in the other person.

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4. INTP Pretends They Dislike You

This is not so much a visible sign but rather a confounding and self-sabotaging defense mechanism INTP deploys, probably out of fear of rejection. INTPs are generally very nice people and if they seem like they don’t like you, it could be that they genuinely don’t or… that they’re trying to conceal their feelings for you with a very calculated poker face. This can add difficulty in how to know INTP likes you. The sad thing is that sometimes an INTP can take more pleasure in imagining the possibilities of being with a person than actually acting it out. INTPs may try to mask their feelings with Reaction Formation – a defense mechanism whereby they deliberately adopt an attitude and behavior that belie what they actually feel. They may not go so far as to be rude or mean in any way, but they may behave really standoffish or act a bit arrogant around someone they actually like, to counteract the anxiety and butterflies they feel.

5. INTP Makes Sustained Eye Contact (or at least tries to)

Significant amounts of eye contact could be one of the signs an INTP is in love. For an INTP, looking into people’s eyes can be like staring directly at the sun. Aside from the purpose of projecting honesty, INTPs generally feel little need to  look into people’s pupils. They only feel compelled when they are emotionally invested in the person or care deeply about what they have to say. If an INTP is holding eye contact, they are probably making a concerted effort to do so to show interest. If you notice their pupils are dilated then science says they’re definitely attracted.

6. INTP Remembers Things About You

One of the ways how an INTP shows love is by displaying how conscientious they can be when they want to. Normally an INTP is largely oblivious to details of anything that falls outside their purview. What they consider most important tends to get all their attention at the exclusion of anything they consider mundane or devoid of intellectual interest. When it comes to someone they actually like, an INTP may suddenly direct this intense fixation towards that person and take a special interest in the smallest of things about them such as their birthday, or remembering the names of people they mentioned only briefly before. The INTP will form a mental catalog indexing all types of subtle details about someone they love that will either make that person feel special and cherished or creeped out and disturbed.

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