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What Each Zodiac Sign Craves In A Relationship

what each zodiac sign craves in a relationship

It may be easy to tell what each astrological sign finds attractive. You can use that to your advantage if you only want to hold someone’s attention for a little while. If you really want to seduce, you have to understand what someone craves. What do they truly want, deep down, that drives them to swipe right, to make a fool of themselves over and over again until they finally meet The One? They may not tell you. They may not even really know how to tell you what they long for, and you probably can’t tell from texting or even talking on a first date, either. However, knowing what they crave (and if you’re willing deliver) can be the difference between creating a spark that fizzles out or of fanning the flames of passion.

The good news is that if you know their astrological sign, you can figure out what they may really want from a partner, and if you’re the partner they really want. Read on to find out what each sign craves in a relationship:

Aries: Tarzan and Jane; to be a knight in shining armor.

Male or female, Aries wants to be a hero of some sort to their lover, whether it’s literally saving them from peril, or holding their hand on a roller coaster, or being the clown that cheers them up. This is because they need to be #1 in their lover’s eyes or at least feel that they’re the first and only love. Aries needs each romance to feel different and brand new. What exes? Don’t talk about them. Ever.

Taurus: Two couch potatoes wrapped in a blanket.

Taurus is happy to get right to the comfortable part of the relationship. They never stop being romantic, but they’d rather make you a candlelight dinner than go dancing. They need comfort and sensual pleasure. They can stay in bed cuddling all night and day. Above all, it craves someone pleasurable to share in the pleasures that hard work can provide. Their lover needs to like food, cuddling, and foreplay, because Taurus craves sensual delights.

Gemini: A lifelong best friend and a clone.

Gemini needs a lover who provides a lot of stimulation, from parties to shopping, to social activities as a partner in these activities. At least, the partner should be open to having more people around. A partner who is also a social partner and acts like a best friend or sibling is a must; Geminis are especially drawn to lovers who are very much like them (even looking like them), who almost like twins.

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Cancer: Someone to feed and to make a home together.

Cancer is drawn to people it can take care of and those who will take care of it in a parental, nurturing way. They want to be family with their lovers (not literally – figuratively. Sheesh). They want to grow old together. This sign especially needs someone who thinks in the long-term and wants to be a family, regardless of whether they have children. They need a partner who fits into their family or group of friends.

Leo: Barbie and Ken (or Sid and Nancy).

Leo must be one half of a hot Instagram couple everyone wishes they could be part of. However, while the partner can’t outshine them, they have to be a reflection of Leo’s good taste, and they must be fun above all things or at least open to Leo showing them a good time. This also means keeping the spark alive. Leo needs to continue going on dates well into the relationship.

Virgo: Someone who appreciates the little things.

A Virgo lover is one who is dutiful, faithful, and takes care of their mate. Virgo wants someone to be healthy with and to chase perfection, eating well and exercising. Virgo craves perfection, and in love, they’re no different. They may be attracted to people they think they can mold into the perfect lover, but moreover, they want someone who appreciates that they take care of the details so life runs smoothly.

Libra: Someone who makes them feel beautiful.

Libra, as the zodiac’s born romantic, dreams of love. They actually want to be courted. They love to be admired and fawned over. They want flowers, chocolates, wine, and satin sheets. They’re all suckers for pretty faces and pretty words. Male or female, Libra needs to feel attractive, to be told they’re attractive, and they need a partner who will always desire them no matter what. In turn, they need someone to admire and to show off.

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Scorpio: Their twin flame and NOTHING LESS.

Scorpio wants nothing less than everything. Being in love makes them want to become pure and better people than they are alone. Deep intimacy, both emotional and sexual, is their constant, relentless craving. They’re not likely to date to test the waters; they know instantly if they want someone or not and if someone is a soul mate or not. When they fix on someone, they’re all encompassing, passionate lovers who bare their souls.

Sagittarius: To be set free and allowed to come back.

Sagittarius needs freedom, and thus, being in love should feel like their hearts are set free. Sagittarius can explore romance if given room. They don’t want commitment that feels like being tied down. Thus, they want partners who inspire them and want to experience new things with them. They love the chase and the thrill of seduction, but the lovers with staying power are willing to grow with them and to let them grow.

Capricorn: Hyphenated last names and a castle built for two.

Capricorn wants to provide and to be successful, and most importantly, it longs to have someone worthy to share future successes with. Capricorn is a secret romantic but is careful to fall in love with someone who supports or matches their ambition. They can handle long stretches without affection or seeing their lover, provided they know there’s commitment and devotion, and that the other appreciates all the sacrifices Capricorn makes to secure them a better future.

Aquarius: Bonnie and Clyde…or Mickey and Mallory.

Aquarius doesn’t want a movie romance or a white wedding; it wants a partner in crime, a fellow rebel who wants to forge a new path. Love can be sudden, but it’s definitely egalitarian. Aquarius needs a lover who doesn’t adhere to conventional ideas of relationships. Aquarius doesn’t want to lead or be led, or to adhere to traditional gender roles. Love inspires them to make their relationship as unique as possible and to reinvent it as desired.

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Pisces: A soul mate to meet again every lifetime.

Pisces wants ecstasy, to have room to discover all the beauty of life from the safe shelter of their lover’s arms. They need to feel that love makes them whole, that it puts them in touch with a part of their soul they can’t otherwise access. They truly want to be one with their lovers and to feel that their love transcends all, that it is one soul uniting with another, unfettered by social custom or physical barriers.



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