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Are Leo and Taurus Sexually Compatible?

Leo and Taurus relationship

When Leo and Taurus come together it is fixed fire meets fixed earth. Leo the lion is proud, generous, creative and attention seeking while Taurus the bull is tenacious, sensual, down to earth and resourceful. Here is a look at the general compatibility of Leo and Taurus in both love and friendship.

Leo ♌ + Taurus ♉ Attraction ? 

Leo is likely to be instantly drawn to Taurus for their outward appearance. The sensual features, the nice clothing, their delicious scent – it will all have Leo licking their chops and thirsting for more.

Many Taureans have great physical features and attributes that will definitely catch Leo attention. But because Leos like to be the star of the show, they may avoid seeking a partner who is too attractive and makes them look bad by comparison.

Leo appreciates Taurus’ calm and easy going temperament and the physical affection they show. Taurus likes to be hands-on, hugging Leo and playing with their hair. Taurus can make Leo feel like a king or queen and pamper them with sensual massage and great food.

Taurus is likely attracted to Leo’s confidence and willingness to take the lead in many situations. Taurus may also appreciate Leo’s creativity and positivity. Leo loves attention and their theatrics can often put a smile on Taurus’ face.

Taurus and Leo will also share a similar amount of thoughtfulness for each other. Both signs like to kick back and enjoy themselves and keep a healthy balance between work and play. Taurus loves romance and Leo can sweep Taurus off their feet as the chivalrous knight or play the feisty damsel. These two can have a lot of fun indulging their imaginations and playful sides.

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Both Leo and Taurus understand how important loyalty is and they will likely take each other’s commitment to one another seriously. Leo’ creativity is likely to be benefited by Taurus’ business acumen and ability to make things happen. As a team, these two can achieve great success if they utilize their inherent strengths instead of judging and criticizing their differences.

Leo and Taurus Problems ?

Although Taurus likes to indulge themselves, they are for the most part, conservative and measured with their finances and other things. Leo’s sometimes extravagant tendencies may put a strain on Taurus and their concern for stability. Leo can be very imprudent at times on account of their appetite for living it up and showing off for other people.

Leos are often liberal and generous with their resources in contrast to Taurus who can sometimes be parsimonious penny-pinchers. Taurus is not stingy but they don’t want to end up in the poor house because of gratuitous and prodigal expenditures. Leo and Taurus may butt heads over money matters but it may be wise for Leo to learn from Taurus in this department.

Leo’s bossiness could be an issue and when arguments arise, patient Taurus may sometimes lose their cool and become a raging bull. Problems from past relationships may get carried over into this one as emotional baggage. Because of their fixed natures, both Leo and Taurus may have difficulty breaking bad habits or patterns of behavior that might spoil the relationship.

Leos egotism may sometimes irritate Taurus’ more down-to-earth disposition and they may get fed up from time to time. Leo may feel affronted when Taurus doesn’t seem impressed with them or follow their lead. Although Taurus is less aggressive than fiery Leo, they are not willing to be pushed around or to subordinate their will to that of others. Leo may sometimes take for granted Taurus’ patience.

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Leo & Taurus in the Bedroom ?

Apparently, Taurus and Leo can be a bit lazy in the bedroom. Each sign is often more interested in being serviced than giving service. Each sign will lie there and wait for the other to initiate and go to work. Once they get going though, the passion can get wild and creative. Leo may try to direct the action or even film it.

When Leo and Taurus get together, they enjoy the cuddling and the bonding aspect of the experience rather than just raw animalistic coitus. Leo is turned on by how turned on their partner is. Because Leos tend to be a bit narcissistic, it’s important for them to believe that their partner admires and loves their body or at least their skills in the boudoir. Nothing would deflate a Leo’s libido faster than knowing that their partner is just “settling” for them.

Overall, the sensual passion between Leo and Taurus can be unreal. In the beginning they can’t keep their hands off each other and will be addicted to the physical expression of their love. Even if the relationship is disrupted by disagreements and fighting, they may still continue to stay together because these two fixed signs are more likely to stick to what they are familiar with.

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