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Here is the Story Arc for Each MBTI Type

mbti type story arc

Each one of us is the protagonist of our own story and one of the important aspects of story is good character development. Characters at the beginning of a story are incomplete in some way that events of the story will serve to resolve or make whole. In real life, each MBTI type has its own figurative dragons to slay by virtue of their inferior function struggles and the quest to integrate and cultivate healthy use of their cognitive functions. Here is what the story arc for each Myers Briggs type development looks like.



INFJ starts off as someone who is mostly avoidant, guarded and highly self-reliant (Ni – Ti loop). They were not always this way, but something in their past — some tragedy or abuse has made it difficult for them to trust people or experience emotional connection and empathy. INFJ’s fear of the unknown holds them back. They’re not really living and choose to stay in their fantasy world disconnected from reality. Then the unexpected happens, and INFJ is forced out of seclusion and into a new environment. INFJ is suddenly forced to quickly adapt to new and dynamic circumstances in order to survive. The story events force INFJ to confront and overcome fear after fear and in the process, they discover what they have been missing. They start to enjoy it and become gradually intoxicated by their Se. They are having fun but inside they are empty. Se starts to take them down a path of self-absorbed self-destruction and only after they rediscover what it means to open their heart again and accept the help of others are they able to resolve the story goal and become whole again.

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INFP starts out in a rut where they are torturing themselves by living in the past or holding onto something that is halting their progress in life. The world is changing and they don’t like it. Their life is stultified by a reluctance to consider alternative perspectives. Their morals or beliefs are binding them and closing off their perspective. A problem arises that threatens to change INFP’s life as they know it and they must do something to stop it. INFP is forced to join an organization and learn their proven methods and tactics to defend their world from being changed forever. With the help of a mentor guiding them, INFP trains and must master the new skills and tactics. In the course of the story, a revelation causes a shift in INFP’s perspective and they realize they have been fighting for the wrong thing. There is a fork in the road and they decide to switch sides and help the people they have been fighting against. Now they must use their knowledge and skills to take down the same organization that trained them.


ENFP starts out as someone super naive and curious. Things are coming together for them, they have a lot going on and they feel like they are in control over their life and destiny. That all changes when someone or something enters the picture that serves to thwart ENFP’s momentum and hold back their progress. Suddenly ENFP is laden with responsibilities they were not prepared to deal with or encumbered by limitations and rules that restrict their actions. They must learn the rules in order to succeed under these conditions and get their life back on track. They must collect clues and uncover details that will help them along the way until finally, they rediscover themselves and what is most important to them. ENFP has a newfound respect for the historical significance of some institution or their ancestry because of how it informs who they are today and what will provide them true fulfillment.

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ENFJ starts out as someone who is living a socially engaged lifestyle that is full of adventure and stimulating experiences. They can’t stand being alone and they crave constant companionship. They are living their life like one non-stop party. They have problems stemming from a lack of personal principles and self-reliance. A tragedy occurs A crisis emerges for which ENFJ is unable to rely on others to help them with. They are forced to buckle down and figure things out for themselves. In the process, they are learning to rely on themselves and their own problem-solving skills which are not well developed at this point. They make a lot of mistakes but they get better and better. In the end, success or failure will depend on their ability to step up to the plate and not give up or cave under the pressure.

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