intp vs intj compare

INTP vs INTJ Comparison: 3 Key Differences Between the Logician and the Architect

image credit: Afif Ramdhasuma On paper, the INTP and INTJ are easy enough to tell apart. Both types are introverted, logic oriented and creative, but one is decidedly more systematic and organized than the other. However, in the real world, INTPs can often appear like INTJs because either due to ambition or circumstance, they may…
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intp dark side

INTP Shadow

The inferior function is often regarded as the gateway to the shadow and a bridge to the unconscious. According to Jung, the inferior function is where much of the unwanted, negative and suppressed aspects of our ego-complex reside. In older theories, the inferior function is regarded as being mostly unconscious and constituted the basis of…
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intp pitfalls

7 Pitfalls That INTPs Should Avoid

Self-sabotage is a counterproductive pattern of behavior where individuals undermine their own success, happiness, or well-being. It often stems from deep-rooted fears, insecurities, or negative beliefs about oneself. While it may offer temporary relief or validation of these beliefs, it ultimately hinders personal growth and fulfillment. Engaging in self-sabotage can lead to missed opportunities, damaged…
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intp personality dark side

The Dark Side of INTP

At their best and psychologically healthiest, the INTP person is a principled, polite and easy-to-get-along-with individual. Their inferior Fe may only manifest as social awkwardness and shyness that obscures their sensitive, loving nature which can be childlike in it’s purity. Unfortunately, INTPs also have a darker side that can apparently manifest under toxic circumstances. Nihilism…
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