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ENFP Explained – What It Means to be the ENFP Personality Type

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Warm, enthusiastic and imaginative, the ENFP is a personality who embraces a life full of possibilities. If you are an ENFP, it means you are a highly creative person who seeks to extract deeper meaning from life’s experiences. You have a penchant for recognizing patterns and connections between ideas and phenomena in the world. Despite being an extrovert, who cares about people, ENFPs are also highly independent and can spend a great deal of time by themselves engaging in their personal interests. ENFPs can often appear introverted despite being so gregarious and sociable. Their zest for life naturally draws people to them and they typically enjoy a large circle of friends.

ENFPs like to focus on the positive and take pleasure in uplifting others. When they see someone sad, they cannot help but want to cheer them up. As inspirational idealists, this personality type has a special way of making others feel appreciated and supported. They are highly perceptive and due to their wide range of feelings and emotions, they are able to empathize and identify with much of what other people experience. Affirmations and encouragement from others is also important to ENFPs as they can sometimes forget or lose sight of how appreciated and loved they are by the people who know them.

ENFPs are innovators with great initiative. When they put their energy and enthusiasm behind a project, their passion can be infectious. They are skilled in the art of persuasion and motivation. As individualists, ENFPs respect and appreciate the individual differences of each person. ENFPs would encourage others to be themselves and think for themselves rather than follow the herd. Moreover, just as they would not tolerate others dictating to them how to live their lives or what to believe, ENFPs would not seek to do that to others. When it comes to matters that they are deeply passionate about however, ENFPs can be intense and preachy.

ENFPs are driven to define and shape their identity through self-education and creative exploration. People and human behavior are among ENFPs favorite subjects for observation, but many ENFPs are also attracted to spiritual studies and pathways to self-enlightenment. ENFPs crave authenticity and realness both in themselves and others. They are not followers of the herd and in fact actively avoid going in the same direction as everyone else around them. Still, ENFPs naturally get along with most people. They manage to blend well with almost any group of personalities.

Even though extraverted feeling is not a part of their cognitive function stack, ENFPs still find it important to foster harmony and goodwill. They can be great team players willing to cooperate and do their part. However, the ENFP is ever prepared to take on a more prominent or leading role in the facilitation of an assignment or project. Although they are good at getting the ball rolling and leading the way in many aspects, the ENFP would generally prefer to let others handle administrative details and other tasks they find tedious. It is important to note that ENFPs who have not developed their feeling are susceptible to superficial dabbling, hopping from one interest to the next without investing the time and energy necessary for accomplishing anything.

ENFPs can become easily scattered and experience difficulty focusing and following through on decisions. At times, they can be rebellious and unwilling to conform with others and also be too lax when it comes to meeting deadlines and following procedures. Because of their taste for novelty and stimulating activities, ENFPs can have a tough time sticking to routines and paying attention to mundane and repetitive details. They can lose interest easily and feel the urge to move on to something else before anything is fully completed.

ENFPs place emphasis on self expression, self awareness and growth. Verbally fluent and engaging, ENFPs often make for skilled writers and communicators. They are able to articulate themselves with nuance and authenticity. Additionally, they are proponents of open and honest speech and dislike glib and insincere formalities. In their heart, ENFPs believe they can do just about anything they desire but what they fear is making regretful decisions and missing out on what could have been. ENFPs are out to embark on a creative adventure that is fulfilling and validating. They find satisfaction in careers that involve human services, psychology, teaching, medicine, and theology.

Although intuitive and insightful with a sharp eye for certain kinds of detail, ENFPs can run into problems when their overactive intuitions start picking up on hidden agendas and ulterior motives that don’t exist. Enfps have strong instincts and can usually detect people with bad vibes very easily. However, it is important that ENFPs make an effort to give people the benefit of the doubt and try to take other’s words at face value without looking for double meanings and reading too much into it.

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