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How To Get Each Myers-Briggs Type To Love You

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What does it take to woo an introvert or an extrovert? Like most introverts, if you give INTP enough space, they might let you into their world. Extroverts like ESFP on the other hand may want engagement and lots of affection. Here are brief tips for how to get each Myers-Briggs (MBTI) type to love you.


Be original, smart, kind and comfortable in your own skin. Introduce INFJ to new and exciting experiences that they will love. Show them a whole new world like Aladdin did to princess Jasmine. Share your passions with them and show a desire to include INFJ in those activities as a means to bond and form deep emotional connection. It also helps to be a bit mysterious yet warm and humorous.


Express how much INFP means to you and take interest in their creations and ideas. Remind them of how special they are and that you genuinely appreciate and acknowledge their unique spirit. Constructive criticism is fine but do not be uptight and judgemental or ever put them down over their faults. Be humorous and show that you love and accept them entirely and unconditionally for who they are because you cherish their soul.


Impress the INTJ with your intellectualism by getting into an intense argument or “debate” with them and either hold your own or defeat them with strong points. INTJs like to talk at length about their thoughts and insights and they appreciate having someone who is a good listener but also a critical thinker who can ask questions that challenge INTJ’s own understandings. Also, if you provide a brilliant insight that helps them solve an important problem they’ve been grappling with, INTJ may put you on a pedestal and worship you.


The way to INTP’s heart is not very hard as they tend to fall for the first person who shows any interest in them (so long as they aren’t completely hideous). INTPs go weak in the knees for romantic interests who ask them lots of questions around their center of interest and listen intently to their rambling answers which may meander into many different directions away from the main point. From a romantic partner, INTPs value intelligence and a willingness to explore ideas, but also desire the sensual boldness and emotional intimacy they lack in themselves.


Show your interest in ENFJ with a generous helping of compliments and flattering comments about them. ENFJs put a lot of effort into being liked and acknowledged so validating them with your appreciation may warm their hearts. Show that you are a genuine authentic person and make ENFJ feel comfortable about being their true selves without worrying about being judged or inadvertently offending you.

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ENFPs are notorious flirts who like to chase and to be chased. They are responsive to playful teasing and joshing around. Be genuine and engaging with them and show an authentic interest and concern for their well being. ENFPs like a bit of mystery as well so it helps if they sense their is a lot of depth to you for them to explore. Ultimately, if you are positive and humorous with an interest in new ideas, an ENFP will want to keep you around.


ENTJs fall for people who balance nicely with their personality. ENTJs like to feel like they are the one’s in the director’s chair but they also want someone with a similar focus and strong mind of their own. ENTJs love people with positive energy who share their enthusiasm for seeking out and realizing the potential all around us. ENTJ will love you if you get their humor and keep them on their toes with snappy comebacks.


Helping them manage some of things they struggle with such as cleaning up and organizing (rather than judging them for it), would be greatly appreciated by the ENTP. When it comes to their ideas, flattery will get you everywhere. ENTPs love receiving praise and validation for the clever cogitations of their creative mind. Also, laughing at their jokes and sharing their youthful sense of curiosity will make ENTP adore you.


ISTJ will love and appreciate anyone who demonstrates a respect and understanding for how the ISTJ operates, their need for order and regimentation, and space to do their own thing without causing offense to others. ISTJs love and admire people with leadership ability and warmth. ISTJs are more comfortable with having a low-key but important role to play with a steady load of things to do. Acknowledging and showing appreciation for their diligence will help remind ISTJ that their work matters and they’ll love you for it.


ISFJs are very loving and affectionate and they love people who appreciate what they give to them. They derive a lot of gratification from seeing people enjoying what they’ve done. They’ll love you for proudly wearing the sweater they bought you, or woofing down the homemade pie they baked with love. When somebody expresses a need, ISFJ will often have something handy to help out and if you recognize them as a godsend, they will feel motivated to do more for you.



ESTJs love attention and being deferred to as a source of wisdom and expert counsel. Anybody who is willing to cater to ESTJ’s ego will no doubt engender their affection. ESTJs love people who share their values and their structured approach to life. ESTJs tend to have a dry sense of humor and sarcasm is like a second language with them so anyone who is on board with that is bound to be well liked by ESTJ.


ESFJs like people who love to talk and engage the way they do. Being kind and having an enthusiastic participatory attitude will easily win an ESFJ over to your side. They appreciate smart people but are put off by intellectual arrogance and may have trouble understanding introverted behavior. ESFJs love people who help others and are great team players who motivate and inspire rather than criticize and nag.


ISTPs will love people who respect their need for space from time to time. Respect is very important to them and ISTPs don’t like people who try to push their buttons or talk to them the wrong way. ISTPs love people who take the time to understand them and take an interest in their interests and praise their knowledgeability or skills. ISTP is very tolerant of others and they appreciate others who extend the same consideration towards them.


ISFPs love to see people performing acts of kindness to sometimes restore their faith in humanity. ISFPs appreciate people who are honest and possess good character. They appreciate deeply when people try to understand them rather than judge. ISFPs love authenticity from people and those who accept them unconditionally for who they are despite whatever differences or disagreements they may hold.


ESTPs like people with a positive can-do attitude who won’t try to rain on their parade. They are not fans of censorship and they appreciate people who embrace their free-spirited and freedom loving perspective in life. ESTPs love people who are loyal to them and on board with them and the ideas they get excited about. They feed on other people’s energy and they like to surround themselves with lots of high energy characters.

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ESFPs love a person who will keep them company and never leave them hanging. ESFPs have a big appetite for companionship and may feel deeply rejected when people aren’t available to hang out with them or avoid their phone calls. ESFPs love people who are as codependent as they are and will keep them company with fun and humor. ESFPs want to truly enjoy their lives and people who contribute to their happiness especially when they need it most is for ESFP, as good a friend as any.

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  1. I can’t speak for any other MBTI, but INTP couldn’t be more wrong. We aren’t at all impressed by people showing interest in us, they have to be able to engage us intellectually, keep up with us, and fascinate us in some way. It’s hard to hold our interest too so, yeah, way off the mark.

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