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Venus in 1st House – “Charming Demeanor”

The first house is the house of self and also where the ascendant or rising sign resides. The 1st house concerns the appearance, the ego and instinctive behaviors of the individual. It reveals how one tends to engage with the external world and how they approach new situations. Unlike the 10th house which is concerned with public self image and how one sees oneself or at least how one would like to see oneself, the 1st is more about how the individual tends to be perceived others. It is the persona they tend to project, the face they show to the world.

The astrology sign that occupies the first house will often be how people tend to see you. It is the first impression you make but as others get to know you better, they will glimpse more of the aspects of the sun sign which forms the core of one’s personality. The presence of Venus in the 1st house will promote a persona that is more likable, affable and cooperative than might otherwise be and also displays some classiness in how they deal with people.

Venus may also accentuate a focus or interest in material things and pleasure seeking. Love, companionship and an appreciation for beauty, comfort and harmony will be highlighted wherever Venus is present. This planet will urge the 1st house to consider the interest of others as well as it’s own. Finally, the first house points to the person or identity we are growing into both socially and spiritually. It addresses our essential qualities, demeanor and basic sensibilities. The inner self and outer body are what the First House encompasses.

Venus In 1st House Natal

When Venus is found in the 1st house of someone’s natal chart, it imbues an element of sanguinity and cooperation to the way in which that person operates in the world. It may also enhance their attractiveness in the eyes of others and maybe downplay some of the arrogance or egotism possibly inherent to their sign or other aspects in their chart. There may be a spirit of diplomacy to their character that allows them to share the glory, give credit and or engage as a helpful team player when need be. Venus in the 1st house encourages the individual to use tact and diplomacy. Venus knows that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

When Venus expresses her qualities through the values of the 1st House, first reactions are affectionate or sensual. Before you start to think, to accept your interlocutor, or to keep your distance, you follow your dislikes or your infatuations, sometimes quite blindly. You discover the world, and the unknown through your sensations, your instinctive desire, or your natural repulsions. Emotions precede reasoning. The keywords of your personality are charm, seduction, and desire.

The persona is colored with a willingness to share and allow for the consideration of others alongside one’s own self interests. There is some charm to the character that allows them to navigate and possibly get away with all sorts of things in their dealings with other people. Their ego desires someone to be their close confidante or companion. Somebody who is sympathetic and loyal to them and also in admiration of them. They may even enjoy entertaining a large coterie of homodoxical associates.

Venus In 1st House Transit

As Venus passes through the 1st house, it is bound to soften one’s approach and be more cooperative, friendly and appreciative of others. Relations with others are likely to benefit as individuals become less self centered and more altruistic and selfless. Existing conflicts may reach a ceasefire and warring parties may seek to lay down their arms and make amends. They do this to be more diplomatic and foster goodwill between others. This is likely one of a number of opportune times (along with Venus being in the 8th house) where burned bridges can maybe be restored. and maybe bury the hatchet.

Chivalry becomes the ideal, with your heart triumphing over obstacles. Your feelings are intensified and certain things are more likely to be taken personally. You are exalted when you find the person you long for. Love is a process of constant renewal. Your problem is to maintain the intensity of your feelings, the freshness of first times, of new encounters and new experiences. The fire of passion must be fuelled, over and over again. Routine and security are the enemies of love. Life together is something that must be earned and deserved: you must be as charming as on the first day. Beware of irresistible love at first sight, when passion is opposed to reason.

Venus In First House Physical Appearance

The sign occupying the first house will dictate primarily what physical attributes the individual is likely to possess. The presence of Venus may enhance the attractiveness of those attributes in the eyes of others. The individual is likely to have a good eye for what looks on them and may be adept at using fashion and accessories to accentuate their features. Indeed, they may possess a number of nice features.and a pleasant quality to their manner.

With Venus in the 1st house, it is likely there may be some level of vanity and concern for the role image plays in the calculus of social dynamics. They may actively pay attention to their looks and try to conceal any perceived flaws as best they can. There is likely some gracefulness to how the person moves and interacts with others. They have stylish flair to them that is manifest in the social forum.

Venus In 1st House Celebrities

  • Taylor Swift – Born: December 13, 1989
  • Angelina Jolie – Born: June 4, 1975
  • Beyoncé Knowles – Born: September 4, 1981
  • George Clooney – Born: May 6, 1961
  • Katy Perry – Born: October 25, 1984
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Born: October 2, 1869
  • Cameron Diaz – Born: August 30, 1972
  • Selena Gomez – Born: July 22, 1992
  • Vladimir Putin – Born: October 7, 1952
  • Lana Del Rey – Born: June 21, 1985
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – Born: July 30, 1947
  • Emmanuelle Béart – Born: August 14, 1963
  • Zayn Malik – Born: January 12, 1993
  • Vanessa Paradis – Born: December 22, 1972
  • Bill Clinton – Born: August 19, 1946
  • Audrey Hepburn – Born: May 4, 1929
  • Orlando Bloom – Born: January 13, 1977

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