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Leo and Aries relationship

Leo♌ + Aries♈ Attraction ? ?

The sun, Leo’s planetary ruler, is in it’s exaltation in the sign of Aries. Aries likes Leo’s openness and sincerity. Leo wears their heart on their sleeves and Aries doesn’t have to play guessing games with them, which they appreciate. They are both take-charge types and so one of them may have to occasionally subordinate to the other or find a way to share control equitably in the relationship.

Aries and leo
Aries and Leo match

Yes, they will clash, and it is often a fiery spectacle. Their egos are comparable and any attempt at submitting the other will be met with resistance more often than not. Leos that are more “tame” may be able to utilize diplomacy and tact with their Aries partner. Additionally, not all Aries are headstrong ego-maniacs. They are capable of being civil and don’t feel the need to butt heads on every issue that arises.

Both Leo and Aries are energetic and full of feistiness. They share a zest for life and a need for excitement. In each other they have a partner who is generally on board for adventure and willing to try new things. Aries is more spontaneous than Leo and will often be the one to initiate projects that Leo is too lazy to do or procrastinates about. But since Aries gets bored, Leo can often take over and see things through to completion. They are a great team in this respect.

Leo respects Aries’ boldness and courage although Leo may sometimes find them to be too reckless with the risks they take. These two signs could clash at times due to their competitive natures, but in a loving relationship, they may instead combine their powers constructively and form a power couple. They are passionate and aggressive and that can make their intimacy in the bedroom that much more exciting.

Aries and Leo won't sugarcoat things.
Aries and Leo won’t sugarcoat things.

Leo – Aries Problems ⚠ ?

Like any relationship, the Aries Leo couple isn’t always smooth sailing and will experience it’s share of turbulence and friction. But a lot of the tension that occurs, when kept within reason can actually enhance their bond together. A little conflict is healthy and even desired as part of what keeps this strong-willed couple attracted to one another.

Neither Aries or Leo will easily back down during a confrontation and so things can get pretty intense between them. But they respect each other’s strength and ability to stand up for themselves. They would rather have someone who can dish it and take it than a passive pushover with no fire in them. Hopefully these two fire signs don’t burn down the home they can build together!.

Despite their incredible confidence, Leos can be sensitive to criticism especially when it is coming from someone they love. Aries may sometimes unwittingly cut too deep with their words and trademark candor when telling Leo what they think. Aries for their part can be sensitive as well and lash out in sometimes petty ways. But both Aries and Leo are quick to forgive and forget once an apology has been made. They tend not to hold grudges and rather move on with their lives.

Jealousy can be an issue for both of these two. Aries does not even want to know or hear about their partner’s exes and Leo needs to feel like they are the best thing to ever happen to their partner. Aries’ philandering ways could get them in trouble if they so much as give Leo a reason to distrust them. Even an innocent conversation with a mildly attractive person could trigger a Leo’s suspicion.

Leo’s magnetic and attractive presence can inspire Aries to be possessive and keep them all to their self. While Leo enjoys being treated like a precious treasure, the Leo king or queen cannot be controlled or possessed by anyone. Their proud nature makes sure that they always maintain their independence and not stifled by the auspices of a over-possessive lover.

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Leo & Aries in the Bedroom ? ? ? ?

In the bedroom, Aries and Leo are animals. They’re on the same wavelength sexually and know what they want but are also considerate enough to accommodate each other’s special requests. They like to keep things exciting and fun and so there will probably be a lot of new elements regularly incorporated into their intimate escapades.

Leos enjoy treating their lovers like submissive subjects whose job it is to satisfy them, but they also derive satisfaction doing the same for them. They’re pompous but not selfish and Leos tend to pride themselves on their skills in the sack. They  would feel remiss if they knew their partner was not wowed by their performance and so they will often work hard to do such a good job that their partners rave to their friends how amazing they are.

Aries loves spontaneous hookups in unconventional places. It’s a rush for them to do what is forbidden and taboo and they also like it when Leo makes them work for it a little. Easy is boring; rams love the chase because it makes the prize that much more satisfying. Aries might need to slow down because they have a tendency to rush through things. They may often skimp on foreplay and jump straight to the main event.

Aries and Leo will likely be a very active couple. As fire signs, they are typically very outgoing and are often athletic. They will likely take a shared interest in keeping themselves active and in good shape for both health and vanity reasons. They may mutually enjoy physical activities like going for long walks and bike rides together. Aries and Leo may also enjoy thrilling events like festivals and theme parks.

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