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Venus conjunct Jupiter

venus conjunct jupiter

Lover of Wisdom

Under this aspect, the magnanimity of Jupiter enhances and expands the traits of the benefic Venus. People with Venus conjunct jupiter in their charts are liable to attract good luck, perhaps due to the mostly positive karma they put out into the universe. They give off good vibrations and put others at ease with their harmonious and upbeat spirit. This will undoubtedly earn them popularity and esteem among their peers.

Their thirst for adventure and new experiences will lead them into many domains and acquire a cosmopolitan culturedness and wisdom. Indeed, this aspect suggests a person who is a student of the world with a philosophical outlook. Their love of beauty and learning may lead them to become fine connoisseurs of the arts or create art of their own. They enjoy engaging their senses and taking in the sights and smells of a new environment. They may also have a love for teaching and education. Other aspects in the chart not withstanding, people with Venus conjunct Jupiter will typically have a very open-minded progressive attitude even though they may be highly opinionated at times. They have broad and lofty ideals and a long- view perspective that allows them to think big and are probably drawn to grand and epic things and events.

Venus conjunct jupiter people value harmony and accord and can be pillar of support in their community or whatever social circles they occupy. They are often jovial and full of mirth and good cheer. They may also be possessors of good humor and comedic timing.

Synastry Aspects – Venus Conjunct Jupiter

 List of Jupiter Stats:

:bulletblue: planet name: Jupiter
:bulletblue: planetary class: gas giant
:bulletblue: planetary sub-class: jovian
:bulletblue: planetary radius: 69,911 km
:bulletblue: planetary mass: 317.8 earth masses
:bulletblue: surface gravity: 2.528 earth gravity
:bulletblue: sidereal day (rotation period): 9h, 55m, 30s
:bulletblue: rotational direction: prograde
:bulletblue: axial tilt: 3.13°
:bulletblue: atm. comp.: hydrogen, helium, methane, ammonia, other elements and compounds
:bulletblue: atm. density: differentiates into layers- cloud deck, hydrogen layer, large liquid metallic hydrogen layer, dense core
:bulletblue: surface temp: -150°C
:bulletblue: satellites: 66:bulletblue: orbital eccentricity: 0.0488
:bulletblue: orbital direction: prograde
:bulletblue: mean orbital distance: 5.204 au
:bulletblue: perihelion distance: 4.950 au
:bulletblue: aphelion distance: 5.458 au
:bulletblue: year: 11.86 earth years with 5:2 orbital resonance with saturn
:bulletblue: place in system: middle of system


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