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Venus Square Sun Aspect

sun square venus

Venus Square Sun Transit

During a Venus square Sun transit, conflicts of interests may arise. Individuals may find themselves at odds with the demands and expectations foisted upon them. With this transit, personal plans, goals and desires may get postponed for the sake of group interests. Conversely, it may be that the interests of a group may become compromised by a wayward team member. For instance, a team member could be moving away or suddenly shirking their responsibilities to the team. Individuals may find that their self esteem could be lagging due to a deficiency in their finances and an inability to splurge and make vanity purchases. They may also feel they are not getting the recognition and appreciation they deserve and could feel undervalued especially by their intimate friends and love interests.

Venus Square Sun Synastry

Two individuals with their Venus and Sun squaring off with one another are bound to experience some tumult with regards to reconciling their independent interests with that of their joint relationship. The sun person may feel smothered by the Venus person and may find themselves seeking more space in the relationship. They may want to have a life outside the relationship or could have trouble staying committed exclusively. The sun person may also seem too self-absorbed and this may be a source of friction in the relationship. The Venus person probably would like to see more warmth and attention from their partner and they may attempt to obtain this by lavishing their partner with affection and romantic gestures. Unfortunately, the Sun person may fail to reciprocate and the Venus person may feel used and sometimes exploited. This aspect may serve as an obstacle to be overcome if the relationship is to thrive and flourish in the long term.

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