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The Angel Number 1212 – An Angelic Reminder of Divine Support

1212 angel number

The Angel Number 1212 – What To Do When You Encounter It

You glance at the clock exactly at 12:12. This happens not only once but repeatedly. And while reading the newspaper you encounter the same number again. A few days later, while driving your car, you see the number on a license plate. Is this a coincidence?

Number 1212 is one of the sacred, angelic numbers, and carries many beautiful meanings, which will be discussed further in this article. The Angel Numbers can appear in your life in many different forms and ways, and you may encounter them in strange places. Always pay attention to these numbers, as they carry important messages.

When you repeatedly see the number 12 or 1212 in your environment, it is definitely not a coincidence. Constantly encountering any sacred number is a sign of the divine trying to tell you something. The angels have a message for you, so pay attention to it.

Number 12 in numerology

Number 12 has a very positive significance in numerology and astrology. It is the completion of a cycle, and it belongs to the star sign Pisces. The spiritual meaning of this number is being in touch with the energies of the universe.

Number 12 consists of two prime numbers one and two, which are partly contradicting each other. Number 1 refers to the beginning, harmony, perfection, achievement and independence, whereas number 2 signifies union and partnership. The combination of these two energies is very beneficial for you, since within them the sacred and the mundane come together, bringing direction and spiritual guidance your way.

Number 12 is holy within many religions. It plays a big role in Kabbalah’s tree of life geometry, which refers to creation. It is also the number of Jesus’ diciplines, and appears repeatedly in the Bible elsewhere as well: There are for example the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve stones, as well as the 12 gates of Kingdom of God, guarded by 12 Angels.

Number 12 appears also in many worldly contexts, such as the 12 months, and 12 hours of day and night. There are also 12 zodiac signs. Twelve is a sublime number, referring to perfection, and encountering it is a sign of luck. The number 1212 amplifies both the numbers 1 and 2, and thus carries a very powerful energy.

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The Angelic Message Behind Numbers 12 And 1212.

Were you born in December or the 12th day of any month? This is a sign of the Angels guiding you and supporting you. Constantly encountering the 1212 combination – for example when you look at the clock, or seeing it in any other place – means that the angels are paying special attention to you and protect you on your way.

The message from the Angels is as follows: Stay positive, since all is well. The Angels are with you – You are never alone.

Maintaining a positive attitude will attract a positive outcome, so stay focused on manifesting good things. All future possibilities are within your reach right now, so keep focusing on the highest possible outcome.

1212 refers to being on a good path, and coming into contact with your life purpose and your dreams. Things that once were hard are about to become easier. The shift from hardship into abundance is about to happen. Trust the universe, and you will be given.

Another message carried by the 1212 number combination is that you may need to step out of your comfort zone to be able to achieve the outcome that you have been hoping for. The shift is already starting to happen but you will still need to do the actual work. Stay true to yourself and work hard towards the goals that you are trying to achieve.

Number 12 is a union between earthly and divine, and people born on the 12th day of the month or in December are able to combine theoretical and practical, as well as abstract and concrete. This power of duality is also beneficial to people who encounter 1212, as a reminder of our higher, spiritual purpose in this earthbound world. You are a being of light, and have come from a divine source. Do not let the cruelties of this world distract you from this truth.

Change is coming your way, and you are about to heal from past hurtful experiences. You may need to look into your habits and quit whatever does not serve you anymore. Focus on becoming the best version of yourself. Take practical steps towards your dreams and be willing to accept change. You have a safety net around you, set by the angels. You are being encouraged to use it.

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The esoteric meaning of 1212 refers to a completion of an energetic download. You may be going through a gateway. The highest vibrations of love and light are present, so tune into them.

Pay also attention to the context in which the angelic number appears. What is happening around you when you encounter it?

Love, light and gratitude: Manifest Your Dreams

When the numbers 12 and 1212 enter your life, the divine consciousness is with you. You have all the cards in your hands, and should proceed confidently on your path. Maybe you have tried to do something for a long time and failed, and are thinking of giving up. Be patient. Stay focused, and you will be able to reap the rewards of your efforts soon. Align yourself with the Angelic energies, and be blessed.

Be thankful for your good fortune and for the angels who are helping you. Pay close attention to what you are thinking and doing, and trust your imagination, because you are now in direct contact with your guardians and with the divine. The things you think about will manifest. The words you speak will become true.

1212 and Serving the Greater Good

In addition to its other beneficial and positive meanings, number 1212 is also a sign of clear communication. Other people will seek your company because of your good vibrations and supportive nature. This is a perfect time to focus on serving the greater good, and helping others. Do not forget your origin and the purpose in this world. Seek spiritual answers and give back to the universe the beautiful things that have been given to you.

1212 In Prayer

Number 1212 is a reminder for us to create a better world, in which we can co-exist in peace and harmony. The more thankful you are, the more abundance will come your way. The number 1212 is helpful in your prayers and you can use it in intercession. The sacred numbers are powerful Angelic tools, which you can use to amplify your wishes and prayers in regards to loving messages towards others.

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What Are You Waiting For?

This is the perfect moment for starting new projects. Plant the seed and work towards your personal and spiritual goals, respectively. Inspiration, optimism, exploration, and cooperation are the key words to consider when the number 12 enters your life. Remember – You are a particle of the universe, existing in perfect harmony, and coming from a sacred source. If you have been waiting for a sign, this is it. Stop hesitating – The time for action is now.

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