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6 Best Paying Careers For ESFJ

esfj careers

The ESFJ person is an extraverted sensor who enjoys working with people. In a national sample, ESFJs reported a preference for clear structure, loyalty/security, variety of tasks, independence and achievement and teamwork as being the most important characteristics desired in the workplace.  ESFJs seek to be of service to others and are most often found in education, health care, and religious professions. ESFJs are conscientious, responsible, orderly and rule-abiding. Here are 6 high paying careers for the ESFJ personality type.

esfj language pathologist

6. Speech-Language Pathologists

Median salary: $76,610.

A speech-language pathologist is a therapist professional in charge of diagnosing, evaluating, treating and assisting children and adults with communicative disorders, as well as swallowing issues and other speech difficulties. These problems are often a consequence of hearing loss, autism, strokes, brain injuries, or a plethora of physical impediments, meaning that speech-language pathologist will work with multiple individuals with compromised health.

The work of a speech-language pathologist involves a personalized approach to each person’s issues, so they must become familiar with their patients to understand the causes and ramifications of their problems. After diagnosing, they will design a plan to face the problematic situation, and coach the patients on how to improve their speech according to their case.

ESFJs thrive in work positions that, while orderly and structured, allowing for a direct approach to people—they seek socialization and contact with others, their extroverted nature recharging them when in contact with others. In this career, ESFJs will regularly meet new people and use their expertise and sense of harmony to provide aid—while receiving a rather high payment for it.

esfj radiation therapist

5. Radiation Therapist

Median salary: $80,570.

A rather complicated job, radiation therapists are professionals focused on assisting and aiding cancer patients through radiation treatment. Since radiation is something that requires utmost care, a career in this field needs extensive studies and high specialization.

The duties of radiation therapists are varied—they must clarify doubts to patients before treatment, mostly by explaining the process and right procedure. Likewise, they calibrate and operate the radiation machine, observe patients’ progress during treatment, keep records of the results, and evaluate the outcomes.

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Specialists in this field tend to work in close collaboration with oncologists, nurses, and other physicians.

Radiation therapists balance a heavily technical responsibility with an emotionally demanding job—they are expected to handle the intricacies of a machine and remain emotionally strong to support cancer patients. Both of these requirements are strengths for ESFJs, who thrive while encouraging others, but prefer to follow procedures and structure on their work routines.

This unusual yet highly welcomed combination makes them a perfect fit for this demanding career.

esfj training development

4. Training and Development Managers

Median salary: $108,250.

Managers dedicated to training and development focus their time and effort into creating, selecting and reviewing training programs for employees welcomed within an institution. To achieve this, they oversee the training staff and instruct them, evaluate the aspects that need further preparation, manage the bucket meant for such activities and, in general, ensure workers are skilled enough to perform at their jobs.

Other than a bachelor’s degree and extensive experience, training and development managers need a plethora of skills—communication, collaboration, leadership and decision-making abilities are required, as they are essential to guarantee effectiveness. Due to the number of responsibilities and duties involved in the position, training and development managers receive quite the enviable salary—$108,250, on average.

It is the social and people-oriented nature of this job what makes it so appealing to ESFJs—they need human interactions to thrive. Likewise, they appreciate handling daily tasks and practical operations, all of those abundant in management duties.

esfj optometrist

3. Optometrists

Median salary: $110,300.

An optometrist is a professional specialized in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of eye-related issues and problems, as well as other organs and elements of the visual system. They evaluate eyes’ health and, according to the diagnosis, they prescribe medicaments, eyeglasses, or perform small surgeries.

The working field of an optometrist is extensive—they can be general practitioners, or could also provide specialized care within a particular subgroup of the population, like children. Optometrists are also responsible for instructing patients on proper eye care and health through advice and counsel. Likewise, they might also work as postsecondary teachers or scientific researchers.

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Routine is an ESFJs’ best friend—they find comfort in repeated practices with established procedures and where order is appreciated. The step-by-step nature of an optometrist’s task is, therefore, something suited for ESFJs’ talents. Their charming nature and outgoing personality also make them approachable and easy to talk to, a virtue for those working in the medical field.

esfj midwife

2. Nurse Midwives

Median salary: $110,930.

Nurse-midwifery is a specialization within the field of nursing that focuses on providing health and care for pregnant women before, during, and after labor. The wellbeing of women and newborns are the primary concern of those seeking this career. After completing the requirements, they receive the title of Certified Nurse Midwives.

Classified as a type of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN), these professionals receive regular capacitation, alongside a master’s degree program that deepens in their knowledge. Finally, they must pass a national certification exam that guarantees their abilities as nurse midwives.

Healthcare is one of the preferred fields for ESFJs, and it’s not hard to see why—they enjoy the hierarchy and ranking, but they are friendly enough to be likable and approachable to any potential patient under their care. Altruistic, and organized, they have the practical skills to answer to any complication, yet remain kind-hearted and nurturing towards those that need it the most, something particularly important while working with pregnant women and newborns.

esfj podiatrists

1. Podiatrists

Median salary: $127,740.

Podiatrists are medical experts that focus on health issues associated with feet, ankles, and lower legs. As such, they have the authority to perform examinations, diagnose potential health issues, provide treatment, conduct surgery, prescribe medications, and many other activities associated with guaranteeing the wellbeing of feet and other associated body parts.

Podiatrists require a degree that certifies them as Doctors of Podiatric Medicine, as well as a license. Afterward, they must complete a 3-year podiatric residency program. Due to the extensive experience and studies required to perform as a podiatrist, these professionals earn an annual estimate of $127,740 on average in the United States.

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While anyone can become a podiatrist if so they wish, ESFJs have a natural advantage due to their personality assets—their nature oriented to details is essential for podiatrists, as they must carefully examine a patient’s history, decode the meaning of their symptoms, and pay attention to even the most minimal of facts. Likewise, all healthcare careers require high interpersonal skills and the ability to get along with patients—this guarantees quality service and the comfort of the individual seeking treatment.

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