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Are Libra and Pisces a Good Match?

libra and pisces dating

Libra and Pisces Dating pros and cons

On the question of astrology-based romantic compatibility, air and water signs are elementally uncomplimentary. Generally, this makes Libra and Pisces not compatible. However, that is not necessarily the case, since astrological synastry is predicated on how well the planets in each person’s birth chart aspect with each other.

But all that aside, do Libra and Pisces get along? Whoever says that Libra and Pisces don’t get along is discounting the potential affinity people of these two signs may share. The rapper Eminem for example, is a Libra who has repeatedly collaborated with singers Rihanna and Skylar Grey, both of whom happen to be Pisces females. Is it coincidence or sun sign chemistry? Here is a look at the Libra and Pisces relationship compatibility and why Libra and Pisces as best friends and lovers is a real possibility.

1. Libra and Pisces Codependency

Pisces and Libra share a similar proclivity towards losing themselves in their partners. Libra’s ruling planet Venus is exalted under the sign of Pisces and so being with Libra may likely bring out strong romantic feelings in Pisces. Pisces people are often prone to emotional ups and downs for which they may develop ill-advised coping mechanisms.

They are known to engage in escapism and sumptuous vices such as laziness and drug and alcohol abuse. Libras try to keep the peace and maintain a spirit of goodwill and so may be ill-at-ease about giving tough love when their partners fall into bad habits. Libras being lovers of sensual delights themselves may be susceptible to their own share of vices and may sometimes serve as an enabler to those of Pisces.

2. Libra Enjoys Pisces’ Imaginativeness

Libra and Pisces both have fertile imaginations but Pisces is a sign that is especially fantasy-prone. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, and so even the most extraverted Pisces is likely to have a rich inner world that they withhold from others. The Pisces is typically an HSP (highly sensitive person) and this sensitivity causes them to form deep impressions about the world that may often seem strange, amusing and sometimes ingenious. Libras love art and beauty and as a Venus-ruled air sign, they are likely to be creative thinkers who appreciate creative people. The Libra and Pisces love relationship may cultivate a symbiotic bond that feeds on one another’s poignant thoughts and observations.

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3. Pisces and Libra Have a Taste for the Finer Things

Libra and Pisces love and hold special appreciation for beautiful things. They are both idealists who want to make life as enjoyable as possible. Consequently, these two will likely be on the same page with regard to how they budget their finances. They may love to eat out and splurge on nice things like fine dining and gourmet cuisine. Sensual stimulation and entertainment will be a centerpiece of the relationship and a source of quality time bonding.

They likely will show their love through gifts and physical acts of affection like massages and making each other bubble baths. Both Pisces and Libra may be inclined towards vanity projects and materialistic goals. Rather than chastise or shame, Libra and Pisces may be equally supportive and encouraging of one another’s indulgences (within reason).

4. Libra and Pisces As Business Partners

In addition to the romance, there may exist a good potential for Libra and Pisces business compatibility. Successful business ventures often require a combination of creativity and strategic acumen. This is something for which Libra and Pisces together may prove formidable as a team. Pisces being a mutable sign, may provide the visionary half of the equation while Libra’s cardinal energy can initiate action on Pisces’ ideas and handling logistics especially where networking is concerned.

Libras are typically charming and adept at working with people and this quality may serve them well as business managers and sales reps. Libra’s ruling sign Venus is also associated with money and wealth which suggests they may be very capable as accountants and in maintaining their finances. Pisces for their part are friendly and sociable but more capricious and unreliable. They stereotypically are less assertive and of a moody temperament that is less suited for the demands that come with business management especially when it restricts their creativity.

5. Libra and Pisces How to Make It Work

On it’s face, there are number of challenges presented in a Pisces-Libra love match. Libra’s need to be liked and their flirtatious nature may pose an problem for the sensitive and jealousy prone Pisces. Pisces doesn’t need a partner that will frequently put their insecurities on alert. Trust is very important to them and they may have trouble understanding why Libra needs so much attention from people outside the relationship. In order for the union to work they are going to have to be a little more understanding of each other’s disparate personality traits.

Libra may find Pisces to be a little too easy going and lacking in excitement and vitality. Libra may have to slow down and adjust to Pisces speed in order to appreciate the special magic that Pisces offers. Both signs have a penchant for indecision or flip-flopping, but Pisces may take the cake on this one. Libra will place greater importance on stability and consistency from their partners and will be sorely disappointed should Pisces flake out on them or fail to follow through on their commitments. Libra must try to understand and have compassion for Pisces’ emotions and how strongly it pulls them in one direction or the other.

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