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Zodiac Constellations

libra constellation stars

The Libra Constellation

Justice may be blind, but it has bright eyes that gleam amidst the darkness of the celestial sphere. Constellations are imaginary shapes and forms seen while connecting stars together. Humanity notices in the skies what matters the most to them—shapes associated with life, routine, wishes and values. It is no wonder there is a constellation dedicated to the symbol of justice. Libra is not the brightest constellation in the sky—it doesn’t have notable stars and it could be hard to ...
virgo constellation stars

The Virgo Constellation

Shining above, amidst the countless stars, there is a heavenly maiden that glows bright. Her beauty is endless, she is rich and lovely, and has been worshiped and admired across millennia. She is actually not a she—it’s Virgo, and is one of the 88 constellations that reign the celestial sphere. While easily identified thanks to its brightest star, to the unaided eye Virgo might not seem like the richest constellation around. Nothing further from the truth. For amateur astronomers with ...
leo constellation stars

The Leo Constellation

Amidst the richness of the night sky, across the multiple constellations that have been recognized as official after centuries of history, a particular segment of the sky stands out above the rest. Blessed with numerous bright stars and a plethora of deep space objects within its limits, the Leo constellation remains one of the most eventful areas in the celestial sphere and the perennial focus of most eyes glancing up. Known for its zodiacal relevance and popularity, Leo is a ...
cancer constellation stars

The Cancer Constellation

The Cancer Constellation The celestial sphere is far and wide, holding a plethora of striking secrets that go far beyond what the naked eye can perceive at first glance. Constellations, those imaginary lines drawn between stars to create multiple shapes, are amongst those beautiful enigmas that require a certain level of dedication to visualize. And few require as big an effort as Cancer. Faint and unassuming, Cancer is the dimmest of all zodiacal constellations, hidden between the much brighter Gemini ...
The Aries Constellation

The Aries Constellation

ABOUT THE ARIES CONSTELLATION The Aries constellation is located in the northern celestial hemisphere situated between the Pisces and Taurus zodiac constellations. The name Aries originates from the Latin word for the Ram. This star formation is among the 88 modern constellations, and one of 48 identified by the 2nd Century astronomer, Ptolemy. It is a mid-sized constellation, ranked 39th largest, with an area of 441 square degrees. It occupies the first quadrant of the northern hemisphere (NQ1) and can ...
gemini constellation stars

The Gemini Constellation

Looking up at the sky on a clear night gives a first-row glimpse at the magic of the celestial sphere. However, for the attentive eye, a particular set of stars is bound to catch even the most inexpert amateur astronaut. Right above, an impeccably identical duplex of stars shines on, almost seamless similar to one another—eye-catching and impressive in their symmetry amidst imperfections. They are the faces of the Heavenly Twins—Gemini. Constellations are considered nothing more than simple imaginary shapes ...
taurus constellation stars

The Taurus Constellation

Constellations are almost a magical topic—they evoke a certain mysticism just by existing and gazing upon them remains one of the most beautiful activities to engage in under celestial sphere. However, despite this fascination, constellations have a rather straightforward definition—they are a group of stars that take a certain shape when connected through imaginary lines. Under that conception, in theory, there can be as many constellations as stars in the sky—isn’t man’s imagination endless, after all? ...

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