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INTJ Relationships (With Each Myers Briggs Type)

intj compatibility

An INTJ in love is a wonderful thing. Although INTJs are known for keeping people at a distance, they are nonetheless capable of forming friendships and falling in love. In a major study, it was found that INTJs rated their relationships and friendships as the least satisfying of all the types (Myers, McCaulley, Quenk & Hammer, 1998) and this is typical of rational types in general who statistically report the lowest satisfaction rates in relationships of all the temperament groups.

A study also found that minus a few exceptions (such as the ENTJ and ESTP), all types tend to marry similar rather than dissimilar types to that of their own. David Keirsey, the author of “Please Understand Meir?source=bk&t=astroligion 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=9db7ff936a27b23739131e4d7b08b3df& cb=1502034940687” posited that the perceiving preference was the most important factor in determining cross-type compatibility. A shared perceiving preference (as the dominant or auxiliary function) according to Keirsey, ensured better understanding and communication in the relationship. Aside from that, having opposite preferences in every other respect would supposedly contribute in making each partner interesting to one another. Under this theory, the ENFP is the ideal match mate for the INTJ.

Both INTJ males and INTJ females are liable to experience difficulties socially and romantically that are particular to “INT” types. INTJs, in addition to reporting the lowest satisfaction in relationships, also rate them as being the least in importance of all the types. In another study (Myers, McCaulley, Quenk & Hammer, 1998) only 30% of INTJs rated relationships/friendships as “very important”. Surprisingly, 65% of INTJs rated “home and family” as “very important”. This percentage however, while appearing high, was still relatively low when compared with other types.

Female INTJs make up only 3% of the female population and male INTJs comprise 6% percent of the male population. Together, they form only 4% of the general population. Despite their rarity, it has been found that INTJs are more likely than average to marry other INTJs. According to another study (Marioles, Strickert & Hammer, 1996) male INTJs were 3.85 times more likely than average to marry a female INTJ, while female INTJs were 2.22 times more likely than average to marry a male INTJ.

Here is a look at how each Myers Briggs type gets along romantically with the INTJ personality type including INTJ relationship struggles.

INTJ INTP Compatibility

As a romantic partner and friend, the INTP provides the intellectualism and mental stimulation that INTJs value. In a relationship, these two will likely get on very well because of their mutual respect for one another’s space as well as their independent interests which will likely become a source of fascination in one another. Both types are low maintenance and like most rationals, gift giving and materialistic displays of love are not as important or necessary to them. Quality time and engaging conversation are what really count but useful gifts centered around their personal interests are appreciated as well.

The INTJ-INTP relationship is likely to be built on a foundation of camaraderie and understanding for one another. Their sense of humor is likely to be similar (and dark) and they may take refuge in each other’s contempt of society. INTP and INTJ both prefer clarity and direct communication and are able to convey what they want in no uncertain terms. They will not expect each other to be mind readers which is good because INTP in particular have been shown to rate the highest in “obliviousness” in relationship studies.

Because of their lesser-developed feeling functions, the INTJ and INTP may be somewhat awkward about intimacy. These two may both be what you might consider sapiosexuals and may be just as interested in the mental connection they share as the physical one. INTJ can provide some of the structure that INTPs tend to lack in their lives. Alternately, the INTP can help spawn new promising ideas for the INTJ to follow through on and develop. They may not see eye to eye on everything but when they disagree, it generally resolves without any hard feelings or turns into a humorous situation that ends in laughter.

INTJ INTP Relationship Problems

Both the INTP and INTJ are strongly independent and they are less emotionally needy and reliant than other types. Because they don’t need as much interaction, these two can get lost in their own separate worlds and find themselves gradually growing apart without realizing it. They may need to remember to nurture their relationship and make an effort to spend quality time and do things they can enjoy as a team. INTJ and INTP are some of the most argumentative personality types and they may need to curb some their intellectual pugnacity for the sake of peace and diplomacy.

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INTJ INTJ Compatibility

As stated in the intro, INTJs are statistically more likely than average to shack up with a fellow INTJ. INTJ relationships with other INTJs are likely to be very beneficial partnerships where each half shares a fair and equal share of the task. Their responsible natures will ensure that household duties and responsibilities will be handled diligently. INTJs love other INTJs as housemates because their sensibilities are so in sync that they don’t have to coerce the other into their way of doing things. They keep their spaces organized and tidy and they respect each other’s need for quiet and privacy.

This match may seem boring and passionless, but INTJ can be very romantic and flirtatious when they try to be. Whether dating an INTJ guy or dating an INTJ woman, this couple will enjoy sharing their private worlds with one another. They will not lose themselves in the relationship though and each INTJ will hold on to their independent identities and interests. They will likely have interesting hobbies and passions that compete for their time and sometimes they may need to make an effort to devote more attention to their relationship.

These two INTJs will connect through conversation which will often be populated with discussions about interesting things they’ve discovered. They will each appreciate one another’s honesty and can rely on their partner to give them constructive criticism they can count on. They can occupy the same room and quietly enjoy each other’s company whilst tending to their separate activities.

INTJ INTJ Relationship Problems

Sometimes INTJs can be very argumentative especially when under stress. They may not show or let on that something is bugging them unless they are pressed by their partner to do so. INTJs prefer to deal with their own internal strife independently free of interference from others – sometimes even that of their own partners. They may at times run the risk of alienating their partners and making them feel snubbed or undervalued as a source of counsel and support.

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INTJ ENTP Compatibility

ENTPs may be the best match for an INTJ female. The INTJ ENTP relationship is likely to be fun and dynamic. ENTP people can be very amusing and sometimes immature. They get easily bored and their minds are always churning out a stream of ideas that they verbalize. Their extraverted energy is a contrast to the INTJ’s more reserved nature and preference for quiet and solitude. The ENTP can inject a little life into the INTJ routine and get them to talk and engage more socially.

The ENTP may be attracted to the INTJ’s aire of mystery and aloofness. They may view the INTJ as being more mature and sage-like and may place high import on their opinions and suggestions. INTJs can help the ENTP with establishing structure and order in their lives, helping them to manage some of the day to day things that ENTPs often neglect. They both get on well for the most part,even when they get into disputes. Debate and argument is often just an intellectual exercise for rational types. However, they can get caught up with the need to be “right” and to win the battle of ideas and sometimes things can get heated.

ENTPs may find the INTJ to be a bit repressive and cagey. Their relationship can be characterized as edgy and intense but that’s also what makes it interesting. The level of commitment may differ between these two and the INTJ may have to be more patient with ENTP since they tend to be more indecisive.

INTJ ENTP Relationship Problems

INTJs and ENTPs may face their share of challenges in the relationship. At times, their introverted/extraverted energies may pull them in different directions. ENTPs may want to go out when the INTJ wants to stay in. The INTJ may also occasionally get annoyed by the ENTP’s immature habits and proclivity to change their minds at last notice. Again, sometimes the arguments can go overboard especially with the way ENTPs like to push and prod once they know what buttons to push. These two can sometimes get in intellectual one-up-manship with each side refusing to back down or concede victory.

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INTJ ENTJ Compatibility

INTJ and ENTJ share many values and this relationship may work if the two personalities can avoid power struggles for control in the relationship. The ENTJ will naturally want to take the lead and will exercise an active role in planning things and making decisions. INTJs are okay with other people taking the helm both professionally and romantically so long as they are competent and ENTJs are known for being highly competent. The INTJ does not necessarily feel the need to take the lead but they above all desire to be in control over their own affairs and are never completely okay with subsuming their independence to the auspices of another person – not even a romantic partner. The ENTJ and INTJ may have to work out a fair separation of powers that doesn’t infringe on one another’s differing needs.

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ENTJs are energetic and outgoing whereas the INTJ is reserved and introverted. INTJs will likely be in admiration of the ENTJ’s social prowess and their ability to inspire and motivate other people around them. The ENTJ while loyal and responsible, could potentially arouse some jealousy in the INTJ for all the attention they are likely to attract. The ENTJ may have grand plans for their relationship with the INTJ but they won’t get far unless the INTJ is willing to cosign on it. INTJs may be harder to convince than other personality types since they are more resistant to influence by others. ENTJs will likely not be happy if they feel that their partner is holding them up in some way or not feeling the enthusiasm.

INTJ ENTJ Relationship Problems

Problems in the relationship could stem from the strength of their wills when the ENTJ and INTJ face a conflict of interests. While these two will for the most part, be able to adjust their needs for the sake of their beloved, sometimes they may reach a stalemate of irreconcilable differences. ENTJs can be emotionally immature and seemingly without scruples. The INTJ may provide more of a moral center in the relationship.

INTJ INFP Compatibility

The INTJ INFP couple has a lot of potential. These two both enjoy quality time in quiet settings where they can immerse themselves in their respective interests. INTJ likely appreciates INFP’s creative expression and their unique intelligence. They can get along because they both speak the language of intuition and they share an interest in creative pursuits and the arts. INTJ can help the INFP actualize their goals and organize their life to prepare for success whereas the INTJ benefits from the INFP’s compassion and idealism.

INTJ’s exhibit a certain detached confidence that INFP people are likely to be drawn to. They are very observational and their insights are sure to be of value to the INFP in certain situations. INTJ view life from a more logic-based vantage point that the INFP may overlook because their perceptions are largely processed through their feelings. Because of this, the INFP may be subject to emotional ups and downs that the INTJ can help stabilize with their unemotional perspective. INFPs may largely be open to the INTJ’s proposed solutions but sometimes may resent their scientific and phlegmatic approach to everything.

INFP’s often have a child-like naivete that may contrast starkly with the INTJ and their inclination toward neuroticism and paranoia. While the INTJ is less concerned with moralistic standards and what they “feel” about things, they are still capable of considering them where logic and facts do not suffice. INTJ expression of love is often shown through their efforts to provide for and improve the comfortability of their mates. The INFP may desire more emotional connection and emotiveness from the INTJ which can prove difficult to come by. It may take time for the INTJ to let their emotional guards down and be more vulnerable because they really don’t like being in that position. But if the INFP can earn the INTJ’s trust and confidence, it is possible for them to bring out this side of themselves which may help in deriving more satisfaction in their relationship and form a stronger bond with their partner.

INTJ INFP Relationship Problems

At times, the INTJ may offend the INFP partner with their callousness and criticism. The INTJ may take issue with the INFP and their tendency to sit on things longer than they should rather than take action. INFPs like to do things their own way and may get annoyed with the INTJ propensity to criticize their performance or offer unsolicited advice on how to be more efficient.

INTJ INFJ Compatibility

The INTJ and INFJ are very compatible and their relationship has the potential for a solid partnership built on similar perspectives and attitudes. INTJs share INFJs interest in connecting the dots with a focus on the underlying significance of things. But where the INFJ is fixated with the personal (Fe), the INTJ attends to the impersonal (Te). This dynamic is likely to be beneficial in a complementary way with each side compensating for areas in which the other lacks. INFJ in particular can provide some of the warmth and affection that INTJs appreciate but have trouble expressing.

INTJ and INFJ essentially understand one another and they speak a similar language. They have a vision of the future and they spend quality time together ruminating on the meaning of things and what they may represent for the big picture. INFJs are often very concerned with society at large and various social issues and they may become anxious over what they hear in the news. They pick up on the trends and patterns and become either depressed or encouraged by what it indicates to them. INTJs share a similar concern and they both have ideas about the way things ought to be in the world but unfortunately are not. This however, is what motivates them to go out and make an impact and they both work hard towards this end and they likely will be very sympathetic and supportive of one another’s crusades. These two will love cloistering themselves off from the rest of the world much of the time where they can just be introverts together.

INTJ INFJ Relationship Problems

The INFJ being sensitive to criticism and judgment may find the INTJ’s blunt opinions off-putting at times. INTJ persons do not necessarily regard much of what they say or think as being offensive but as simply being true insofar as they can discern it to be. INFJs may not always appreciate this brutal candor and the INTJ may need to soften the hard edges in how they communicate with the INFJ sometimes. Sometimes, the relationship can run cold and the INFJ may view the INTJ as too ‘unfeeling’ and emotionally distant.

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INTJ ENFP Compatibility

The ENFP is said to be the most ideal match for INTJs. These two share a fondness for intuitive thinking and possess an interest in unusual and unconventional ideas and solutions. They use their creativity to solve problems and so they will likely to see eye to eye in regards to how they approach most things in life. They have notable differences however, but these will more likely be an asset in the relationship rather than a hindrance. The ENFP has many strengths particularly in the social arena from which the INTJ may benefit. The INTJ is capable of extraverting themselves convincingly but the ENFP can help them extend on this and be their personal guide who takes the lead in social situations.

INTJs are likely to admire the ENFP’s ease with socializing as well as their congenial personality which helps the INTJ lighten up as well. Because ENFPs can be very flirtatious, this can run the risk of arousing jealousy in their INTJ mate. ENFP’s have strong moral centers however, so most likely than not, the INTJ should have nothing to worry about. Both types value loyalty and virtue and they aim to live up to what they believe is right ethically. The ENFP may be intrigued and fascinated by the controlled and impassive demeanor that the INTJ tends to exude. ENFPs often enjoy the challenge of figuring people out and trying to understand them and their perspective. They enjoy the INTJ’s stable presence as well as their deeply thoughtful and competent natures.

INTJ ENFP Relationship Problems

The INTJ’s preference for structure and commitment to responsibilities may cause the ENFP to feel a little hemmed in, guilty or pressured at times. ENFPs are not as decisive or reliable in terms of their ability to follow through on commitments. This may draw criticism from the INTJ if they feel let down or disappointed by the ENFP’s failure to take these things as seriously as they do. Like all perceiving types, ENFPs like to keep their options open for as long as possible and they may postpone decisions or abandon them if they feel it might corner them into something they might regret later. They are not as comfortable with binding decisions and for this reason they may be a little slower to committing to the idea marriage as compared to the INTJ.

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INTJ ENFJ Compatibility

Like the ENTJ, ENFJs like to take the lead and they are generally very competent in this respect. As a romantic partner to the INTJ, they act as the public face for the relationship, managing the social affairs and public agenda of the couple. They may take initiative in proposing activities for bonding and connecting with each other, such as couple’s therapy, or romantic getaways. ENFJs have a lot of love to give and sometimes the INTJ may feel that they spread to much of it to other people. The INTJ may question how devoted to them the ENFJ is but the ENFJ will likely be able to reassure them with their persuasive and characteristic charm.

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The INTJ ENFJ relationship match may provide satisfying conversation for the INTJ who notoriously despises shallow small talk. Both types think big and have a long view focus that transcends the limitations of current reality. They share vision and both possess their own set of principles. However, the ENFJ acquires  much of their values from the collective groups with which they identify. They want harmony and will take up causes that fight against unfairness and threats to humanity as a whole and this can be extended to animals and nature as well (however that may be more of an INFP thing).

The ENFJ may desire more connection and intimacy than what the INTJ is inclined to give and the ENFJ may view the INTJ’s need for solitude to be somewhat selfish. According to the Love Language survey posted on Thoughtcatalog, INTJ and ENFJ types appear to value quality time highly. So despite their differing extraverted/introverted needs they may be willing to find the time to be together and build on the bond they share.

INTJ ENFJ Relationship Problems

The INTJ ENFJ relationship is likely to face some challenges in terms of perspectives. The INTJ directs their focus on objects and systems whereas the ENFJ focuses on teaching people and bringing humanity together through what they do. The INTJ may appreciate and even admire the ENFJ’s capacity for championing positive and noble ideals, but their different focus may pull them in a direction that cannot accommodate the ENFJ’s people-centric interests. ENFJs want to be around people a lot more than INTJs do and this is something they might have to work out amongst themselves.

INTJ ISTJ Compatibility

INTJ and ISTJ can appear very similar from afar. But where the INTJ is interested in forging new paths, the ISTJ would rather follow the footsteps on the beaten path. This is practical but not an exciting way to go for the INTJ who is propelled by discovery and bringing to the fore their powerful vision. ISTJs put safety and pragmatism ahead of innovation and experimentation. While both types value structure and organization, INTJs only use this as a means of efficiency in the application of their ideas. ISTJ look to what has worked in the past and will adhere to it for as long as it continues to do so. INTJs may find this boring and limiting and their sensing/intuitive preference differences may be the source of many disagreements.

Both of the ISTJ and INTJ are low maintenance and their emotional needs will be very modest. In this regard, they will share similar expectations from each other in the relationship. They need only recognition and appreciation from their partners for the most part. These two will likely share an interest in intellectual and even philosophical topics rather than social affairs and gossip. According to a Thoughtcatalog survey, both types voted ‘quality time’ and ‘acts of service’ as their most preferred love languages. This suggests a good deal of concurrence in terms of how these types prefer to give and receive love.

INTJ ISTJ Relationship Problems

Misunderstandings and quarrels may arise due to their intuitive-sensing disparity. The problem may be that the ISTJ is too conservative and unwilling to take the risks that the INTJ is willing to. The ISTJ may not appreciate or understand the INTJ’s vision and so may not see the justification or point of their efforts. The INTJ’s intuitive insights may be difficult for them to explain especially to a sensing type and this can contribute to the frustration and challenges in communication between these two.

INTJ ISFJ Compatibility

The INTJ and ISFJ relationship have some good things going for it. The ISFJ can provide an emotional base for the INTJ who often goes about life avoiding feelings in general whereas the ISFJ can’t help but show theirs. The ISFJ is a dutiful people pleaser who willingly give of themselves in a self-sacrificing way. If this is not appreciated however, they will feel deeply hurt and they will need words of affirmation and support to recover.

The INTJ will likely appreciate the ISFJ’s responsible nature and also their commitment to high standards and reliability. The INTJ shares similar qualities including their preference for quietly working on projects instead of excessive social interaction. Living with the ISFJ might be very easy but when it comes to conversation, these two may speak very different languages. ISFJs do not share the INTJ’s interest in abstract ideas and things that have no direct relevance to their lives.

On the other hand, INTJs do not care for a lot of the subject matter that ISFJs like to discuss such as talk about other people’s lives or redecorating the bathroom. INTJs prefer a partner with whom they can connect mentally and talk about meaningful, inspiring topics. If an INTJ tries to talk about the potential advantages of living on Venus instead of Mars, the ISFJ may smile and nod but really they just want to get back to folding the laundry.

INTJ ISFJ Relationship Problems

ISFJs are very sensitive and they may be easily offended by some of the more callous and tactless language INTJs may employ especially when under stress. The INTJ may at times be critical of the ISFJ and of the way they do things. Their input may be taken as an affront to the ISFJ and be a source of irritation for them. The ISFJ may be too sensitive and emotional for the INTJ and it will take some effort to work through this.

INTJ ESFJ Compatibility

INTJ and ESFJ is an odd pair with some hurdles to clear. It could work if they really love one another but from a type theory standpoint, they are very incongruent. The ESFJ is very people-friendly, and cheerful and they are able to get along well with all types of people so long as they are nice and decent human beings. INTJs who are overly stand-offish or anti-social may strike the ESFJ as a jerk. Many ESFJs may not understand introverts very well and may interpret INTJ behavior as rude or snobbish until they get to know them.

Furthermore, ESFJs are interested in upholding traditions and being with people. They do not like to be alone because while the INTJ thrives in solitude, the ESFJ withers like a daisy in the desert when they have no one to talk to. This makes them a little needy and clingy; something the INTJ may find annoying. In addition to that, ESFJ people are not big on theories and deep intellectual talk. INTJ types tend to have highly developed vocabularies and their style of communication is likely to leave the ESFJ a little flummoxed from time to time. INTJs generally have no interest in gossip (maybe sometimes) but keeping up with the Jones’ is not their thing and the ESFJ is not down with that.

ESFJs are very family oriented however and they can provide some of the warmth and feeling that the INTJ lacks in their life. Both types take their roles and professions seriously and together they can make an excellent domestic team that can build a successful and stable family.

INTJ ESFJ Relationship Problems

ESFJs are not known to take criticism particularly well. Their desire for harmony makes them averse to conflict and this may pose a problem if (or when) the INTJ becomes critical of them. It is likely that the INTJ will take issue with what they view as a lack of substance from the ESFJ and they may feel unsatisfied with the content and quality of their exchanges with them. INTJ may however appreciate the understanding and compassion displayed by the ESFJ and may even admire their capacity for giving and their heartfelt concern for people.

INTJ ESTJ Compatibility

INTJ and ESTJ as a romantic pair are likely to be a little rocky. They both share a very scientific approach to life and they are very methodical and value the importance of preparation. The ESTJ however is probably quicker in making decisions and this is informed by introverted sensing. They rely on past precedents and prefer to follow a by-the-book, paint by numbers approach which obviates the need for extra thinking or outside-the-box ideas. INTJ hold a different view that favors ingenuity and innovation, not just efficiency. As a relationship dynamic, this may not be such an issue except around major events or occasions such as weddings or decisions about how to rear their children. The ESTJ may be more conservative than the INTJ in their views and this could be a source of contention between them.

ESTJ types are proponents of natural hierarchy and authority structure. They believe in rules and upholding them as a code of honor and tradition. The INTJ for their part, respect authority only if they deem it competent and qualified, but they will not tolerate it otherwise. Tradition for tradition’s sake is not what the INTJ is about and they define their own set of values and principles to assess others by. INTJs have their own moral code which may differ from the conventional mores of society. ESTJ are defenders of the norm but they do possess some creative capacity which they fall back only when their extraverted thinking has run it’s course.

INTJ ESTJ Relationship Problems

The ESTJ may have difficulty understanding the INTJ relationship needs for solitude and privacy and may view them as avoidant or selfish. ESTJ are inclined to harbor stereotypes regarding things they do not understand. Their ability to empathize is underdeveloped even more so than the INTJ. Both types are very judgmental and it is likely there will be many recurring disagreements and misunderstandings that make this relationship a challenge.

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INTJ ISFP Compatibility

INTJ and ISFP compatibility is potentially good provided they can get over some of the communication hurdles that stand in their way. These two types share all the same functions but in different order. ISFPs first and foremost assess things in terms of what feels right to them and aligns with their individual set of values. INTJs will likely appreciate the ISFP’s independent and unique spirit. They are also spontaneous and fun to be around and it is likely that they are musical or artistic as well. INTJ likes this about the ISFP who themselves have an appreciation for the arts and creative endeavors in general.

These two may have differences in their style of communication that may contribute to misunderstandings in the relationship. ISFP are more interested in sensation and experiences whereas the INTJ is more interested in developing systems and accomplishing things. They are purpose driven and they may not be on board with the ISFP’s unstructured lifestyle. INTJ may also appreciate the depth of feeling ISFPs have which may make up for the shallowness of intellectualism. ISFPs can read and pick up on what the INTJ feels in an uncanny way and they can get them to express it and let off some steam. The INTJ provides counsel and practical solutions for the ISFP that they may find useful.

ISFPs can be a little self-indulgent with a penchant for being self-centered and wallowing in their own pity. They can be melodramatic and the INTJ may feel that sometimes the ISFP is more interested in feeling sorry for themselves than actually trying to do something about them. The affection INTJ receives from them and the opportunity to engage their feeling function is probably what makes this an interesting relationship for them.

INTJ ISFP Relationship Problems

INTJ may find the ISFP to sometimes be too unreliable and inconsistent. ISFPs are not keen on adhering to strict plans and commitments  and what not. They feel bound and restricted by them and they have the potential to change their minds at the last moment without warning. The INTJ may also feel that the ISFP doesn’t take enough effective action on their goals and may spend too much time having fun which might make the INTJ jealous on some level. The ISFP may feel that the INTJ misses out on a lot of what life has to offer and that they take themselves a little too seriously at times.

INTJ ESFP Compatibility

The ESFP and INTJ relationship is bound to be very challenging because they have all the same functions but in reversed order. What the INTJ prefers most is what the ESFP prefers least. ESFPs are high maintenance and the INTJ is not likely to be able or willing to ride the rollercoaster that the ESFP is coaxing them to hop on. There are however, a number of things these two can learn from one another. ESFPs can help the INTJ develop their Extraverted sensing and learn to slow down and smell the roses. Being so abstract and  future-oriented, there is a lot of beautiful things about living that the INTJ likely misses out on.

The problem is, some ESFPs, perhaps unhealthy ones, are overly hedonistic and their lifestyle may exhibit a lack of moderation and self-restraint and getting into a relationship with them will be a nightmare for the typical INTJ. INTJs may be able to impart some structure and discipline in the ESFP’s life but they may not be able to find common ground on an intellectual level. ESFP people are generally not into theories and abstract concepts because they only value what is tangible to them. They want sensation and feeling and attention, lots of attention.

INTJ ESFP Relationship Problems

INTJ and ESFP are from two different planets and even if the love is there, it can take a lot of effort to find a strong understanding for each and establish a healthy balance in the relationship. Their sensing/intuition dichotomy as well as their introverted/extraverted dynamic may serve as significant obstacles to their compatibility. ESFPs may have difficulty understanding the INTJs need for privacy and solitude and they may perceive them as selfish and boorish. INTJ may tire of the ESFP’s unpredictable and sometimes irresponsible lifestyle.

INTJ ISTP Compatibility

INTJ and ISTP have the potential to form a satisfying and lasting relationship. The ISTP is very hands on and skilled in physical skill work which may be of benefit to an INTJ. ISTPs take pride in their skill or craft as well as their personal collections. Being sensing types, the ISTP is less inclined toward abstract theories and more toward understanding how physical or tangible things actually operate. The INTJ and ISTP each live in their own very different  independent worlds. Their passions take them into very different directions, but their values and sense of humour may be quite similar or complementary at least.

Both types are very forward and direct and they also share an uneasiness with affection and feelings. The ISTP is generous and they like to share what they love with other people especially their loved ones. They have a capacity to be cordial and accommodating to their partner. ISTPs can be just as intense about planning as INTJ,ISTJ and INFJ. The difference is that where ITJs may be prone to writing down their plans (Te), ISTPs keep them organized in their heads (Ti) and find it unnecessary to write down.

INTJ ISTP Relationship Problems

The sensing/intuitive disparity of the INTJ and ISTJ will likely contribute to some communication difficulties in this relationship. The ISTP is more tactile and may not be as interested in verbal repartee and ethereal ideations such as what an INTJ would be interested in. Both types can be rather blunt and abrasive but fortunately neither type is very thin skinned and they can take objective criticism so long as it is valid.

INTJ ESTP Compatibility

The INTJ and ESTP relationship can be another case of opposites attract. Unfortunately, alot of what draws them together is also what makes it hard for them to truly connect. The INTJ’s strength for long range thinking and planning is also the ESTP’s weakness. But it’s the ESTP’s in-the-moment seize the day mentality that likely intrigues the INTJ. Through the ESTP, the INTJ can access or experience a way of life they aren’t really in touch with but can appreciate vicariously. INTJ admires the ESTP’s vitality and confidence and being in a relationship with them can be an adventure and sometimes exhausting.

ESTP types like to be out and about, but when they are home they like to veg out on movies and TV. They want good food and lots of sexy time. So an INTJ better be prepared to put out because ESTP’s are not known for their patience. INTJ is not liable to get much in the way of stimulating intellectual discussion from the ESTP, but what they do get is probably amusing no less. Even if this relationship is able to survive, it is likely these two will spend a lot of time separately doing the things that interest them individually.

INTJ ESTP Relationship Problems

Since ESTPs are independent and relatively low maintenance, they may be okay with the INTJ’s introverted style. Neither type is emotionally needy and this may be what allows them to be sufficient for each other. They are practical and the INTJ loves the ESTP’s effectiveness and ability to get things done expediently. The INTJ however can provide valuable counsel to the ESTP helping them plan for the future and to foresee many potential pitfalls they may normally overlook.




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