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Venus Conjunct Saturn – A Lover of Structure

Venus conjunct Saturn

Venus Conjunct Saturn Natal Aspect

What does venus conjunct saturn mean? The Venus conjunct Saturn aspect imbues a sense of moderation and balance in regards to all things desired. Individuals with this aspect are able to marshal their resources judiciously and exercise restraint and temperance when necessary. They love and appreciate most that which is functionally beautiful. They may have an interest in architecture and design of all sorts. The challenge of solving cosmetic problems or improving upon them is likely to be very appealing to people with Venus conjunct Saturn in the birth chart.

Their sense of aesthetic taste may be especially drawn towards things that are geometric, structural, or infused with patterns and distinctive shapes. People with this aspect may be inclined to arrange things, organizing objects neatly and putting them into some sort of logical or visually pleasing configuration or taxonomy. They feel best when their life is in order which may sound typical of anyone, but for the Venus conjunct Saturn personality, it may be essential to their emotional and psychological welfare. Fortunately they are very capable of getting their affairs in order and handling their business. With Venus in conjunct with Saturn, you are likely to be adept at interior design. Your sense of aesthetic balance may well be put to use in careers that are creative yet somewhat technical. For you, a well organized environment is essential to your peace of mind and so if you could make money out of it then so much the better.

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Even if they decide to experiment with drugs or alcohol, individuals with this aspect are likely able to keep themselves from turning into addicts or substance abusers. The pleasure-seeking and sumptuous side of Venus is counterbalanced by Saturn’s disciplined and prudent influence. Venus conjunct Saturn people know how to enjoy themselves responsibly and also know when it’s time to call it quits. They are able to pull back and avoid going overboard with decadence and overly indulgent behavior. They want the good life but they are are willing to undertake hard work and effort to earn it. Venus conjunct Saturn people may lean towards conservatism and traditional values but they are not staunch or strident in how they practice it.

Venus Conjunct Saturn Transit Aspect

The Venus Saturn conjunction as a transit aspect suggests a period during which routines, errands and work will go rather smoothly and harmoniously. Whatever work you do may become especially enjoyable at this time and you may even discover a newfound love for it. It is likely that you will put much more care and love into your craft and in making sure even the little details are well done.

You may feel good about your current job and relations with co workers will probably be more amiable than usual. Managing money may get a little easier as well and you may see an improvement in your financial discipline.

Suddenly, things seems to snap together especially in areas of romance and career. Relationships may begin to mature and get serious or transition into the next stages of commitment. Marriage proposals could occur or financial stability may be achieved which could lead to purchasing something major such as a new home or vehicle. It could be the beginnings of a new and more prosperous phase in your love life supported by benefic economic circumstances. Enhanced focus and discipline may allow you to be more productive than usual and able to complete tasks in a timely and diligent manner that others will notice and appreciate.

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Venus Conjunct Saturn Synastry Aspect

When a man or woman has a Venus conjunct Saturn aspect with another person, it will likely indicate that one person is attracted to the other’s professional drive, status or resources and the other person is drawn to the beauty and sanguine charm of the other. In this relationship, the Saturn person will likely be an older partner or appear more mature within the context of whatever house Saturn occupies.

This could be a type of May-December attraction of sorts though not necessarily so. The Venus person may be enamored with the sense of stability and long term commitment that Saturn seems to offer. They may be looking for serious commitment and possibly settle down into marriage and this may be why the Saturn person is appealing to them.

The compatibility between these two individuals cannot be ascertained based on this aspect alone. There would require a deeper look at the entire birth charts of both parties so as to form a more accurate and informed picture of what romantic potential they share. If both individuals have their Venus and Saturn in this aspect it could be a case of venus conjunct saturn double whammy synastry. This combination suggests a union built on love and money and the security it provides.

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