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Using Astrology to Find Your Soulmate

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How to use astrology to find love

Love is something that everyone is looking for and desires. People get confused on love and lust; however, you can find all the answers in the stars. Have you ever went online and seen if you and your partner are compatible by looking at your signs? Ever wonder how they are able to compare the two to claim if you are a loving couple or a deadly couple? Well, all the secrets have been revealed and you will be shocked on how easy it is to find love in the stars. You will want to consider the fact that there is love to be found in the stars and you will also be able to learn how to approach love and life by looking at your life plan that is coded in the stars and planets.

First, you need to understand what the planets mean when it comes to love. The first planet that plays a huge role in love is Venus. Venus is the goddess of love. It reveals a lot of information about how you approach relationships, continuous failing relationships, and how to find love and romance. You will also find that if you look at your sign and the way that Venus is connected to your sign, you will be able to see where love is going and how you are able to express your love. Venus tells more than just about your feelings, but it will also show you more about the expression of love that others show towards you. Venus is the one that will tell you to be considerate about the relationships that mean the most to you and if they are going anywhere.

You also have to learn more about Mars. Mars is the male sign. It is what motivates you and energize you to find love and express your love. It is basically the drive of the relationship. You will need to learn more about Mars in order to understand where your relationships are going. You will also find that Mars will reveal what it is that makes others react to love by the way that it affects the birth chart. Keep in mind that there are a lot of sexual desires and drives that Mars will reveal.

Speaking of sex, it’s hard to think about love without sex, right? Well there are parts of astrology that will help you to understand the sexual secrets of both the male and the female sign. You will need to look at your signs and how they use interpretations of Eros in order to understand sex.

Your sign will also tell you if your relationship is possibly just lust and not really love. There are some signs that just don’t work with each other, but have a strong sexual attraction. You will need to do some research before you start thinking that you need to introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to mom and dad, because this may just be a phase and it may not even really matter. You will need to consider that there is a feeling of seriousness in the relationship that you may be lacking. You need understand all aspects of love before you start looking at what the stars say.

You need to know what love feels like and what lust feels like to understand where the feelings are coming from. Keep in mind that these feelings are derived from the stars and planets, but you will also need to make sure that you do your part in making your relationship work. Just because you don’t match with your partner in the study of astronomy, doesn’t mean that you can’t learn something from the relationship and end up with more than just love or heartbreak. You could end up finding yourself by the help of this other person.

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One thought on “Using Astrology to Find Your Soulmate

  1. Interesting post. I am into astrology. I have noticed that some signs I don’t particularly get a long with . But what I will say is I made the mistake of assuming that my sign will determine who was for me and who wasn’t for me and it turned out that I ended up being compatible with people and I didn’t feel a connection. Now I try to pay attention to my vibrations and energy when I’m around people before trying to pick apart their sign. I believe there’s truth to this but astorgloy made me super judgemental towards people. So I’m trying to find my balance

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