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The MBTI Types When They’re 100% Done With You

mbti done with you

That’s it, I’m done with you. Not 50% done, not 75% done, I’m 100% done. Here’s a look at each Myers-Briggs type when they reach the limit of their patience and tolerance and become completely fed up with someone.


When they’ve reached the last straw with someone, INFJs will put their foot down and turn the tables on the source of their umbrage. They will slam doors and declare war. But more of a  psychological war where they use their insights to expose and shame a person for the crooked or ignominious person they may be. More often, INFJs will simply discontinue associating with that person but they may also stoop to levels they would normally not deign to and use unsavory tactics to get even-steven.


When INFP is done with someone, they will promptly dispense with their normally peaceable manner and switch into psycho-avenger mode. It’s not enough to cut their loss and move on, INFPs will likely have a taste for revenge and they may seek to get even in petty and ruthless ways. They may try to mirror or duplicate the violation committed against them to make the other person experience what INFP felt or had to endure because of their actions.


When INTJ is done with you, they will firmly dismiss you as a nitwit unworthy of their time and will discontinue any further contact. They will make it known in no uncertain terms what little respect they have for you and will spare no more of their precious energy or time dealing with you. You will be treated as an afterthought and they will not look upon you much but if they do it will be with stony contempt or apathetic impassivity.


When an INTP is fed up with someone, they will proceed to say everything they are normally too polite to say. They are capable of verbally crucifying people with sharp and devastating criticisms that are even more hurtful because of the amount of truth they contain. They will unload a truckload of unflattering observations that will likely make the other person feel very stupid and foolish.


When ENFJ is done with someone, it means they have given up any hope of a relationship with that person. An ENFJ who has given up on you is a devastating thing since ENFJs are such faithful optimists. They have the ability to see the good in almost anyone and to forgive them. Once they’ve reached the end of their patience, ENFJs will sever their ties and ostracize another person and brand them as a toxic and irredeemable lost cause.

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When they are completely done with someone, ENFP may erupt in righteous indignation and lay down the infamous ENFP bitch slap. After that, ENFPs will shift their focus away from the perpetrator and let bygones be bygones. ENFPs don’t want to dwell on negative people and would rather purge them from their system so they can move on and learn from the experience.


When they are done with you, ENTJ will openly insult and humiliate you. They will proceed to get ahead or advance themselves at your expense and make you feel like a fool for having been outsmarted or exploited. ENTJs will treat such people like tools or pawns to get what they need from them and then dispense with them when it is convenient.


When they are done with you, an ENTP will verbally thrash you and cross every line they can think of. What’s more, they will likely do it with style and humor and make a complete mockery of you that will be hard to refute. ENTP are bound to use their intuition and crafty way with words to hit a person where they know it will really hurt and target things in which they are insecure about.


When they’re done with you, ESFJs will socially ostracize you and proceed to block and ban you on all their social media channels. They will become emotionally cold towards you and no longer display an ounce of concern or empathy for your plight or problems. You’re on your own as far as they’re concerned and this attitude is very uncharacteristic for them. Their normally inclusive and welcoming orientation will be withdrawn from you and you will henceforth be treated as an outsider.


When they’ve had enough of someone, ESTJ can be really harsh and dispense some tough love or take tough action. They have little reservations about cutting off all contact with someone they’ve identified as being no longer worth their time. They don’t want to deal with any drama so there will be little words exchanged. Just a prompt removal followed by a replacement if necessary.



When ISFJ is done with someone, they will cut off all relations with that person and move on with their lives. They usually have enough support from other people in their lives to where they don’t have to feel compelled to salvage or preserve an unhealthy relationship or association with a toxic or abusive person. If it is someone they actually love or care about, it can be very difficult to estrange themselves, but when they have been deeply hurt by them they can become ruthless and slow to forgive.


When they are fed up with someone, ISTJ will proceed to lambaste that person in self-righteous outrage. They do not deal with frustration very well and instead of having a one on one to explain their issue, they may seek instead to rid themselves of the problematic person. In all likelihood, prior to reaching this point, the ISTJ may have gotten tired of fixing the problems created by the other person rather than tell the other person so that they could fix it.


When they are done with someone, ISFP will erase a person from their lives and purge themselves of any traces or remnants of things associated with them. ISFPs will treat such a person as though they don’t exist and will ignore them in public and on social media. Life is just too short to be dealing with people that spoil their happiness or spread negativity like a virus. Although they are normally very nice and friendly people, ISFPs can become very cold and unforgiving to a person they are done with.


When they’re done with someone, ISTP will become ice cold towards them and won’t show an ounce of feeling or concern for them. They may go on the offensive and project a menacing capacity for causing them harm or flippantly engage in passive aggressive acts that demonstrate their contempt. Outside of that they will shut a person out of their lives but may try to showcase how much better off they are than the other person in an attempt to trigger jealousy and envy in them.


When they are done with someone, ESFP will assert their self esteem and remind the other person why they don’t need them and that they are better looking or better this and better that etc. ESFP will insist that they have more going for them and try to make the other person feel like inferior or undesirable. They will make a point of demonstrating who needs who and that they are the real star of the show, not the other person.

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When they lose it with someone, an ESTP is likely to snap and resort to physical force. ESTPs are impulsive and active but they are not necessarily violent. But they are reactive and sometimes temperamental and so when they become fed up with someone they may let their fists do the talking. Afterwards they may not regret it either, as physical expression of their feelings is probably very cathartic and satisfying for them.

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