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The Worst Insults For Each Myers-Briggs Type

worst insult myers briggs

What’s the most insulting thing someone could say to you? Is it something about your physical appearance? Your habits? Maybe your abilities or intellect? The answer might be predictable based on your MBTI type. Here is a look at what each of the 16 personality types might find most offensive when it comes to insults.


Insulting an INFJ is not hard because they are pretty sensitive to criticism. They however may take special exception with insults about their character, sense of integrity and the quality or value of advice they give. INFJs hate being accused of being evil or malevolent since they tend to view themselves as someone who has humanity’s best interests in mind. Rejecting their advice, minimizing their feelings (like telling them to “get over it” or toughen up) and mistaking their kindness for weakness are all offenses likely to hit INFJ the hardest.



One of the most insulting things you can do to an INFP is accuse them of being a phony or a copycat. INFPs are individualists who make it a point to cultivate an identity that is unique an all their own. They are naturally creative and full of originality and it would go against their creative interests to be treated like just another follower of the herd. INFPs also have a hard time not taking criticism of their work personally. What they create is like their baby and like any good parent they want that baby to be accepted and validated by the world. Claiming that what they do has no value would be devastating.


Insulting an INTJ’s intelligence or accusing them of being incompetent is probably the quickest way to rattle their ego. INTJ’s typically view themselves as the one’s dispensing the judgement and so being on the receiving end of it will likely arouse their indignation. The worst insults against an INTJ would be to question their credibility or show a deliberate lack of trust in their competence by having someone else go in behind them to check everything they do or supervise them closely while they work.

I'm not insulting you. I'm describing you.


Probably the most affronting insults you could levy against an INTP is to claim that they are dense, sensitive, obtuse or that they have a lack of imagination. Implying that they don’t possess the cognitive capacity to fathom or comprehend a concept is like a smack in the face as well as a direct challenge. Not all INTPs are genius and most INTPs are rather modest about their intellectualism. But the INTP is nothing if not a thinker and regardless of how intellectually gifted they are, they will devote more time and energy than probably anyone towards solving and mastering the most confounding problems just to prove a point.

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Questioning their integrity and moral rectitude is probably the biggest affront to an ENFJ. ENFJs have a strong desire to be liked and to be almost perfect in the eyes of others. In the process they try to be everything to everybody and so being branded as an evildoer and receiving a scarlet letter of social condemnation on their foreheads would be devastating to their heroic sense of self. They view themselves as “the good guy” or a moral crusader but sometimes this may also set them up for disappointment if they set for themselves too high a standard forgetting that at the end of the day they are only human.


An ENFP would likely find it most offensive when someone accuses them of being mediocre, insincere, fake/disingenuous or of being an outright bad human being. ENFPs do desire validation from others for their work and creativity and criticism of their abilities can be tough to swallow. They would like to view themselves as the genuine and authentic ones who are the first to call out other people on their bullsh*t. They keep it real and allegations that they don’t would be a direct hit to their ego.


The worst insult to an ENTJ would probably be poverty and being perceived as a lowly peasant or a failure. ENTJs are among the highest earning MBTI personalities along with ESTJs and they are natural leaders who are motivated to go out and stake their claim in the world. ENTJs who come from humble beginnings are likely to become a success story because they are restless and full of ambition. Accusing them of being small-minded or petty in their thinking would also be an extreme affront to them.


The most insulting things you could say to an ENTP is accuse them of being a stodgy, regressive, closed-minded conventionalist. ENTPs get off on poking the hornet’s nest and testing boundaries and so their whole image anything but orthodox. They fancy themselves as true critical thinkers with the imagination to entertain perspectives, possibilities and ideas that even they don’t believe in simply as an exercise of both rational and creative thinking.


The worst thing you could probably say to an ISTJ is that they are dumb, lazy and unreliable. ISTJs are probably the most diligent and thankless workers of all the MBTI types. They do a lot without asking for much in the way of recognition although they certainly appreciate it when someone takes notice. They try to be above approach and to know their sh*t better than anybody. They keep on top of things and anybody who accuses them of otherwise probably hasn’t been paying attention.


The worst thing you could probably tell an ISFJ is that they are unnecessary and minimize the value of what they do in comparison with someone else. Also, calling them an indolent lazy person who is not worth their salt will also clash with their self-image as being a good upstanding and respectable person. ISFJ along with ISTJs are the salt of the earth types with old fashioned sensibilities and it’s important to them to be seen by others as being a person of good repute within their community, family and society.

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in order to insult me, I must first value your opinion.


The most insulting things you could probably say to an ESTJ is accuse them of being disorderly, not knowing what they are doing and criticizing their way of doing things as ineffective and in poor judgment. ESTJs take offense to attacks on their image and reputation which they strive to keep in good standing among their peers. Accusing them of being untrustworthy, unreliable or antisocial is likely to offend them to their core. ESTJs fancy themselves as being among the pillars of society who uphold and enforce the proper order of things.


Probably the worst insult to an ESFJ is to say that they are disposable or useless. ESFJs derive much of their self esteem from helping others and feeling like an important part of the team. ESFJs try to make everyone feel wanted and welcome and they desire the same sentiment from others. It would also be deeply offensive to an ESFJ to accuse them of being selfish and unhelpful to others especially in regards to fulfilling their obligation or duty.


The most insulting thing you could probably say to an ISFP is that they have terrible taste and aesthetic sensibilities. ISFP know what they like and they have strong judgment with regards to quality and value. ISFPs may have a quirky sense of style that others may not understand or appreciate but that’s mostly their problem. An ISFP may be sensitive to such criticism however and they may go on the defensive in response. Also, because of their creative and individualistic bend, they may take offense to being regarded as just normal or average especially if they are very talented.


An ISTP would likely take the most offense to claims or criticisms against their ability to figure out and solve tactile problems. ISTPs tend to be handy with many different things and able to craft creative solutions on the fly. They pride themselves on their ability to pick up and learn tricky skills like juggling, card tricks, origami or mechanical stuff very quickly. ISTPs are hands-on learners and insulting their wizard-like ability in this area is bound to trigger them cuz that’s their thing.


An ESTP would likely take the greatest offense to being accused of cowardice or being someone who chokes under pressure. ESTPs live in the moment and because of that they don’t always think far enough ahead for fear to even settle in. They more or less face their fears and thrive on the adrenaline rush it gives them. ESTPs pride themselves on their ability to rise to the occasion and make things happen and they live for those heroic moments where the protagonist comes through for everyone and saves them in the clinch.


The worst things you could probably say to an ESFP is call them boring, unattractive and uninteresting. ESFPs pride themselves on their capacity to jump start a dull situation with their energy and enthusiasm. They thrive on the attention and they strive to be deserving of it and so accusing them of being a dullard who lives the drab life is something that could trigger their insecurity or directly offend their ego. Attacking their appearance or their desirability will also get under their skin but as long as they have plenty of support from people who do love them, ESFPs will have little trouble brushing the haters off and telling to them to go shove it.

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