Are Scorpio and Pisces Soulmates? (The Scorpio-Pisces Attraction)

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scorpio and pisces relationship

Are Scorpio and Pisces Soulmates?

As fellow water signs, it is likely that Scorpio and Pisces bond rather easily. The Scorpio and Pisces relationship is bound to be a passionate whirlwind of intense feelings. Both signs live in a sea of emotions that are powerful, spiritual and creative. They share a love for meaningful connection, emotional support and intimate depth in both friendship and romance alike. (Btw you can check out this compatibility calculator widget to get a synastry rating of your relationship).

Whether it is a Pisces man and Scorpio woman or Pisces woman dating Scorpio man, here is a look at the Scorpio Pisces attraction and why this can be a love match made in heaven.

Why do Scorpios like Pisces?

Despite the aura of power they exude, Scorpios are deeply sensitive souls. Beneath their intimidating persona resides a bottomless pit of emotion that threatens to swallow them hole… er whole. Scorpios recognize a similar sensitivity in Pisces people who are by contrast more mellow, kind and compassionate. Unlike Pisces, Scorpio tends to sublimate their intense emotions and insecurities into a conscious or subconscious drive for power and control, possibly to protect themselves from emotional pain and feelings of vulnerability.

They may sometimes try to control their partners out of jealousy and fear and this tendency may run many romantic interests away from them. Pisces’ calm, laid back demeanor puts Scorpio at ease and provides a refuge away from the hectic demands and stressors of modern life. Pisces is more submissive and willing to let Scorpio take the lead so power struggles are not likely to be an issue. With Pisces, Scorpio is able to form a powerful emotional bond that provides the level of intimacy they love.

Scorpio and Pisces love making is bound to be exciting because both signs have a similarly raunchy libido accentuated by wild imagination. Few couples can match the type of passion that takes place between Scorpio and Pisces in bed. It will likely be aggressive, yet tender with maybe a bit of BDSM thrown in. They both appreciate the symbolic act of uniting in mind and body and the spiritual aspects of lovemaking.

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