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12 Shades of ENFP: MBTI & The Zodiac

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ENFPs and the Zodiac

Everyone has a zodiac sign and everybody has got a Myers Briggs type. Is there a correlation? Apparently not. Judging from a MBTI + zodiac poll posted by astroligion, the distribution of astrology signs across each MBTI type is fairly even. There is no strong 1 to 1 correlation, but as you might expect, there is an over-representation of introverted Myers Briggs types because well, we all know introverts dominate the internet.

It is worth noting that there is a high prevalence of water signs among the INFJ type. Water signs and INFJs are both emotional so hmmmmmm.

We are all uniquely frosted snowflakes though. Even among the Myers Briggs personalities, there is variation within each type. No two ENFPs are the same. They may share enough cognitive preferences to qualify as ENFP but by how much? Some people are just barely extroverted or just barely more of an intuitive than an sensor. What if maybe your zodiac sign can account for this? Or at least the influence of astrology on your self-image and what you’ve come to believe about yourself? Maybe Aries ENFPs are a slightly different breed than say, Pisces ENFPs.

Stupid idea? Maybe, but indulge me if you will and just roll with it. Here is an interpretation of how the ENFP personality might be expressed through each zodiac sign.

ENFP Aries – The Charmer

An ENFP born under the sign of Aries is bound to have an inner fire and restlessness that compels them to be always active. They likely have clever minds and have a love for repartee and verbal jousting They are probably competitive and confident and unafraid to go after what they want. Although headstrong, they project a persona that is affable and receptive to other’s opinions. The Aries ENFP might seem nosy at times and have a tendency to ask invasive questions or push other’s buttons just to get a reaction. They like to test boundaries, but with their natural charm and charisma, they are generally able to get away with it. This type of ENFP is probably especially impulsive and impatient with perhaps an accentuated ego to boot.

ENFP Taurus – The Lover

The Taurus ENFP may be something of a lothario beyond that of the normal ENFP. They are highly creative and imaginative romantica and they appreciate the good things in life. Despite the unstructured nature of their perceiving preference, the Taurus ENFP likely places high import on stability and security. They are probably excellent providers and emotional supporters of their loved ones. They may have an emotional response to money though and may on occasion be imprudent with their finances. They love to spoil their loved ones especially because they love being appreciated and the gratitude they receive from helping others. They have to may have to exercise some restraint though and be mindful of what they can realistically afford.

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ENFP Gemini – The Provocateur

The Gemini ENFP is likely to be a very charismatic character and they are bound to be popular and well liked by many. They have a way with words and are often quick witted and humorous. They may have a poetic bend to them as well and may spontaneously quote Shakespeare while refueling their car at the gas station. They may appear more flamboyant than other ENFPs and dress in unique and edgy styles of clothing. They have the ability to toe the line between being likable and outrageous and they seem to always know just what to say to put others at ease when they are pissed of at them.

ENFP Cancer – The Bipolar

An ENFP born under the sign of the crab is likely to be more family oriented and protective of loved ones. They are probably a bit emotional and can be very happy one minute and melancholy the next. They may have a bipolar temperament and alternate between periods of hyperactive creativity and periods of inanition and despair. The Cancer ENFP likely has a childlike naivete and innocence about them that makes them endearing to others. They can also show emotional strength in the face of tragedy and rise to the occasion like no other. This ENFP is likely full of creative expression with a loony sense of humor.

ENFP Leo – The Showoff

The leonine ENFP is likely to be very proud and sometimes pompous. They may exhibit a more histrionic personality than other ENFPs and they love to show off. The Leo ENFP is a bundle of joy that radiates warmth and good cheer. They possess alot of creative energy and they find inspiration everywhere they go. They may be a bit dramatic and theatrical and they probably get a rise out of stirring up a bit of mischief. This ENFP may also possess a sense of integrity and character as well. When they are not out causing trouble, they generously give of their time and energy to help others. They do not like to see others suffering and they have a desire to find solutions to many of society’s problems.

ENFP Virgo – The Crowd Pleaser

The Virgo ENFP probably exhibits a very idealistic outlook that strives toward perfection. Their values may be special importance to them and may compel them to be uncompromising and fussy at times. They have a desire to be liked and appreciated though and this motive  underscores much of their charismatic behavior. The ENFP Virgo is probably a bit eager to please and may sometimes seek recognition and outside approval and validation from others. They may be very humorous and possess a clever and wry wit. They are rather modest yet they enjoy attention when it is lavished upon them. People enjoy listening to what they have to say because it almost always amusing and insightful.

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ENFP Libra – The Democrat

The Libra ENFP may be especially good at motivating and inspiring people. They are psychologically astute and skilled at reading and understanding what resonates with others. They are attune to other’s thoughts and feelings of people and they are compassionate towards the underdogs of society. They are proponents of harmony and are able to act as mediators of conflicts, leveraging their powers of diplomacy and creative problem solving skills to settle disputes. The Libra ENFP likely possess ample charm and a great sense of humor and they are excellent communicators.

ENFP Scorpio – The Mystic

The ENFP Scorpio is liable to be very intense emotionally and committed to their principles and ideals. They may have a spiritual side to them that believes in higher powers and cosmic energy. They entertain possibilities and they can conceive of many angles from which to view situations.. The ENFP Scorpio may appear very open and available to others, but in truth there are parts of themselves that they withhold and keep very private and personal. The positive and fun face they present to the world could belie tragedies and hurt they’ve experienced in their lives. They are able to conceal or repress inner sadness quite well from the view of others. They prefer to self-medicate and deal with their pain privately and do not want others to be worried about them.

ENFP Sagittarius – The Sophist

The Sagittarius ENFP is bound to be very opinionated and blunt yet still charming. They likely have a wry wit and good humor and are able to see the bright side to almost any situation. Travel and higher education is likely to be of interest to the Sagittarius ENFP because of their love of learning and discovering new things and ideas. They are empathetic and display concern for social and political ills that plague civilization. They are probably excellent critical thinkers and moralists who can best expose the problems in the world through the use of their creativity and satire.

ENFP Capricorn – The Leader

The Capricorn ENFP is liable to display a demeanor that can at once be both somber and looney. They are compelling leaders who can leverage their way with people to galvanize them around their vision. They are likely to be excellent communicators who speak with passion and earnestness. They like to have fun but they know when to be serious and they are able to roll up their sleeves to tackle tasks that others deem mission impossible. The Capricorn ENFP might be a little more reliable and responsible than other ENFPs. Their patience and natural teaching ability allows them to be excellent parents.

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ENFP Aquarius – The Free Radical

The Aquarius ENFP may sometimes come across as a wingnut. Their imaginations are probably overactive and they may have a propensity for forming conspiracy theories. They are likely to be very friendly and personable though and they value their friendships deeply. These ENFPs are probably very adept at networking and making business or professional connections. Their personality may be very compelling if not overbearing and forceful at times especially when they are really enthusiastic about something.

ENFP Pisces – The Visionary

A Pisces ENFP is likely an idealist to a fault. They may be ill-equipped to dealing with the mundane practical matters of everyday life. They are constantly seeking novelty and putting their creative stamp on everything they work on. They are very progressive and open minded and are likely to get on well with almost anyone. They probably have a naive and impressionable nature and may sometimes appear very gullible. Their quixotic idealism may oftentimes blind them to the reality of situations setting them up for disappointment.

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