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Venus Retrograde Explained

venus in retrograde

Venus retrograde is a celestial event that ushers in a period of introspection and reassessment in the realm of love, relationships, and values. As Venus, the planet of love and beauty, appears to move backward in the sky, its energy takes on a distinct quality, prompting us to review and reevaluate matters of the heart and matters of personal worth.

During this cyclical retrograde motion, the cosmic spotlight shines on our romantic connections, partnerships, and the things we hold dear. It’s a time when we are called to delve into the depths of our emotional experiences, challenging our existing beliefs and patterns of relating. Venus retrograde encourages us to rekindle the flames of love, revisit old relationships, and rethink our financial and artistic endeavors, offering an opportunity for growth, healing, and transformation.

What is a Retrograde?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a retrograde occurs when a planet appears to be moving backward instead of its usual forward motion. Astrologically, this represents a period of reflection and delays. Certain aspects of your life will come to a standstill. It may seem as if you’re constantly mulling over your past behaviors, choices, and relationships. This is exactly what you should do. The universe is asking you to slow down and do some major introspection.

Understanding Venus

In mythology, she is considered the Goddess of Love. Astrologically, she is the ruler of all things pleasurable in life, such as love and relationships. She is Venus, and she represents our artistic tastes, hobbies, fashion, and the way in which we present ourselves. She is also associated with fertility, creativity, and the divine feminine spirit.

As the dual ruler of Taurus and Libra, Venus is the seeker of balance and developer of values. For the most part, she is considered a benefic planet. Her diplomatic influence helps us see both sides of any given situation and to co-exist harmoniously within one another. Often, she adds pleasure to life, helping us to express our creative passions. Above all else, Venus feeds our souls. Without her, we’d be unable to feel the joys of life. We need her in order to connect and to thrive.

Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde is the rarest of them all, occurring only once every eighteen months for approximately 40 days. When this happens, Venusian energy becomes more intense. Your relationships and values are tested. Old lovers come back to haunt you. Blocked emotions surface. You may find yourself exploring the idea of reuniting with an ex. Anything is possible, and this concentrated energy isn’t exclusive to romantic relationships. Close friendships may be tested. Business partners may go their separate ways. Whatever doesn’t have a solid foundation will be shaken up. Just keep in mind, it’s all happening for a reason. Venus retrograde is about re-evaluating your relationships in order to create better ones. There is no better way to right your future than to learn from your past mistakes.

Natal Venus Retrograde

Because Venus retrograde is so rare, less than 10% of the population will have this placement. If you were born with Venus retrograde, love, beauty, and money will be given a deeper approach. Social graces that come naturally to others won’t come as easily for you. Small talk, compliments, and interaction may feel superficial. It can also be more difficult to form lasting relationships. This is because Venus is directly connected to the sun. The sun has a way of overpowering Venus, and she disappears in its bright rays. You may find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships in which you lose your individuality. People need to maintain their individuality in order to grow and evolve. If you allow your partner to take precedence in your life, you will lose the richness of what makes you “you”. Remember to make yourself a priority.

It may feel overwhelming, but there is hope. Keep in mind, you are being made to learn these lessons for a reason. Ancient astrologers believed there are karmic ties to natives born with Venus retrograde. If this is true, you can benefit from self-love as well as any form of creative expression. By learning to work through the intensity of Venus retrograde instead of fighting against it, you have the opportunity to explore your inner and outer beauty, along with how you connect with others.

Even Venus’s most challenging placements can be conquered. You can easily influence her energy by tapping into how you experience life’s pleasures. It is important to remember to put yourself first, to learn how and why you love the things you do, as well as to nurture those facets of your personality. Your relationships will flourish if you can learn to make yourself your most valuable asset.

Do’s & Don’ts During Venus Retrograde

During this transit, you’re not seeing love as clearly. You’re identifying a need within yourself while wearing “rose-colored” glasses. Trying to meet this need at this time is not a good idea. Remember, it’s about re-evaluation, not action. When it comes to matters of love, beauty, and money—be cautious! Don’t do anything drastic until Venus comes out of retrograde. This includes big expenditures, makeovers, plastic surgery, artistic projects, and committing to new relationships. Wait until the period is over or else you may end up regretting your decisions.

The effects of Venus retrograde vary depending on where it’s occurring in your birth chart. Look to see which house she is traveling through to understand how this transit will affect you personally:

Venus Retrograde in Aries/ First House

Themes of self-esteem and self-love should be explored. This is a time when you will seek to better understand yourself and to re-evaluate the “I” in the Aries motto, “I AM”.

Venus Retrograde in Taurus/ Second House

Values are given deeper thought, including money, material possessions, and your sense of security. You may find your earning potential increases or decreases during this time. This is a good opportunity to assess everything that gives your life meaning as well as eliminating the things that do not.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini/ 3rd House

Gemini and the third house rule communication. Good communication is a necessary requirement to build successful, lasting relationships. Here, Venus will force you to take a closer look at your interactions with others.

Venus Retrograde in Cancer/ 4th House

Home and family related themes come up when Venus turns retrograde in the fourth house. Here, you may experience real estate issues, such as renovations, buying or selling property, and possibly moving. Deeper consideration is given to your immediate family as well as your parents.

Venus Retrograde in Leo/ 5th House

This house rules children, creativity, pleasure, hobbies, and romance. How do you experience life’s joys? You may be giving this question greater thought as Venus travels back through the fifth house. This is a time when you should focus on self-expression as well as the ways in which you experience joy.

Venus Retrograde in Virgo/ 6th House

Topics surrounding health and well-being will come up during this period. Poor choices may come back to haunt you. This is a great time to consider starting a new diet/fitness routine.

Venus Retrograde in Libra/ 7th House

Since Venus rules Libra, this transit will carry more intensity. Your relationships are being tested—some may break apart. It’s important to use this time to consider which of your relationships serve you and which of them do not. Remember, you can’t grow and evolve unless you allow toxic people to fall away from your life. Once you do this, you’re making room for new relationships to blossom.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio/ 8th House

Venus retrograde in Scorpio often brings up issues of power plays. Consider where you give your power away. The value you place on yourself will be mirrored in your relationships. During this period, focus your attention on the strength of those values.

Venus Retrograde in Sagittarius/ 9th House

Higher education, travel, and international communications are all themes that may arise. It’s a great time to consider taking up new studies, courses, or programs to expand your mind.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn/ 10th House

Career comes into focus when Venus travels back through the tenth house. You may receive a promotion or increased responsibility. On the other hand, you may also be considering taking a new path. Now is a good time to focus on how the world perceives you and whether or not that perception is serving you.

Venus Retrograde in Aquarius/ 11th House

Aquarius rules friends, groups of people, social media, and communities. Venus in retrograde here may bring about your past friendships and connections. You may also be considering revamping your online presence. Now is a great time to consider your role in both online and social communities.

Venus Retrograde in Pisces/ 12th House

Pisces rules the subconscious and all things hidden. Venus in retrograde here will bring “secrets” to light, especially those involving love and money. Secret affairs and shady investments will be exposed. On the other hand, this transit can also deepen your connection to your spiritual beliefs.

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