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Venus in the 8th House – Forbidden Love and Hidden Feelings

venus in 8th house

Venus in House Eight

Whatever house in which Venus appears, that house will be graced with an element of harmony and cooperation. However, in the 8th house, much of Venus’ influence will be resisted and kept at arm’s length. The desire to connect with others can be thwarted by a fear of being hurt and taken advantage of. This placement can foster a struggle to keep emotions under control especially with regard to love and relationships. The Eighth House is ruled by Scorpio and the planets Mars and Pluto.

The 8th house in astrology is that of transformation and spiritual death and rebirth. It is also associated with power, secrets, sexuality taboos and other people’s money as opposed to the 2nd house which is concerned with personal finances. Negative emotions and feelings of resentment may also accumulate here and serve as emotional baggage that can lead to destructive behavior. Here is where growth and new beginnings especially of a spiritual nature may be catalyzed. Reinvention and physical communion are also associated with the 8th house. All things must come to an end but for every end awaits a new beginning. The cycle of change and regeneration is an intrinsic aspect of life that we experience in many forms both in the literal and symbolic.

Joint ownership and things of a communal nature fall under the purview of the eighth house. Leases, debts, inheritances, borrowed objects, taxes, alimony and insurance are just some of things that are of relevance. Additionally, financial and spiritual support from others are addressed. New opportunities that open doors but come attached with obligations or debt to others. Everything comes at a cost and sooner or later what is owed must eventually be payed. To get what is desired, something must be given or sacrificed. This exchange represents the cost for spiritual evolution and the price of wisdom and power.

Sometimes, the cost can be too great and lead to one’s own self destruction. On the other hand, not paying what is due can result in what we value being taken from us. As long as we remain under the auspices of lords and debtors, we must learn to manage obligations to them. The will to power and self determinism is encouraged under the 8th house and every iteration of it may facilitate the next step in the individual’s ascension or promotion towards self-fulfillment. Faced with obstacles and tribulations, there is the opportunity for triumph and victory through struggle and sometimes violence and destruction. In the wake that destruction, reconstruction and reformation can occur.

Venus in 8th House Natal Chart

You seek intense devotion from your romantic partners and have little interest in lukewarm or casual hookups. You are attracted to people who are unusual and have some interesting layers to their personality. Superficiality and traditional types of people are boring to you. Your fear of being betrayed or heartbroken, makes it difficult to trust fully. Whoever you do admit into your heart, you may become possessive over. There may be struggles with jealousy and a tendency to overreact to perceived threats to their happiness.

You offer to people, tranquil stories of love, and easy going adventures devoid of passion and emotionality. Your disposition is well-suited to deal with crises, thrills, wounds, and healings. It is likely that, whether conscious or subconsciously, you create some drama in your relations with others. Love grows on contrasts, transformations, and self-questionings. Your ideal? To die out of love! Your libido is powerful and demanding.

Once you commit to someone, you give yourself wholeheartedly and desire much the same in return. Physical expressions of love and passion have a restorative influence for your spirit. You seek that which is left-of-center and are attracted to things that are not mainstream or commonplace. You see the beauty in the flaws and imperfections that others reject. Others may either find your intensity intimidating or intriguing.

When it comes to money, Venus in the 8th house bestows favorable prospects in business and the acquisition of wealth. With this placement, marriage and partnerships prove to be highly beneficial and increase access to resources and advancement. You are able to connect with the right people at the right time who will aid you in your ventures. You enjoy taking an active role in coordinating relationships and fostering positive relations with others.

You can be a provocateur and sometimes stimulate conversation through the pushing of people’s buttons. You know how to get a reaction that opens people up and reveals their true feelings and lower their inhibitions and polite mien. This can earn you respect and popularity as well and allow you to gain friends and patrons who appreciate your rawness.

Your way of seducing and flirting can throw people off balance in it’s intensity and directness. It is important that you avoid using your sexual magnetism as a tool for power. Venus in the 8th house bestows beauty and pleasure and a love for things hidden and powerful. You love to give and receive and you are willing to do some pretty freaky things that might be too taboo for most people.

Venus in 8th House Transit

Venus attempts to reach out to open up some channels of communication but may be obstructed by trust issues and an unwillingness to show vulnerability. Venus in the 8th house, is cautious in love but beneath their shyness is a desire to share themselves fully and passionately. Even when in a relationship, Venus in the 8th house may indicate feelings of being shut out by their partners and that there are things being withheld from them.

This placement also imbues a willingness to accept the hand that is dealt and to deal with unfortunate events with a reasonable amount of grace and understanding. There is a lot of generosity here but that doesn’t mean you don’t keep score. Fairness and justice is important to you and you do not like being exploited or taken advantage of. But you are quick to forgive the shortcomings of others and pardon them if they are contrite or well meaning. You are able to readily adapt to unexpected challenges and misfortunes and work through them.

You may be enjoying certain luxuries and privileges thanks to your partner or inheritances bequeathed to you. Self-discipline may be lacking and there may be a propensity for indulgences and laziness on your part. You may have an obsessive nature and a preoccupation with your sensuality and having sumptuous experiences. Metaphysics and paranormal matters are likely to be of interest to you. Venus in the 8th house also indicates a taste for danger and risk-taking. You have dark fantasies and are looking for a love that satisfies your powerful desires.

Venus in 8th House Celebrities

Nolwenn Leroy – Born: September 28, 1982
Sharon Tate – Born: January 24, 1943
Catherine Zeta-Jones – Born: September 25, 1969
Mother Teresa – Born: August 26, 1910
Miley Cyrus – Born: November 23, 1992
Natalie Portman – Born: June 9, 1981
Jennifer Lawrence – Born: August 15, 1990
John Fitzgerald Kennedy – Born: May 29, 1917
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex – Born: September 15, 1984
José Bové – Born: June 11, 1953
Demi Moore – Born: November 11, 1962
Renée Zellweger – Born: April 25, 1969
Gwen Stefani – Born: October 3, 1969
Kylie Jenner – Born: August 10, 1997


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