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Pisces and Taurus Compatibility: Love and Friendship

pisces and taurus compatibility

Pisces and Taurus compatibility

Do Pisces and Taurus go together? Taurus and Pisces are sextile, or two signs apart. While this isn’t necessarily an effortless combination, it’s a rewarding one, because Taurus and Pisces give each other something the other one lacks. Taurus is earthy, solid, staid, patient, and sensual. Pisces is dreamy, imaginative, humble, and spiritual. However, when they come together, they may not understand each other at first, but they represent something the other wants and may hope or try to be. Here is a look at Pisces and Taurus compatibility and why the Pisces and Taurus couple can be a match made in heaven.

Pisces and Taurus Attraction: A soothing chamomile tea (with sugar).

For Taurus, Pisces seems to be living the dream: it can find the beauty in anything and everything and always had more room in its heart for one more of God’s creatures. On the other hand, Taurus seems to have all the strength, practicality, and ability to navigate the real world and find success in it without giving up that Pisces so desperately wants. Whereas they may not necessarily want to become like the other all the time, they admire each other’s natural ability.

However, it could take a little effort for these two to get together, as Taurus is stubborn, especially in youth, and Pisces is avoidant and a chameleon (or more likely, a funhouse mirror) especially in youth. Pisces can appear to be whoever Taurus wants it to be, but it only reflects Taurus’s exaggerated stalwart image for so long.

A more mature Pisces will let Taurus be the hero, the one who keeps the home fires burning while Pisces wanders off and wanders back. Pisces then brings magic into the more mature Taurus’s world, helping to create a beautiful life full of beautiful things just for the two of them.

The Taurus and Pisces Friendship

Do Pisces and Taurus get along as friends? Pisces and Taurus compatibility also extends to friendship. They can become good friends, growing closer over time, usually because of shared aesthetic interests. These two are more likely to be the two best artists in class who are suspicious of and yet very intrigued by the other, ultimately becoming best friends. One is structured and controlled, and the other is loose and free. Taurus finishes what it starts, and Pisces looks adorable with paint in its hair. Together, they’re an artistic super-duo who get things done.

Not that their friendship has to have a purpose in order to materialize, but it ought to have one to keep them together. When these two get together, they make the world a more beautiful place. Even if for some reason they’re not artistic by themselves, they’re much more artistic together. Anything, from shopping for stylish clothes and doing each other’s makeup to writing songs and playing in a band, Taurus and Pisces can inspire each other and work well because they let each other do their own thing just enough to blend together harmoniously.

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Pisces and Taurus Romance: Days of wine and roses.

Now let’s discuss Pisces and Taurus compatibility in romance. What happens when you put two of the most romantic signs of the zodiac together? You get two romance junkies feeding each other’s addictions in the sweetest codependency. Pisces and Taurus dating is not a joke. On one hand, you have Taurus being the knight in shining armor (regardless of gender), and Pisces looking up to the hero holding down the fort and getting them through another day. Pisces is the mystic creature high in the castle or just at the edge of the horizon, beckoning Taurus closer and closer.

The only problem is that Taurus needs to possess and “have” Pisces, who never really can be grasped. It’s like trying to close one’s fist to catch water. Pisces dreams of nothing less than to be rocked in the steady arms of a steady lover and held tightly and forever, but all the sensual delights can’t bring Pisces down to Earth.

Sure, Pisces can enjoy flowers, satin sheets, champagne, and all night sex, but whereas Taurus is completely and totally absorbed in the moment and really taking in all the sensual pleasure and giving it back in rhythm, Pisces is still holding a little bit further back, trying to find a spiritual purpose to it all. To Taurus, this seems like running away or wanting to be somewhere else, which can be taken as rejection.

What may work for  Pisces and Taurus compatibility  in the bedroom is tantric sex or some other form of spiritual sexuality, or to be more imaginative in the bedroom. Pisces is much more accommodating than Taurus, so Taurus will have to encourage its partner to open up and say what it wants. Role-playing may be just the thing if Taurus can play along, as that allows Pisces to try being different types of people in the bedroom and to explore fantasies without worrying that they have to come true, because Pisces – unlike Taurus – doesn’t necessarily want to live out its fantasies.

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On the other hand, Pisces may struggle to initiate sex, rather waiting for Taurus to do all the work. Taurus needs to be the recipient of affection, but moreover, needs to feel sexually desirable in order to enjoy sex. This means being pursued, but also being actively seduced. While staid Taurus may not outwardly show this desire, it’s still a sensual creature that appreciates beauty and wants it’s own beauty to be appreciated. A back rub, a compliment, or a kiss on the neck are all good starts to make Taurus feel that Pisces truly desires Taurus physically.

One thing to note is that this could be a Beauty and the Beast combination where people think one partner is absolutely out of the other’s league. That partner could be Taurus or Pisces, since they tend to either be very conventionally beautiful or very unconventional-looking.

Pisces and Taurus Relationship Problems : A closed fist holds no water

The Pisces and Taurus compatibility has it’s share of challenges and obstacles to a smooth and harmonious relationship. Taurus is slow to anger, and Pisces is hypersensitive and tends to blame themselves for other’s feelings. One of the biggest problems this combo has is that Pisces wonders what’s wrong when Taurus is being quiet or just wants to be left alone to watch television and eat Doritos.

On the other hand, Taurus can’t quite figure out Pisces’s changeable, wistful moods or need to run off by itself and hide. They both need down time, but not quite in the same way. Taurus is the master of vegging, the king of relaxation. Taurus knows how to just chill and have a good time, a rare talent in this day and age. It can chill with others or by itself, so long as it’s chilling. Taurus can spend the entire day sitting in the shade, drinking a beer, and not feeling as if there’s anything more it needs to do, giving absolutely no fucks.

This can bother Pisces, because when it needs to recharge, it needs to hole up and hide. Pisces doesn’t want to come home to all of Taurus’s friends on the sofa watching a movie; it wants to go upstairs, put on music, and dream the night away. Pisces knows how to push Taurus’s buttons, and while it doesn’t intend, it can frustrate the hell out of straight-shooting Taurus who doesn’t want to deal with the run-around of trying to read someone else’s mind, which is exactly what Pisces wants. By the time Taurus blows up, Pisces is running for cover, trying to figure out how to smooth things over.

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Pisces doesn’t do confrontation, and Taurus will only do it if pushed to the very edge. It’s like a shadow: the more you try to close in, the more it just disappears. Taurus is usually very gentle and patient, but it also really would prefer people didn’t beat around the bush (as Pisces is so apt to do) in order to avoid any hint of problem. Pisces has to realize that it’s okay to have a little tension, and that it’s not the end.

After all, what brings them together is the music, the shared dream, and that’s bigger than the struggle over who keeps kicking their socks under the sofa (honestly, it’s both of them).

That’s the scoop on Pisces and Taurus compatibility. You can find descriptions of more zodiac match ups in the links below and if you like this post, feel free to share it and subscribe to receive notifications of the latest posts by email.

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pisces and taurus compatibility

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