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ESFP Explained: What it Means to be the ESFP Personality Type.

The ESFP personality is described as the “tactical Performer” by MBTI analyst David Keirsey. Spontaneous, playful, enthusiastic and highly expressive, the ESFP male or female is an extrovert who is ...
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infj compatibility

INFJ Compatibility with the Rational Types

In the MBTI, there is no right or wrong pairing when it comes to matchmaking. However, it stands to reason that some types will get along more easily than others ...
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ENTP Defined: What It Means to be the ENTP Personality Type

Clever, inventive, novelty seeking and persuasive, the ENTP is an extrovert who engages with the world in a creative, intellectually curious and adaptable manner. Restless and prone to boredom, ENTPs ...
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Infj personality

INFJ Defined: What It Means to be the INFJ Personality Type

The INFJ is one of 16 Myers Briggs personality types. They are described as the “advocate” and “diplomatic counselor”. These terms hint at the humane and supportive nature of this ...
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zodiac sign personality

What Your Zodiac Sign Really Says About You

What does the zodiac say about you? The zodiac is a collection of constellations that tell movements of the sun and moon, as well as, other planets. You will find ...
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isfp mbti

ISFP Explained: What It Means to be the ISFP Personality Type

The ISFP is one of the 16 MBTI personality types and form part of the “Artisan” temperament group along with the ESFP, ESTP and ISTP. Sensitive, observant and creative, the ...
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The ESFJ Personality: What It Means to be the “Consul” MBTI Type

Warm, cheerful, conscientious and social, the ESFJ is an extravert who seeks to help others and be a valuable contributor. Estimated at around 10% of the population, ESFJs are relatively ...
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istj woman

ISTJ Defined: What it Means to be the ISTJ Personality Type.

The ISTJ personality type has been dubbed as the “logistical Inspector” and “logistician”. Estimated at around 10% of the population, they are among the more common personality types in the ...
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mbti bossy

How Bossy You Are Based on MBTI Type

Are you bossy or toady? Does telling people what to do come naturally to you or is it something you avoid? Here is a look at how bossy you are ...
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mbti most hated

What Each MBTI Type is Most Hated For

No matter who you are, there’s always going to be someone who despises your existence. Either out of jealousy, negative perceptions, misconceptions or fundamental differences, some people will just not ...
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Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon

Pisces Sun-Scorpio Moon – “The Magnetic Mystic”

Pisces Sun Scorpio Moon The pisces sun scorpio moon personality is likely to be a bit intense and carry a hint of mystery about them. Emotionally, they are very deep. They are passionate and compassionate ...
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astrology misconceptions

3 Common Misconceptions about Astrology

There are many common misconceptions about astrology in the Western world. Astrology in America has been turned into a form of entertainment and is not taken seriously by many people. However, the truth is that ...
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How Each MBTI Type Approaches Problem Solving

How Each MBTI Type Approaches Problem Solving

Problems are commonplace but finding a good solution is sometimes hard to come by. When things go wrong, do you have a nervous breakdown or keep calm and carry on? Here is a brief take ...
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12 shades of esfj

12 Shades of ESFJ: MBTI & the Zodiac

ESFJ and the Zodiac The ESFJ personality has been dubbed as the “Logistical Provider” by David Keirsey in his book “Please Understand Me II”. As such, the ESFJ personality is noted for their desire to ...
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sagittarius temper

Sagittarius Temper – 6 Things That Anger Sagittarius

Sagittarius can be considered to be the most jovial and humorous sign of the zodiac. However, despite the levity and mirth associated with this sign, they can also be tempestuous as well. Like with the ...
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worst temper zodiac

Which Zodiac Sign Has The Worst Temper?

Everyone has their limits. Under the right conditions, even the most loving and kind hearted people have the capacity for rage and fury. Here is a look at the top 6 most temperamental Zodiac Signs ...
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33 Struggles of Being An Introvert

In recent times it's become more fashionable to be an introvert. A spate of pro-introvert books including Susan Cain's Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, probably had a large role ...
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The Shadow Ego of Each Myers Briggs Type

The Shadow Ego of Each Myers Briggs Type

In 1993 at the APT conference in Huntington Beach, CA., Jungian analyst John Beebe (ENTP) introduced a pioneering theory of the sequence of the eight mental functions. His theory proposes that each of our 4 preferred functions ...
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mbti adaptability

How Adaptable You Are Based on MBTI Type

In the MBTI, perceiver types are, by definition, more adaptable than judging types. However, perceivers can be inflexible about certain things and judgers can more pliant about other things. Here is a look at how ...
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mbti nemesis shadow

The Arch Nemesis of Each MBTI Type

Each MBTI type has a type opposite comprised of all the same functions but in reverse order. This opposite type is likely to pose the greatest difficulty for getting along harmoniously. Misunderstandings and clashes are ...
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