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Mercury in the 12 house – Abstract Thinker

Mercury in House Twelve Mercury in the 12th House Overview: Mercury in the 12th house is a placement that can bring about an intellectual interest in analyzing and learning about ...
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ENTJ Shadow: The Dark Side of ENTJ

According to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, The Shadow represents the unconscious part of our mind that is host to the repressed and largely negative aspects of our personality. The Shadow ...
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ISFJ Shadow: The Dark Side of ISFJ

The shadow is a concept introduced by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. The shadow represents what Jung believed to be the unconscious and repressed aspects of our personality that operate beneath ...
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ESTP Explained: What It Means to be the ESTP Personality Type

Persuasive, energetic and enterprising, the ESTP is an extravert with a pioneering spirit. While ISTPs are apt to develop proficiency in their operation of tools and machines, ESTPs display skill ...
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istp personality

ISTP Explained: What It Means to be the ISTP Personality Type

Reserved, audacious, tactile and tough-minded, the ISTP male or female is an introvert who is not afraid to get their hands dirty. They are emotionally restrained yet driven by their ...
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Numerology Numbers and their Meanings

Numerology has suddenly taken оvеr thе whоlе world nowadays. Thеrе аrе umpteen number оf cine stars whо аrе changing thеіr names tо bе іn thе league оf celebrities whо have ...
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estj personality

ESTJ Explained: What It Means to be the ESTJ Personality Type

Decisive, orderly and dependable, the ESTJ is a pragmatic extrovert with an interest in logistics and technical systems. They are type A personalities who believe in doing things by the ...
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ESFP Explained: What it Means to be the ESFP Personality Type.

The ESFP personality is described as the “tactical Performer” by MBTI analyst David Keirsey. Spontaneous, playful, enthusiastic and highly expressive, the ESFP male or female is an extrovert who is ...
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infj compatibility

INFJ Compatibility with the Rational Types

In the MBTI, there is no right or wrong pairing when it comes to matchmaking. However, it stands to reason that some types will get along more easily than others ...
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ENTP Defined: What It Means to be the ENTP Personality Type

Clever, inventive, novelty seeking and persuasive, the ENTP is an extrovert who engages with the world in a creative, intellectually curious and adaptable manner. Restless and prone to boredom, ENTPs ...
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moon in 12th house pinterest

Moon in the 12th House – Dreamy Loner

Moon in House Twelve The moon in the 12th house (also known as the house of Self Undoing), produces an individual who keeps a lot of things to themselves. They are very guarded about their ...
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moon in the 3rd house pinterest

Moon in the 3rd House- Intuitive Communicator

Moon in House Three The moon in the 3rd house is a placement that cultivates a strong ability or desire to articulate what is felt and also a very receptive attitude to intellectual discourse and ...
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infamous cults (2)

6 of the Most Infamous Cults in History

It’s in human nature to believe in something. Whether it is a moral code, a faith, a system, or a person, we all seek to identify ourselves with a concept and guide our rationale around ...
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Adam Driver Astrology Chart

Adam Driver Astrology Chart

Adam Driver was born November 19, 1983. He is a former marine turned actor who now stars as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. His sun sign is Scorpio and his moon in ...
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How To Survive as an ENTJ Personality Type - The Commander

How To Survive as an ENTJ Personality Type – The Commander

Have you ever found it tough to fit in with certain social situations as an ENTJ personality type according to the Myers Briggs personality type test? ...
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Sun opposite moon

Moon Opposite Sun – Conflict of Interests ?☀️

The moon in opposition with the sun suggests a conflict between the masculine and feminine, the past and future, the internal versus the external. The Sun-Moon opposition in the natal chart may indicate struggles with ...
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neptune astrology

Neptune in Astrology

Neptune Overview: In astrology, the planet Neptune is regarded as the great Dissolver. The object of dissolution is the ego and the preoccupation with selfish pursuits. Neptune is the planet of mysticism and spiritual awakening ...
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Pisces Sun Aries Moon Personable yet strong-willed, the pisces sun-aries moon personality is likely to be an interesting balance of serenity and strength. They are dreamers who dream big and have the wherewithal to chase ...
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mbti freudian complexes

The Freudian Complex That Best Describes Each MBTI Type

The concept of a psychological complex was born out of the work of Jung and Freud. It refers to an abnormal pattern of emotions, memories, and perceptions that manifest as certain impulses, desires and drives ...
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Epic List Of 100 Free Personality Tests On The Internet

Epic List Of 100 Free Personality Tests On The Internet

Here is a collection of psychological tests designed to assess various aspects of personality ...
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