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Life Path Number 6 Numerology

Life Path Number 6 Numerology

Life Path 6: Caretaking and Taking Care

In numerology, the life path is the general course of your current incarnation, the things you’ll want to do and be, the struggles you may have, and the lessons you will (hopefully) learn. Here is a look at the significance of life path 6 in numerology.

Who are Sixes?

Number 6 is the often called the caregiver. It corresponds to the 6th house, and to a certain extent, Virgo (with a touch of Cancer and Libra) in Western astrology. The number 6 wants to fix things and make everything better. They seek balance, wellness, and perfection, and are often drawn to helping people, healing ailments, and righting wrongs. This isn’t merely a philosophical or intellectual exercise for them: they must roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in order to fix and heal.

And they are primarily healers. They may become overwhelmed by the inherent iniquity of life, but they take solace in their people. In numerology #6 is the glue that keeps a family or community together, providing a good laugh or a good meal. Among those people may be the kind who are specifically looking for someone to fix them: life path number 6 gets more than it’s fair share of stray cats and may be considered somewhat of a weirdo magnet until they learn to develop strong, healthy boundaries. However, since they accept people as they come, sixes usually have strong family relationships and a wide circle of friends.

To that end, they find it difficult to say no to people, at least when they’re younger, in part because they can’t leave something undone, and in part because they feel that they must do as they’re asked to do in order to be good people, even if it’s a sacrifice or to their own detriment. The good news is that if they want help, they have a lot of people to ask (though not necessarily a lot of people to rely on). Those with life path number 6 are like George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life: they learn that in this life, real treasure is the relationships you have.

What’s the number 6 Life Path Lesson?

The Life Path number 6 person must find balance. While they want to make everything right, they have to take time to care for themselves, too. They can be very harsh and unforgiving of themselves for being less than perfect; they’ll forget to give themselves the same nurturing and acceptance they give others. Once they understand that all things happen in an ebb and flow, and that there are things they can control and things they can’t, and that sometimes love means giving people room to make mistakes so they can grow, they can find inner peace. Once they find peace, they can truly open their arms and embrace the entire world.

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That world includes a place for them too, and they don’t have to earn love. After a while, they hopefully learn that they too, deserve love and respect because they’re human, not because they buy or barter for it.

Part of the less of learning to balance things is to know when to stop trying to fix something or someone, especially when it’s clear that other people don’t want to solve their problems or that they’re unwilling to the work. Those with Life Path 6 tend to attract professional victims who want their attention but not their help, making sixes wonder what they’re doing wrong. As they age, Life Path 6 gets better at knowing what’s a cause they can take up, and what’s one that they should avoid.

Careers for Life Path 6:

Sixes are natural healers and caretakers, so the healing arts, particularly anything nurturing, like nursing, therapy, and teaching or caring for small children are good choices. They also like to bring people together and figure out what they’re best at, so management is a good choice (management and childcare isn’t actually all that different).

While medicine, engineering, and even law may be considered because they allow them to find and fix problems, this kind of work may be too separated from daily interactions with regular people to satisfy sixes, who need to be in and among those they serve.

Sixes are aesthetes who may desire careers in the arts, particularly in arts more accessible to the masses, such as interior design, folk music, pottery and ceramics, and cooking. The culinary arts may be just a hobby or a career.

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Sixes are pretty good at making money: it just seems to come to them, and they always manage to get what they need since they’re creative, flexible, and understand what people want and how to give it to them. They’re also frugal in that regard, since they can fix anything or repurpose it.

Sixes may enjoy entrepreneurship, since it gives them both control and a need to make customers and clients happy. After all, what does an entrepreneur do but solve a problem, especially if they’re in a custom-product or service-oriented business? So long as they feel needed, they’ll keep working.

Sixes in love:

Number 6 people are idealists who want a princess or a prince, and may be disappointed when someone they idealize turns out to be very much a human being. Sixes are romantics though, and they believe that love, and being in love, opens them up to an entirely new level of meaning in life. For them, love is service and caring, and they expect to give their all, and in return, get someone’s all.

Sixes have a tendency to confuse being needed with being loved, and may find themselves always trying to give to someone whose needs are insatiable or ever-changing. However, once they find someone worthy, they’re capable of tremendous things, and they will work hard to make a dream come true.

The Dark Side of number 6:

People with life path 6 have a hard time saying no, so they expect others to just create their boundaries for them or to read their minds. They set incredibly high standards for themselves and everyone else. They feel guilty when they don’t meet impossible standards and criticize others for not meeting the standards they set out.

Most of the hurt number 6 doles out is out of their own self-doubt, largely turned inward, but they can nitpick others flaws or project their own onto other people while insisting that they’re perfect. They may try to heal those who don’t want to be healed or fix things that aren’t necessarily broken in order to prove that they’re worthwhile and needed. An extremely negative six behavior may be akin to Munchausen’s syndrome or Munchausen’s by proxy, where they actually engineer crises so they can be the heroes who save the day and makes everything better.

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Sixes often find themselves in the middle of conflicts, trying to resolve problems and bring people together. They may think this just happens to them, but they often put themselves in this position because they can’t stand tension and because they may feel it’s their job to fix things. Sixes may even “train” the people around them to come to them for advice and/or to be dependent on them to make things right.

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