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Why Each Myers-Briggs Type Is Single

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The single life is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it offers more freedom and control over one’s time and resources but on the other hand, it can be lonely and most people would like someone around to share their lives with. Of course, some people actually prefer being single for any number of reasons. Here is a look at why each MBTI type is likely to be single.


INFJ may be single because of their tendency to be highly selective about who and what they’re attracted to. Even after they enter a relationship, they may ruin it by placing unrealistic expectations on their partners that lead to disappointment, resentment and eventually break up. INFJs may go single for awhile because they are looking for their ideal soulmate who meets their particular criteria for deep, meaningful connection that has long term potential.


The INFP may often go single because of shyness. Their bashful nature can be a barrier to romance but once they warm up to someone and feel comfortable with them, their playful happy side can really flourish. They actually like to flirt but the fear of rejection often forces them to wait for others to initiate. Because INFPs are introverted, others who might otherwise be interested in them might mistakenly perceive them as unapproachable and pretentious.


INTJ may be single because other people, especially admirers, might be too intimidated to approach them. What they don’t realize, is that INTJ often struggles with how to approach people they have feelings for as well. A lot of opportunities may pass them by before they finally reach out. INTJ may also develop a negative, cynical perspective towards people namely towards that of the opposite sex which may affect their attitude of relationships.


INTPs may often be single because they can spend vast amounts of time speculating on being in a relationship while never actually doing anything about it. They tend to wait for others to initiate or show signs of interest but may often not recognize the signals when they do. Studies have shown INTPs to rate the highest in “obliviousness” with regards to other people’s feelings. INTPs may remain single due to their struggles with social anxiety and discomfort with articulating their feelings.


ENFJs may not be inclined to spend much time being single since relationships are an important part of who they are. If they are single, it is typically not for lack of effort. They are probably trying too hard and looking for love in all the wrong places perhaps putting their hopes in people who will only let them down. ENFJs may sometimes hold out for “the one” but because people tend to gravitate so naturally to them, they may find it relatively easy to become smitten with whoever shows affection and admiration for them.


ENFPs may live the single life because they like the freedom of exploring romance without any strings attached. ENFPs love being in love but a lot of them may be too picky to settle into a committed relationship. They like to flirt and can get pretty close to a variety of people without any clear intention of being in a serious relationship. Until they find that special someone whose values are in sync with theirs, ENFPs don’t mind playing the field while maintaining their single status.


ENTJ is likely to be single because of their high standards and unwillingness to settle for less than they believe they deserve or need. ENTJs are selective and may maintain a number of platonic relationships because potential partners need to prove themselves a good friend as well as lover. ENTJs may also take their time while developing friendship and rapport and are less likely to instantly fall head-over-heels for someone based on looks or physical appeal alone.


ENTPs may stay single because relationships can take a lot of energy and time investiture that they don’t always feel is worthwhile. Loving relationships are something ENTP would like to have in their life but many of them are turned off by the amount of effort required to make and keep them that way. For this reason, if an ENTP has enough interesting pursuits to keep them busy, they may forgo getting into a serious relationship. They may prefer a single life where they are free to flirt and have fun with no strings attached. They like to keep their options open for as long as they can until they’re ready to commit or settle.


ISTJ may be single because they tend to preoccupy themselves with other things and so relationships tend to become low priority on their agenda. This is not to say that they don’t desire companionship, but as introverts, their social inhibitions may serve as a barrier to their dating life. Furthermore, ISTJ’s independent nature may render them more comfortable with being single for extended periods and if they’ve been single for most of their lives, they may even become reluctant to changing their way of life to accommodate a relationship.


ISFJ is likely to be single only because they haven’t yet worked up the courage to ask out that person they like. Or it may be that they are trying to but the object of their infatuation hasn’t yet warmed up to them or reciprocated their affection. ISFJs may nonetheless persist and maintain a vacancy in their hearts that they believe only their one true love can fulfill. They may finally move on as soon as someone who actually values and enjoys their attention and affection pops into their life.


ESTJ is likely to be single because they haven’t yet found the special person that allows them be in charge and direct the action. ESTJs are not likely to have trouble getting into relationships and may be single simply because their long term relationship came to an end. And this is likely to be largely due to ESTJ’s insensitive words and criticism directed at their partner. Their sometimes harsh temper and controlling ways may sink some of their relationships.


If an ESFJ is single, it is likely because they are busy living it up with all their single friends. Once their friends begin finding romance, ESFJs will likely follow suit and be eager to do the same so as not to be left out of the fold. ESFJs are likely to put their friendships first and the relationship status of the company they keep is likely to have a strong influence on their own dating life or possible lack thereof.


ISTP is likely single because they don’t want to be pinned down in a relationship at the moment. They may be playing the field engaging in unofficial relationships that may operate more like “friendships with benefits”. The ISTP is typically not in a rush to make commitments and instead would like to focus on just enjoying the moment wherever it takes them. They may sometimes consider themselves single even if what they have with someone would qualify as a relationship by most standards.


ISFP may have trouble with shyness and confessing their feelings to someone. They may be single mostly because they are waiting for someone else to approach them, wow them and sweep them off their feet. They may be holding out for their soulmate or for what they consider to be better conditions for a relationship. Until then, ISFPs are mostly happy to be in their own private world which is likely shared with their beloved pets and other prized possessions.


ESTP is likely single because they don’t want something inconvenient such as a relationship get in the way of shacking up with that tantalizing new stranger that just walked into their lives. The ESTP is someone who loves their freedom and lots of variety. They know their next exciting fling is just around the corner and so they wouldn’t want to limit their options until they’re really ready to get serious.

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When it comes to dating and seeking a mate, ESFP can be like a kid in a candy shop. When they know they have many attractive options, ESFP will likely opt to sample as much as possible and may seem like an endless flirt. Like ESTP, they want to be free to pursue what catches their eye when it catches their eye. They are willing to take things to their natural conclusion but want to remain free to bail when things go sour.

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