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How Each Zodiac Sign Shows They Care

How the Zodiac Signs Show They Care

While we may look to Hallmark or love languages to tell us how people express their care, there’s actually more variety to love and nurturing than meets the eye. All of us have our own unique way of expressing love that is a mix our personalities and our own needs. In fact, each sign of the zodiac expresses care in a unique way.


Aries care is simple, and you never have to wonder if they care because they always let you know. Aries shows that it cares by rushing ahead of you and fighting your enemy, though Aries may not stop to consider what exactly is the thing hurting you. Aries will act as a sentinel or a knight, putting itself between you and all other things to make sure they are safe. When you’re safe, Aries brings you into a world where the rules that govern everyone else don’t apply: Aries lets you be wild and child-like, and by accepting your inner child, Aries shows that it loves and accepts the real you.


Leo thinks that there is no greater love than being a friend, and it shows care by enveloping you in the fold of friendship. Leo lets people know they care by making them feel as if they’re important and that they are welcome. Leo understands the power of praise and a well-targeted, sincere compliment, and gives them to those it cares for. Leo is also very entertaining and pleases those it cares about by being amusing in order to lighten the ambiance. Leo will use its creativity in small and little ways, depending on what its good at doing, to show care, from singing a song just for you or drawing on your lunch bag.


Sagittarius shows care by being your clown and trying to help you see the bright side of things and to remain optimistic. Sagittarius can see the silver lining in a Category 5 Hurricane. Overall, Sagittarius may come and go, but the fact that it comes back is a sign that it cares, and a sign that it has enough faith in the relationship to assume that love remains even if you two are apart. It will share its stories and ideas with those it cares about, and will introduce them to new, exotic, and exciting things to expand their horizons so that their loved ones can experience all that life has to offer.


Taurus shows that it cares by always being there for you. Once you’re family, or friend, or lover, Taurus has committed to you for life. Some Tauruses are good gift-givers (all Tauruses are good give-receivers) who find out what you like and continually give you the same wonderful thing. Taurus is a queen of denial and may help by enforcing denial, as in it’s not as bad as you think, it’s what Taurus insists it is, and the burden of defining reality is on Taurus. However, Taurus can happily be the sounding board you need because Taurus can sit and listen so long as you don’t ask Taurus to help you in any devious plans.

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Virgo is the master of smoothing things out and taking care of the details. In a way, Virgo is the master of caretaking in the subtlest of ways. Virgo won’t weep with you by your bedside if you’re ill, but it will do the dishes, make dinner, go to the pharmacy, change your sheets, and get your kids off to school so you can rest. Virgo will also tell you how to solve your problem and hopes you’ll head the advice. It’s a sure sign that Virgo doesn’t care if it isn’t asking you how you are and trying to make sure you’re eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, and taking your vitamins.


Capricorn shows that it cares by providing for you whatever service or thing you need, though it will not come with hugs, kisses, and teddy bears. You know that Capricorn cares because it opens up to you opportunities to succeed. It will provide you with the support you need so long as you remain on an upward trajectory because it prizes ambition and it knows how hard it is to get support for a long-term goal. Capricorn is steadfast and if it cares for you will remain when others have not, so long as you don’t take them for granted. This may come packaged as “tough love,” but Capricorn gives strength to those it loves.


You know that Gemini cares because it will always answer texts and emails and always answer the phone. Gemini encourages you to talk through things and think it out, and it doesn’t care what words you use so long as you consider all sides and make the soundest decision. A Gemini who cares won’t let you do something rash or act out without thinking, and will vouch for you whenever asked. Of course, Gemini may also play Devil’s advocate to give you something to argue with to ensure that you’re in the right. Gemini will indulge your wacky ideas and help you explore whatever and wherever you own curiosity leads you.

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Libra will ask you what you want and give it…or it will find someone else to do it. Libra is a walking Hallmark moment waiting to happen: it knows just what to say to make you feel better and feel desired. Libra knows how well placed flattery can chase the clouds away, and it beautifies what it cares about, including people. It may subtlety suggest a change in look or give a gift to make one feel more beautiful, but above all, a caring Libra is a sharing Libra. Libra loves to share, and it readily shares everything it has with those it cares about, to the point where they start referred to their own possessions as “ours.”


Aquarius will distract you from your bad feelings by helping you make fun of whatever it is that is bothering you and by rallying others around you to show their support. Aquarius wants those they care about to have hope for the future, and will encourage them to look ahead and forget the past. It will even help you plan your next bold move. Aquarius loves freedom and it encourages freedom in those it cares for. Aquarius love is love of another’s individuality and humanity. If you have to reveal something about yourself that more conservative or conventional folks may not like, start with Aquarius, who will not only encourage your individuality but also fight the war of words for your side.


Cancer will mother you, no matter Cancer’s own gender, as nurturing and care come naturally to this sign. Cancer shares their home with the people they care for and treats them like family. This could mean being doted on or being chided for putting your elbows on the table. Cancer is also highly protective and will run interference and shield you from whatever is bothering or hurting you. It may also give you a place to hide, or be the person you can hide behind. Cancer may also feed to show love, but usually comfort foods and sweet things, and is rarely stingy with physical affection, as this sign is fond of hugging.


Scorpio will let you say whatever you want and indulge any feeling. Scorpio believes in accepting people fully, which means accepting their dark sides. They’ll even help you plan revenge if that’s what makes you feel better. Scorpio thus shows care by letting people express all of their emotions and desires, no matter how dark or taboo, and it will keep them a secret if you do the same. Depending on how close you are, Scorpio may take your cause as its own, taking it to the next level, and planning war. As a lover, Scorpio pays extra attention to its lover’s sexual needs and satisfaction and puts their sexual gratification above their own.

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Pisces shows that it cares by sharing your feelings – your tears are Pisces tears, and your laughter is Pisces laughter, and this is no joke. Pisces knows what kind of care is needed because it can feel the need. Pisces can pretty much be anyone you need at the moment, because Pisces without someone to love is a lost Pisces. It will probably do whatever it takes to let someone know they care, and it can pretty much mimic every care-type in the zodiac so long as it’s for someone else’s sake. Pisces can act with the ferocity of Aries if that’s required or the quiet tact of Capricorn or the brashness of Leo if that’s what will do the trick.

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