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Are Taurus and Virgo compatible?

Virgo and Taurus Relationship Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo Compatibility in Love and Friendship

The Taurus and Virgo Relationship benefits from the grounded perspective characteristic of earth signs and so they are likely to see eye to eye on many things and share similar expectations from each other.

Are Taurus and Virgo a good match for romance though? It would depend on other factors in their respective charts but based on sun sign alone, they have a good shot at hitting it off. Taurus is likely to have good compatibility with Pisces as well and you can read about the pisces and Taurus love match here. The best match for Virgo may be Capricorn as they share an ideal combination of complementary and contrasting qualities.

The Taurus and Virgo couple is a good match in it’s own right, but like most pairings, it comes with it’s share of ups and downs. Virgos are compatible with Taurus because as fellow earth signs, they are less likely to encounter the types of differences that sink many relationships be it romantic or platonic. Taurus may have a calming influence on the often neurotic Virgo who seems always worried or unsettled about something.

Virgos often stress about things due to insecurity and sometimes distorted thinking, whereas Taurus tends to take most setbacks and issues in stride dealing with it as best as they can while hoping for the best. In face of tragedy or upsetting circumstances, Taurus can be the vote of confidence and rock of support that Virgo needs in order to soothe their nerves.

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Taurus and Virgo are fond of sensuality and taking good care of the body through good nutrition and exercise. They may find in each other a mate who is on board with living a life that promotes longevity and prosperity. They will likely motivate each other to work out and do lots of physically stimulating things together.

Additionally, these two will likely share a taste for beauty and refinery and will make their home a pleasant haven filled with all types of creature comforts and elegant decor. Taurus and Virgo have a good sense of taste but while Virgo is more modest in their sensibilities, Taurus may prefer a bit more decadence and luxury.

Taurus can provide the sense of security and comfort that Virgo often feels in lack of. In turn, Virgos can provide a voice of reason and source of counsel and support. Virgo is the second most maternal sign of the zodiac, the first being Cancer. As such they can provide the type concern and nurturing that satisfies Taurus’ desire for affection and attention.

The Taurus and Virgo couple is a great team with complementary strengths that allow them to work together in concert rather than in conflict. Virgo’s desire to help and be of service is likely to be a great asset to the Taurus who is often goal oriented and focused on building financial security and acquiring resources. Taurus and Virgo can enjoy a fruitful life together built on support, loyalty and similar values.

Relationship Difficulties for Taurus and Virgo

Complications in the Taurus and Virgo relationship may include annoyances stemming from Virgo’s fastidious nature. Virgo’s fussing and cynical attitude can sometimes wear thin on Taurus’ patience. Taurus may often find themselves bending over backwards in trying to keep Virgo happy with gifts and sensual treats. Sometimes, Virgo can seem impossible to please and it can seem as though they just have to find something to complain about.

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On the other hand, Taurus’ stubborn streak can emerge in response to Virgo’s nit picking and caviling. Taurus may be unyielding and unwilling to budge if and when Virgo places too many demands on them. Virgos are often very particular about what they want and dealing with or negotiating with them can be a hassle for the more libertine style of Taurus.

Taurus’ addictive and indulgent personality may put a strain on Virgo’s constrained and conservative sensibilities. Virgos go about things in a more measured and precise manner and avoid excess and profligate behavior. Virgo’s tend to be neat and tidy and Taurus’ lifestyle habits may undermine or clash with Virgo’s efforts at keeping things orderly and clean.

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