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Angel Number 1111: What Does It Mean?

angel number 1111 numerology

Angel numbers are numbers believed to hold divine significance wherever they appear. They convey or signify the presence of celestial intervention or can be interpreted as communication from your guiding angels. They often manifest as a series of recurring numbers found coincidentally at different places like the timestamp on a clock or the total cost of groceries at checkout. Seeing these numbers is one of the most common ways for angels to let you know they are present, because numbers are a universal language. Here is a look at the significance of angelic number 1111.

The number 11:

11 is a master number, comprised of two 1’s. 1 is the beginning, instinct, the initial spark of creation, the bang of particles that creates the universe. It’s the raw, unfiltered, and unrefined energy of life and of sentience, the sense that one exists and knows it. However, 11 is 11 multiplied, or 1 in stereo.

11 is instinctual in a spiritual way, perhaps even psychic. It’s the ability to read clues from the environment and know what the spiritual message is. Divination is an 11 skill.

1+1 also equals 2, which is a higher octave of 2, a god-like power to connect. 11 is the universal balance of all things and the goddess’s own nurturing and embrace AND the independence and raw animus that is 1. 11, like all master numbers, is a paradox: two truths existing simultaneously, and 11 straddling the place between the two. Thus, 11 is the number that bridges independence and dependence of a higher order: while 2 may be more primal, 11’s operates out of out of choice and spiritual calling. 1 is libido, 2 is sexual attraction, 11 is soul mates. 1 is the life force, 2 is the congress that creates a new life, and 11 is the marriage of spirit to body.

Two elevens:

Four-digit numbers are divine. Four is the number of fruition and balance, where seemingly different things come together as one to create something permanent. 1111 is like the four elements and four directions coming together to create the material world. 1111 is a higher octave of 4, creating new divine and spiritual matter.

In a way, 1111 is like Prometheus bringing fire down from Mount Olympus to the people (though 1111 doesn’t mean his liver doesn’t get pecked out), and the metaphorical implications of giving humans the “fire” of creativity that helped them create civilization and differentiate from the animals. He had to defy the powers that were to do so, but it was important: it was for his children, because he was the god who made them out of clay.

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When 1111 shows up in your life:

1111 is a sign from the gods that you’re special, blessed, or divine in some way. It may be a sign that you’re going to have an encounter with an angel or with the divine in some direct way. A way is opening. There’s an element of magic to this number, and it’s possible that it comes into your life to show you that you can impose your will on matter to make things happen just as a magickian may, and that because the element is 1, they’ll happen quickly, suddenly, and probably in a none-too-subtle way.

For example, someone who’s been doing their own thing against the odds given them, faced humiliation and rejection, and has constantly had to battle criticism, naysayers, and people actively trying to get in their way may receive 1111 as a sign that now, all that white light is going to breakthrough the clouds and shine. Things will happen to them quickly and suddenly. This is the typical “overnight” success: years of trying and then finding favor with the universe and having all those dreams and desires manifest in reality. The world is their oyster, and suddenly, everyone loves them. They’re the next big thing, living their true destiny.

1111 can also show up to warn you that a landslide of goodies is coming. You may not only be spoiled for choice, but finding that you can’t and won’t say no to anything because it looks too good to leave behind. These things are actually coming from you and nascent, primal energy, and you may need to learn how to control it.

1111 as an angelic number:

1111 is a number of angelic or divine gifts, or even angels themselves, because you’re going to need their help learning to control your thoughts as they become realities. 1111 is a warning that what you think should be noble, as it can manifest outside of yourself in a way you can’t control. You may have god-like powers, but you don’t have god-like foresight. However, once you learn to master your emotions, you can create beautiful things.

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This is a call to think beyond yourself and your basic needs: what can you do for the world with your unique vision? Sure, you could manifest things like money, but how many pairs of shoes do you need? How can you use that magick to do good things that will outlive you, built on the four corners of 1111?

What about the time 11:11?

Waking up at 11:11 is a call to heed your own massively creative power to manifest and to do so immediately. There is no better time than the present. It’s also possible that waking up at 11:11 means that your dreams are somehow manifesting outside of you. It could literally mean that you’ve woken up from a dream of being helpless and are now awaken to a new reality you control.

Simply looking at clocks or timers and seeing 11:11 is a reminder that you have to do what you have to do, and if you’re afraid of your power, that you need to own it. Sometimes, the universe keeps nagging you when you deny yourself the pleasure of manifestation and turn away from the wonder of seeing your ideas come to life.

1111 and angelic intercession:

1111 actually means that the angels aren’t going to intercede. They’re not going to stop you because they know you don’t want them to do that. They’re going to show you the ropes and stand at your side, ready if you need them, trying to steer your thoughts in a positive direction so that what you manifest is what you truly want.

They may, however, keep others from interfering with your work. They’re likely to make haters fade into the background or to surround them and drain them of the will to get in your way. Think of them like an entourage running interference with beings that would interfere with you so you can create your own path to greatness.

What to do when you encounter 1111:

It’s hard not to get excited when you see 1111. It rouses a primal feeling in us. You should rejoice, because for that moment, you have the power to make anything happen. This a time to think about what you’ve always wanted to do and make it happen. Yes, you can waste this energy on little things and immediate gratification, but if you do that, you’ll find that it disappears quickly. Greatness attracts greatness.

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Think about your thoughts and your desires. Do you want to manifest good for yourself or harm to others? If you’ve angry or vengeful, try to set it aside so you can focus on the things that really matter. 1111 is about the self, and this energy is about you being and becoming the greatest soul you can be.

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