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Mercury in the 2nd House – Financial Savvy

Mercury in House Two Mercury in the 2nd House Overview: With Mercury in the 2nd house, there will be a penchant for devising and finding clever ways of making money. This placement signifies communication and critical thinking abilities that can be leveraged for financial gain. Males and females with this placement have the capacity to…
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Saturn in the 2nd House – Conservative Spending

Saturn in House Two Saturn in the 2nd House Overview: Saturn in the 2nd house is a placement that fosters a conservative attitude about resources and a reluctance to overspend needlessly. The appetite for material wealth is dampened by a more simplistic and moderate sensibility. Aesthetically, people with this placement are likely to prefer more…
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Venus In The 2nd House – Connoisseur Of Beauty

VENUS IN HOUSE TWO Venus, the planet of love, harmony, music, art, and all things beautiful finds itself at home in the 2nd house. In astrology, the second house governs finances, movable objects and material possessions. Venus in the 2nd house imparts a heightened sensitivity and appreciation for beauty and quality. It suggests an element…
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