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ENTJ Shadow: The Dark Side of ENTJ

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According to Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, The Shadow represents the unconscious part of our mind that is host to the repressed and largely negative aspects of our personality. The Shadow encompasses qualities and traits we try to alienate from our conscious ego and it can often become a blind spot for us when we fail to recognize the way it manifests and influences our behavior. Additionally, we often project our shadow onto other people and impugn them with what we feel most negatively about in ourselves.

Jung originally conceptualized the inferior function as being the gateway to the shadow. Jungian analyst John Beebe, later expanded on Jung’s theory by attributing The Shadow to cognitive functions not included in the main stack of each personality type. In the case of the ENTJ, those cognitive functions are: introverted thinking, extroverted intuition, introverted sensing, and extroverted feeling. These shadow functions happen to constitute the INTP type. Here now is a look at the ENTJ shadow functions and how they manifest in their personality.

ENTJ 5th Function: Ti Opposing.

ENTJs primarily focus themselves on objectives related to their desire to build and manage systems and enterprises. They are driven to optimize and improve the technical order of their operations. Efficiency and accomplishment are what they live for and as their dominant perspective, Extraverted Thinking is strongly tied ENTJ’s ego identity and self worth. Thus, Ti Opposing manifests as a reaction to what ENTJ perceives as an obstruction or opposition to their Te perspective.

ENTJs enjoy working out the logistics of their plans and can often be of the mind that the end will justify their means. They push to get results, and they are willing to try and test a lot of things until they find what works best. In the process, they can sometimes draw some criticism and pushback from others with regards to their methods. In response to such opposition, ENTJs can become stubborn and dig their heels in defense of how they organize and carry out their plans. ENTJs will attempt to use Ti principles to justify the soundness and logic of their systems and invalidate their opposition’s arguments.

ENTJ 6th Function: Ne Critical Parent.

For ENTJ, their auxiliary Ni is a guiding light and source of inspiration for both themselves and other people. they use their Ni to help teach and mentor others and offer a sense of direction and big picture perspective. ENTJs have good foresight and intuition about how events will unfold and predicting future developments. Ne Critical Parent is a more harsh and critical version of ENTJ’s supportive Introverted Intuition.

Ne Critical Parent manifests in response to what ENTJ perceives as the authority of their Ni projections being dismissed, devalued and negated by alternative hypotheticals and possibilities. ENTJs tend to lock into a specific interpretation or vision at the exclusion of other potential. ENTJs may criticize alternatives that others propose and try to discount them with hypotheticals of their own. ENTJs may seek to assert themselves as having the most valid and accurate interpretations and insights.

ENTJ 7th Function: Si Trickster.

ENTJs have tertiary Se. The tertiary function serves as an alternative way in which ENTJs like to extravert themselves. They are energized by exciting sensory stimulating experiences. Although they do not prioritize thrill seeking and various physical activities, they do find it enjoyable and worthwhile when they have time for it. They work hard but also want to enjoy life and live in the moment too. Si trickster manifests in response to what ENTJs feel as being held back or compromised by other people’s recollection of facts and past experience.

ENTJs may view those who tend to dwell or live in the past as being short sighted and overly cautious. However, when such inconvenient facts and past experiences carry the threat of punishment or negative consequences, ENTJs may try to turn the tables on their persecutors. They may seek to make a fool out of them by bringing up their own facts to either expose them as hypocrites or gas light them into questioning the accuracy and validity of their assertions.

ENTJ 8th Function: Fe Demon.

Lastly, we have ENTJ’s 8th function, Fe Demon. The Demon function is described as an internal saboteur. It represents a negative voice that threatens to undermine the integrity structure of the ego. It emerges under stressful conditions amid a failure in the inferior Fi function for which not even their dominant extraverted Thinking function is able to fix. Demon Fe is triggered in response to fears of people trying to destroy them by attacking their moral character. Fe Demon effectively takes over as a substitute dominant function to compensate for their Fi flaws, Instead of taking an honest look at their own behavior and feelings and how to change it, they may instead use social manipulations to destroy their enemies. The demon function gets in the way of much needed introspection and self-examination that can lead to personal growth and development.

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    ENTJ Explained: What It Means to be the ENTJ Personality Type

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    The ENTJ is a personality regarded as a natural leader. Strong-willed, decisive, goal-oriented and hard-working, the ENTJ is a force to be reckoned with, capable of achieving a great deal with their life. At roughly 2% of the general population, ENTJ is among the least prevalent personality types and is more common among men than women. As a type dubbed as “the commander” and “the strategic field marshall”, it should come as no surprise that ENTJs statistically top the list of highest earning personality types.  Continue reading

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    ENTJ Weaknesses – 7 Struggles of Being ENTJ

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    ENTJ is one of the 16 MBTI personality types and is grouped alongside the INTJ, INTP and ENTP as part of the temperament group known as “the Rationals”. ENTJs have been referred as “the executive”, “strategic fieldmarshal” and “commander”. Their strengths include an ability to devise effective plans and strategies, focus on goals and manage their time well. As with the other personality types, the ENTJ personality has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a look at 7 weaknesses associated with being an ENTJ. Continue reading

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    ENTJ and INTP Relationship Compatibility

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    ENTJ and INTP Relationship

    The ENTJ and INTP relationship is a pairing that would be described as “mindmates”. ENTJ and INTP belong to the temperament group known as the “Rationals”. They, along with ENTP and INTJ are lumped together based on their use of impersonal logical and powers of analysis.

    ENTJ and INTP are also shadows of each other, meaning that INTP’s shadow functions form the ENTJ type and vice versa. As fellow intuitives, INTP and ENTJ share a mutual preference for intuition. This, according to MBTI theorists is an important factor in support of clear communication and compatibility potential. Continue reading

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    35 Signs You Might Be an ENTJ

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    The ENTJ is one of the 16 MBTI personalities and belongs to the temperament group known as the “rationals” along with INTP, ENTP and INTJ. ENTJs are dubbed as the “Field Marshal” by David Keirsey and are known for being among the most successful and driven of all MBTI types. Here are 35 signs you or someone you know might be an ENTJ. Continue reading

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    12 Shades of ENTJ: MBTI & the Zodiac

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    12 shades of entj

    ENTJ and Astrology Signs

    The ENTJ MBTI personality is a type that David Keirsey dubbed as the “Fieldmarshal”. These individuals are noted for their forceful and decisive pragmatism and skeptical nature and also the efficiency with which they coordinate and strategize. They form less than 2% of the population yet statistically earn the most money of all the 16 MBTI types. ENTJs tend to find themselves in positions of leadership and examples of such ENTJ leaders include General Douglas MacArthur and Dwight D. Eisenhower. However, not all ENTJs will ascend to such positions and many may not even be interested in the military. No two ENTJs are completely alike and so here is a look at how we’d expect the ENTJ personality to vary based on Zodiac sign.

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    6 High Paying Careers For ENTJ

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    entj careers

    ENTJs are tough-minded analysts who are inclined to take on leading roles. For this reason, the ENTJ person is often drawn to careers in management and leadership. A national sample showed that ENTJs prefer jobs that feature a variety of tasks, independence, clear structure and teamwork. Additionally, ENTJs rate high in job satisfaction and high income. They are typically regarded as the highest earning of all the MBTI types. Here is a look at 6 of the best paying careers recommended for the ENTJ personality

    6. Strategy Consultant – Median salary: $104,200.

    Strategy consultants are in charge of developing the best tactic to achieve a particular goal within an industry. To accomplish this, the consultant must research and study data to understand the nuances of the situation and develop alternatives and strategies accordingly.

    The creation of the proper tactics relies upon the strategy consultant’s ability to provide a neutral point of view, detached from emotional circumstances and aligned with facts and statistics that can guarantee the most efficient outcome. Subsequently, strategy consultants work alongside others to manage the implementation of the chosen plan.

    ENTJs have an unmatched passion for structure and order, and they chase facts and strategy with singular enthusiasm. That is what makes them perfect strategists by nature, as ENTJs seek perfection and enjoy planning the road towards it. Their extroverted nature guarantees their excellence as communicators, an ability needed to structure plans within a corporation.

    Strategy consultants also enjoy a comfortable salary average, slightly above $100,000, though it can certainly go beyond that.

    5. University Professor – Median salary: $114,134.

    A professor is an academic that works in a university and imparts knowledge to students, while actively working as an advisor and researcher within their field of expertise. In a most strict sense, a professor is the highest position within academics, and shall not be confused with similarly-named lower ranks (for example, an assistant professor.)

    As an academic career, professors have intellectually-demanding responsibilities. They must research their area of expertise routinely and remain informed at all costs, as well as engage in the publication of written material and analytical studies. Likewise, to properly teach students they must possess high communicational skills and interpersonal abilities, to ensure knowledge is transmitted accurately.

    ENTJs would make highly effective, even if potentially strict professors. Their perpetual pursuit of excellence and enjoyment of knowledge makes them suitable for the academics field, and their abilities as communicators ensure great lectures that would motivate students.

    However, academics must go through several steps before achieving the professor position—only after reaching such a ranking they’d be able to enjoy the high salary benefits mentioned here.

    4. Lawyer – Median salary: $119,250.

    A lawyer is a highly specialized professional who provides legal advice and guidance to individuals who may need it, according to their specific circumstances and the laws of the country. Likewise, a lawyer can also represent a client in court, assuming the duties of an attorney-at-law.

    Lawyers can work with individuals or with corporations, and they specialize in a particular field of expertise within the legal spectrum—anything from finances to criminal cases. While salaries might wildly differ according to area, the national average sits at an incredible $117,100.

    Successful professionals within the legal field must gather a plethora of skills, and ENTJs are naturally talented at most of them. Their attention to detail, analytical skills, and hardworking nature gives them a high advantage at the moment of studying and analyzing the many law interpretations available, not to mention they are expert researchers and information gatherers.

    Likewise, their extroverted nature and communication skills are invaluable within the legal field, allowing them to express their ideas effectively and display their leadership and rationality.

    3. Petroleum Engineer – Median salary: $132,280.

    Engineering is a career that requires ingenuity and pragmatism to create, transform and innovate solutions to multiple problems. Subsequently, a petroleum engineer is in charge of overseeing the methods and ways to engage in the exploration and use of oil and natural gas.

    Petroleum engineers take part in a plethora of tasks that require the constant development of high-level strategies—research the most cost-effective procedures to extract oil in a location, develop the equipment and units that will be used for such task, oversee the design and construction of oil pipelines, drills, and other structures.

    ENTJs are clever and pragmatic leaders that thrive where there is a challenge—engineering positions are tailor-made for them, as it allows them to engage their leadership skills while still exercising their rationality and sharp minds. Petroleum engineers need the project management skills that ENTJs excel at, and the engineering cleverness that they boast of.

    The position is also highly rewarded—the ambitious and goal-oriented ENTJ could enjoy an average salary of $154,780, but it could easily pass the $200,000 barrier.

    2. Architectural & Engineering Manager – Median salary: $137,720.

    Due to the similarities in their tasks, engineering and architectural managers are listed together often. Precisely because of these innate similarities they perceive almost equal salaries, with the national average resting at $143,500.

    These managing positions are often in charge of directing and planning the activities carried on within an institution. When it comes to engineering and architecture, the managers carry on their tasks both on the field and on research duties. Subsequently, their primary challenge is to handle the organization and coordination of employees, alongside the supervision of finances and all units required to execute tasks to perfection.

    ENTJs feel at home in leadership positions, making them the perfect fit for managing jobs. Their assertive attitude, sharp mind, and endless determination make them fantastic problem-solvers, not to mention effective team leaders that ensure efficiency in all tasks. Multitasking is almost innate to them as breathing, and the challenge of keeping everything organized is something they will enjoy.

    1. Family Doctor – Median salary: $208,560.

    One of the many derivations of medical practice, a family doctor or physician is the primary healthcare professional for an individual. As such, they will be in charge of regularly interacting with this person, keep track of their medical history, perform regular checkups, listen to their health concerns and, if needed, redirect them towards specialists.

    A family physician requires sharp reasoning skills to diagnose and understand a wide variety of ailments. Likewise, they need high communicational and interpersonal skills to understand the patients and get to the root of their health problems.

    The analytical mindset of ENTJs makes them great family doctors, and their hardworking nature means they will quickly figure out any potential ailment—they enjoy challenges, after all. Likewise, their interpersonal skills allow them to understand their patients, while their rationality protects them from becoming too emotionally involved.

    As specialized professionals, a family doctor receives a high salary according to skills, with a national mean annual wage of over $208,000.

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    99 Struggles Intuitive Types Will Understand

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    Being an intuitive type isn’t always a rosy chalice of cherry wine cooler. Comprising roughly 25% of the population, intuitives are a minority in a world dominated by sensors. And yet, intuitives account for the majority of the world’s most brilliant and influential trailblazers and visionaries. Einstein (INTP), Newton (INTJ), Zuckerberg (INTJ), Martin Luther King Jr. (ENFJ), Steve Jobs (ENTJ), the list goes on. Intuitives live in the future-world of envisioned possibilities but this can present problems for them in the here-and-now. Here are 99 struggles that come along with being an intuitive.

      1. When you think of about five or more different concepts of time whilst walking to the kitchen but fail to notice that you forgot to open the door before trying to walk through it…

      2. You think Sensors seem to be “missing” something, and the Sensors think you aren’t all there.

      3. The real world bores you.

      4. When you try to explain something and you end up going into a dozen different tangents triggered by what you’re saying. You can be terrible at telling stories.

      5. When you’re always going on about how you just figured something out, but you’re often unable to explain what it is or provide any examples.

      6. When you spend several moments walking around looking for something you’ve been carrying in your hand.

      7. When you’ve seen something every day, and only processed it days/months/years later.

      8. When you throw something out in a conversation thinking it’s clearly a part of the conversation but no one understands where it’s coming from or how it’s relevant.

      9. When your train of thought forks and you try to follow both paths at once, but end up thinking about the pesky limitations of your human brain instead.

      10. You can spend hours talking theory about something you’ll never do.

      11. You tend to think people much older than you are more interesting than “kids your own age”, even once you’re well into adulthood.

      12. You wonder what it would be like to be a tire, and all the shit you’d have to go through.

      13. You want the glue that binds facts together… facts aren’t enough.. lists aren’t enough. You crave understanding.

      14. The random thoughts that run through your mind can crack you up and make it appear like you’ve gone mental to everyone around you.

      15. When you see something coming a mile away or a brilliant answer pops into your head and people are astounded by your ingenuity, but when they ask how you came to that conclusion, you can’t tell them because you don’t really know yourself.

      16. You lose track of time in the bathtub/shower because you’re daydreaming.

      17. When you have arguments with yourself and never really consider the possibility that you might be insane.

      18. When you have the urge to use a metaphor or simile to explain everything.

      19. When you always want to make shortcuts in your activities because repetition bores you.

      20. When you absolutely have to have a journal, pencil, and voice recorder in your purse at all times to capture random thoughts that you want to remember later.

      21. When you stop in the middle of what you’re doing to go google the correlation between something.

      22. When you sympathize with a 5 year old for being told to shut up from their parent after asking so many questions, because you’re just as inquisitive and can definitely relate.

      23. You constantly feel like you’re weird, and slowly going crazy.

      24. When you forget you’re walking down stairs and end up skipping the last two or three and continue like nothing happened.

      25. When you have long and elaborate conversations with people that are completely imaginary.

      26. When you keep seeing exploding dolphins…. GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

      27. When you’re off in your own world and then you jump or flinch because some starts talking to you.

      28. When your conversations can go from how stupid everyone is and censorship to why don’t men’s bathrooms have dick washing stations.

      29. When your thoughts are coming so quickly (and erratically) that you have a tendency to skip words when typing.

      30. When asking someone a question, you figure out the answer in your head before your mouth gets there, then try to explain that you’ve already got it – so all that comes out of your mouth is a complete load of half-word gibberish.

      31. Your teacher tells you that no one else ever asked that question before.

      32. When you open a browser and forget what you were looking for, and you have about 20 tabs open already.

      33. When you can have three hour conversations with a friend fantasizing about all the possibilities of being stranded on a desert island.

      34. When you wake up from a dream, realize that’s not how it was supposed to end, then fall back asleep and re-dream it with a new and improved ending.

      35. When you have random phrases that pop in your head, but you have no clue what they mean. However, this does not stop you from recording them in a journal since you feel like it was some sort of poetic epiphany.

      36. When you’ve considered paying someone to follow you around all day and tell you where you left your keys, remind you to shower and eat, and wake you up so you won’t be late for work every single morning, but then you realized you’d much rather just think about it than actually have to go through the process of finding someone to do it.

      37. When the thought of having sex arouses you more than actually performing.

      38. Your clarifications confuse the people around you even more.

      39. You wake up from your sleep and have figured solution to a bugging problem.

      40. When people seem to have trouble following you train of thought.

      41. When you had plans of things you wanted to get done, but then you get competely sidetracked by an idea or something interesting online.

      42. When you’re studying and go to get a snack, and you accidentally leave your book in the fridge. But you can’t remember what you were studying so you don’t realize and just read another book. Which you then also leave in the fridge. True story. – lirulin (INTJ)

      43. When you constantly miss things that are right in front of your nose.

      44. When you can’t comprehend that a good portion of the population is unable to conjure up an image at will. Whereas YOU can conjure up 3D action-packed movies of the plot of your choosing in your mind, with all the special effects and intentional visual/audio changes you wish.

      45. You can come up with grand unifying mathematical theories but have trouble remembering your multiplication tables.

      46. You tell people that you walk for exercise, but you really do it so your mind can wander.

      47. When the phrase “show your work” makes you cringe.

      48. When you end up averaging one meal per-day because you don’t notice you’re hungry until the day’s almost over.

      49. When you accidentally shampoo your hair with your body wash and then almost wash your face with your conditioner. And, added bonus, you’ve been awake for hours so you can’t blame sleepiness for the mistakes.

      50. You are like an eccentric millionaire minus the millionaire.

      51. When you take a little trip to the kitchen and 5 minutes after you’ve finished and are walking towards the living room you realize you put your phone in the fridge and are now carrying an eggplant. You don’t even try to figure out how that happened.

      52. When surrounded by boring, reality-bound conversation, you begin to throw in comments that are more absurd than you’d usually say just to see people’s reactions.

      53. You’re bad at giving directions because you really can’t recall precisely how you do each step.

      54. When, because you know yourself so well by now, you constantly remind yourself that you must’ve forgotten something. You think about it for a couple of minutes and make sure you have everything….and it seems that you actually haven’t forgotten anything, for once. Until the end of the day, as you’re lying in bed right before you go to sleep….you remember…you actually DID forget something.

      55. You space out even while watching things you enjoy.

      56. When your sense of place and direction are terrible because usually you never pay attention to where the people you’re with are driving or walking to. You just space out to think and suddenly you’re there in no time.

      57. When you redirect the conversation from gossip, to the universe but those conversations are so rare that you don’t really know how to handle it with strangers, so you make a joke and change the subject again. Besides, you can already predict all their possible responses.

      58. When upon getting an email, you compose a brilliant answer in your head, and maybe even type half of it out, and start wondering how your friend will respond to it. And then, a week later without a response to your genius, you realize you never actually sent it.

      59. When walking down the street or among a large crowd, your mind always gets blown by the idea that every single one of these people are thinking of something right now… it’s a bunch of little worlds walking around.

      60. When people seem to be transparent to you, but somehow others don’t notice what you clearly perceive in others.

      61. When you feel like you can “see through” people because your hunches about people’s motives almost always turn out to be right.

      62. When you are constantly fine-tuning your definitions of words to express your inner ideas more fluently.

      63. When you try to hide your lack of common sense from your Sensor friends.

      64. When you remember something someone said earlier, not because you actually remember them saying it but because you can trace back the train of thought it set off.

      65. You know you’re an intuitive when other people’s definition of bizarre is your definition of awesome.

      66. When you wish you could just let people into your brain so they could see what’s going on instead of having to try and explain it.

      67. When you experience a disconnect looking into the mirror because it’s hard to make the connection between what is you and the body that houses it.

      68. When you’re so busy thinking about a bad pothole you’ll need to avoid on your drive home that you forget about the speed trap you’re flying through on your way to work.

      69. You would like to warn someone about something but you’re afraid they’ll think your a nutcase.

      70. When you run into a man on the street that is wearing no pants and you still try to pay attention to what he is saying.

      71. When you catch your brain “turning-off” during conversation with some people because it is not stimulating enough.

      72. You know you’re intuitive when you stop on the street to have a long philosophical conversation with a homeless person, asking how they ended up there and why they choose this way of life.

      73. You go shopping with a list in hand—and spend a long time in the store browsing—and leave the store having forgotten to look at the list in your hand.

      74. When you leave a task half done because something else more interesting caught your attention…

      75. You thoughtlessly put the the spoon in the trash bin and the yogurt in the sink.

      76. When you never get bored on long journeys, because the world inside your head is so interesting it doesn’t matter if your surroundings aren’t.

      77. When you almost get into car wrecks on a daily basis cause you were day dreaming, even though you thought about the possibility of getting into said accidents before you even set out.

      78. When you see the evil in a priest and the good in a criminal…..

      79. People who repeat “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” like a mantra, get on your nerves.

      80. You can figure out the plot & the who done it 1/2 way into the 2nd segment of a 1 hour scripted television show.

      81. When you leave your house and head off to work, but drive alllllllll the way back because you think you left the door open.

      82. When you almost get run over because you were too in your own head to notice you were crossing a road.

      83. You know you’re an intuitive when, as a three-year-old, your defense to scribbling on the walls was that you had an alternate personality that made you do it.

      84. When you take chemistry then you start going insane because you cant comprehend how thoughtless atoms can create intelligent beings with unique thoughts.

      85. When you can’t be realistic to save your life.

      86. When the most revealing and insightful parts of a deep conversation with someone is in all the things the other person doesn’t verbalize.

      87. When you don’t need quiet to think. Having (unobtrusive) background distractions actually helps because it gives other senses something to preoccupy themselves with while ideas are stewing.

      88. You know you’re an intuitive when you know that but have fun trying to make connections anyway even if they turn out to be irrelevant.

      89. When you enjoy learning new subject matter almost solely for the analogies it could inspire.

      90. You know you’re an intuitive when in doing essay questions for class, the ones that require you to just regurgitate information are painstaking to you, while the ones that are more theoretical make you more enthusiastic.

      91. You put off purchasing something so that you can think about having the item rather than actually having it.

      92. When you know you will come up with a solution. You just need to sleep on it; It will come to you.

      93. You have been misunderstood by 75% of people on regular bases.

      94. When you remember you have to go somewhere, but when you reach your intended destination you completely forget why you’re there. Then you realize that you were supposed to go there tomorrow.

      95. You find things that others consider hard very easy, but you struggle with things that other deem easy.

      96. Deja vu is frequent for you.

      97. You’ve predicted bad outcomes of people/situations.

      98. You can remember ideas better than facts.

      99. When you watch a movie, but don’t remember any of the characters’ names at the end.


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  • article ENTJ ENTP ESTJ ESTP INTJ INTP ISTJ ISTP mbti list Myers Briggs

    33 Things Only Thinkers Will Relate To

    Published by:

    signs you are a thinker

    I Think Therefore I am… a “thinker”?

    [dropcap]E[/dropcap]very conscious man and woman thinks, but true thinkers are cerebral to a fault. Logic is favored over sentiment; rationality over feeling. For those uncertain over what side of the fence they fall on, here are 33 things only thinkers will relate to.

    1. You’ve gotten in trouble more often for accusing your parents of being senseless than for anything you’ve actually *done*.

    2. When someone is talking, you think of a clever response of what to say but by the time you say it, it comes out differently then what you expected.

    3. When you look forward to trips because you want to think during the long ride there. And you HAVE to pick the window seat.

    4. When you feel depressed for no reason and conclude that it’s because you didn’t have enough for breakfast.

    5. When people are always asking you why you’re never happy but in reality you’re perfectly content.

    6. When you wish that all people would give away a computer-like “error” message every time something is wrong with them because you’re just. so. bad. at reading their signals.

    7. You take pleasure in making lists and classifying things.

    8. When your first response to emotion is to sit down and think about what it means.

    9. When you hear a joke about someone doing something rather irrational, you want to know why the person did such thing before laughing at the joke. “Why did he do that? That doesn’t make sense.” “Will you stop with the questions and just laugh instead?”

    10. When having an illogical argument with someone causes intense frustration and much mental anguish.

    11. When speaking with a feeler, you find the safest ground is to say the exact opposite of what you want to say.

    12. When someone tells you to examine your feelings and you suddenly remember you have those.

    13. When you correct your own grammar, logic, cliched thinking, etc. before someone else has a chance to do so, or even realize that you were in error.

    14. When you find yourself rationalizing an emotion and coming to the consensus that experiencing it is not effective towards your goal. Then you toss it into your subconscious.

    15. You argue for sport. Arguments are fun.

    16. When you talk about your brain like it’s a computer. (It’s shutting down. It’s multitasking. It’s running a bit slow today.

    17. You know you’re a thinker when you read and study posts by F-types simply to try and make some sort of sense out of it all, yet you still don’t understand.

    18. You’re a pro at weighing the pros and cons of any decision.

    19. You have considered at least once, how nice it would be to feel nothing but the urge to have sex, adrenaline rushes and hunger for more resources.

    20. When you think “The Silmarillion” will put you to sleep … and instead you get caught up in the appendices reading the linguistic definitions.

    21. You know your a thinker when you spend more time watching documentaries than any other form of television genre.

    22. When you think Sheldon Cooper does not act strangely at all.

    23. When the simple prospect of “cuddling” overwhelms you.

    24. When you have to consciously translate your internal dialogue into average human language before you speak.

    25. You can treat everything as though it were a game for you to beat.

    26. You can describe your feelings in terms of percentages and scales of 1 to 100.

    27. When you’re more curious about something than scared of it.

    28. When you thoroughly analyse whether you are a thinker or a feeler, quantifying the instances in which you were a thinker and then quantifying the instances in which you were a feeler.

    29. It drives you crazy when your Feeling mother asks you “how are you feeling?” because you have a hard time even identifying your feelings in the first place.

    30. When your coworker gives you a 15-minute monologue on why they can’t make a meeting and you sit there nodding your head and thinking, “who cares? Just tell me you can’t make it and that’s all I need to hear.”

    31. When you’re watching a Sci-Fi show or movie and you realize that it’s awfully convenient for everyone to know English.

    32. All of your relationships seem to end because you aren’t affectionate enough.

    33. When you have to remind yourself that expecting people to act rationally is in and of itself an irrational expectation.

    source: personality

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    that entj bitch — The Worst Nightmare of Each Type | Tumblr

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    The Worst Nightmare of Each Type

    INFJ – Realizing that the cause they have been supporting is run by treacherous and immoral people. Any good they’ve ever done in the world is instantly erased and turned into something harmful. Everyone they care for believes they are cruel and heartless.

    ENFJ – Everything they do continuously comes out wrong, and the more they try to fix it the worse it becomes. Every person they try to help somehow ends up worse off than before, and they are seen as the reason why everything is going wrong.

    INFP – Being trapped in a crowded room with morally bankrupt people, and having to coexist with them. Not being allowed to express their emotions, or process anything alone. Being forced to watch injustices and not being able to stop them or express how wrong they are. Continue reading

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